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9 Reasons Why I Want to Return to Riga Latvia

Reasons to visit Riga Latvia

While this article isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do in Riga Latvia, nor a cultural summation, it is a teaser; just enough of both to entice you to learn more about this Baltic country – because in a sense a teaser is all I got as well. But believe you me – I want to return. Here’s why.

This is the Best Way to Visit Newfoundland

How Best to Visit Newfoundland

In this article I discuss the best way to visit Newfoundland (spoiler alert: it’s by boat), along with insights into the history, language, and culture of Newfoundland.

Traveling to Guatemala: 7 Mistakes I Made

7 Travel Mistakes I made in Guatemala

Here is the tale of my recent trip to Guatemala, which I cancelled and left half way through. While I made many travel mistakes (some old, some new), the real mistake was….well, I’ll let you read the post to find out!

Where to Eat in Antigua Guatemala – and More!

The View from the Cross in Antigua Guatemala at sunset

Antigua (where I spent almost a month) has the highest concentration of excellent restaurants and coffee shops of anywhere I’ve been! Here’s where to eat in Antigua Guatemala, along with things to do and where to stay.

Top Gifts for Travelers in 2018

Top Gifts for Travelers in 2018

Check out these great travel gifts for men and women! These best travel gifts for 2018 include custom sandals and insoles, an adventure backpack, passport wallet, gift collections, tripods, and clothing!

All Life is Suffering: A Month in Koh Phangan, Thailand

all life is Koh Phangan Thailand

While pampering, starving, shitting, and massaging myself into wellness on the idyllic island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, I embraced the first noble truth of Buddhism with great irony: All Life is Suffering. This gripping story has three parts: The Irony, The Agony, and The Ecstacy (scratch that: The Massage).

Financial Case Study: Robyn Hartzell, Scuba Diving Instructor

Robyn Hartzell - Scuba Diving Instructor

Robyn Hartzell’s intended 12-month career break grew into a 32-month sabbatical, after she got into Scuba diving along the way and became a scuba diving instructor. Here’s how and where Robyn (known as Robyn Around the World) traveled and worked as a scuba diving instructor, and what it’s like to dive around the world.

6 Weeks in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam: old town bicycles

Here is a photographic expose of the six weeks I spent in Hoi An, Vietnam. The old town, amazing cuisine, fresh market, after-game frivolities, and Tet flowers. Along with these photos are some key pieces of information about Hoi An and some tips to help you maximize your own visit.

Expat Life in Hoi An, Vietnam

living as an expat in Hoi An, Vietnam

I spent six weeks in Hoi An, Vietnam; a shorter stay than intended (due to some poor choices in timing and neighbourhood). But what I learned about expat life in Hoi An while living there was fascinating. Click through to read more about expat life in Hoi An, Vietnam!

Financial Case Study: Joanne Amos, Wandering Wordsmith

Jo Amos, Wandering Wordsmith

Joanne Amos is a Wandering Wordsmith who has been running two interrelated businesses while traveling the world full-time for the last three years. In this case study she shares some honest observations and great advice about her career and lifestyle as a wandering wordsmith.

10 Countries for 20k: What I Spent in 2017

What I spent in 2017 - annual expense report

Every year I publish annual expense reports of my cost of full-time travel (including absolutely every penny spent). What I spent in 2017 was a hair under my “sweet spot”, and a lot less than most people would think full-time travel would cost. Check it out!

Financial Case Study: Kim and Ryan Desmond, CodingNomads

Kim and Ryan Desmond, CodingNomads

Kim and Ryan Desmond are the cofounders of CodingNomads, a traveling coding bootcamp helping aspiring digital nomads learn career-changing tech skills while on an international trip. Learn more about how they live their own lives abroad educating an empowering others to do the same through CodingNomads!

Chiang Mai’s Nimman: The Unapologetic Bubble

Nimman, in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is the Digital Nomad Centre of the Universe, and the neighbourhood of Nimman is the capital thereof. In two months of living in Nimman, I explored what makes Nimman the thriving bubble that it is today, for better or worse.

Chiang Mai, 10 Years Later: The Impossible Search

CHIANG MAI, 10 years later

10 years later, some full-circle poetry led me back to Chiang Mai Thailand – where I started an international NGO and nursed my boyfriend through dengue fever. This time in Chiang Mai, I was on a very special mission to find a very important person.

Financial Case Study: Kara and Nate, YouTube Professionals

Kara and Nate - YouTube stars

Kara and Nate are among the increasing ranks of people making a full-time income from YouTube. They blur the lines of work and play by creating daily YouTube videos about their full-time travel adventures around the world. And they make good money too! Check out how Kara and Nate earn their YouTube living.

Financial Case Study: Lauren Juliff, Blogger, Author

Lauren Juliff, author and blogger

Lauren Juliff is the author of How Not to Travel the World (great book btw), and a travel blogger who has found an amazing work-life balance that allows her to work just half the year. I’m envious of her lifestyle, and plan to take a few pages from her book (literally and figuratively).