The Best (Must Have) Travel Apps (25 of My Personal Favourites)

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Would you believe I started traveling full-time before smartphones were really common? (Gosh, that dates me).

Having said that, I would be lost without my smartphone now. With all my years on the road, I’ve harnessed my smartphone to make travel easier, faster, cheaper, and more comfortable.

Here are 25 smartphone apps that have transformed travel as we know it.

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Please note that (unlike other similar articles), I have largely refrained from mentioning social media apps and flight search apps in this summary. Why? Because in both cases, the apps are merely extensions of what you would use on your computer anyway.

If it isn’t an app that is especially useful as an app, it’s not listed here.

But that’s not to say that social (etc) apps aren’t useful. For example, the strategic use of hashtag searches on Twitter can reveal opportunities to meet people and do things at your destination that you wouldn’t otherwise have been aware of. Likewise, some people use Instagram, or Facebook, or Snapchat.

The same goes for flight searches. I book most of my flights on my computer anyway (and in business class no less, for cheaper-than-economy prices). But even if I don’t, most flight search apps are identical to what you’ll find in your browser – they’re just better adjusted for phone/tablet use.

The apps I feature below offer a form of functionality that a computer can’t, for one reason or another. Which makes them extra special!

Types of Travel Apps

Travel Expense Tracker Apps

Travel Itinerary Apps

Transportation Apps

On-the-Go Apps

Communication Apps

Organization Apps

Just-For-Fun Apps

TRAVEL APPS FOR YOUR MONEY – Travel Expense Trackers & Conversion

This being a financially-slanted website, of course I’m going to list the money-related travel apps first! And I’m sure it will also come as no surprise that these are my most-used/loved apps.

(See also: The Ultimate Travel Money Guide)

TravelSpend – Best Travel Expense Tracker and Budget App

Trail Wallet, best travel expense tracker and budget app

For the last 10+ years Trail Wallet has been my travel expense tracking app of choice, however it was recently discontinued (I’m heartbroken). Luckily they’re not the only show in down; I’ve listed some alternatives below.

But why would an expense-tracking app be such a big deal?? Well, not only can you track your expenses and see how you’re doing in relation to your budget (which you can pre-set), but you can also take pictures of corresponding receipts and export all the data for further analysis. I used Trail Wallet to put together the monthly breakdowns for my annual cost-of-travel reports.

TravelSpend works on both iOS and Android, and it’s fabulous. It has pretty much the same functionality of Trail Wallet, with custom categories, ability to export data, see daily averages, statistics, and more. The free version has lots of great features, but you can’t create custom categories or export data – so if you’re serious about tracking your expenses, it’s best to shell out some cash for the premium version, which entails a small monthly/annual fee. 

An Android alternative to TravelSpend is one called Hop Wallet.

Splittr or Splitwise – Best Travel Expense Tracker for Groups

Splittr - best smartphone app for splitting travel expenses

While Trail Wallet is great for tracking solo travel expenses, Splittr and Splitwise are both awesome for tracking shared expenses.

If you are traveling with a friend, in a group, or with a partner with whom you don’t commingle finances, Splittr or Splitwise is essential. You can track expenses in multiple currencies, and set how the expenses are to be split amongst the group. The apps do all the math and show who owes who money in order to settle up.

XE Currency – Best Currency Converter

XE Currency - best currency converter app for travel

Having a currency converter (and one that works offline with the most recently loaded rates) is essential.

XE Currency is the current favourite for me and my travel colleagues. Just make sure you update the rates before you leave, so you can perform exchange rate calculations on the fly with or without a data/WiFi connection.

Want to know why a currency converter is important? If I had one on me, I wouldn’t have been so ruthlessly scammed trying to exchange money in Kuta, Bali.

See also: 24 Classic Travel Scams, and How to Avoid Them

TRAVEL PLANNING APPS – Itinerary Planners and Research

While I do most of my pre-trip research and booking with my computer, here are a few apps I wouldn’t want to be without.

Get Your Guide – Best App for Booking Tours and Experiences

Looking for something to do at your destination – or even around your home town? Open the Get Your Guide app and you can search for, book, and store (offline) tickets for tours and excursions. You can filter by interests, areas, categories, language, duration, accessibility, and more. You can create wish lists while researching future trips, and don’t worry about booking in advance: you can cancel for a full refund up to 24 hours before the tour.

Get YouR guide

Hopper – Best Flight Price Predictor

Hopper, best flight price predictor

Hopper is my new favourite flight-related app.


Because it’s more than a flight-search app; rather, it’s a price-tracking (and booking) app.

Once you’ve entered in your search criteria, Hopper tells you how good (or bad) the prices are, and whether you should book now or wait. It continues to track prices and alerts you when the prices are as low as they’ll predictably go. It also gives you tips for tweaking dates and routes to get even better prices.

From experience, I will say that if the price is close to what they predict will be the lowest available, even if Hopper suggests you keep waiting, book it. I once got burned waiting for a flight price to drop that extra $20, and it never did.

While that was a bummer, Hopper more than redeemed itself when I realized another route I was watching could be improved by changing departure airports (to a very nearby one). Despite the fact that Hopper said the price would go down another few dollars, I decided to book it. When I went directly to the airline website, it was $40 more expensive (which, for a $94 flight, was a lot). This led me to the other amazing feature of Hopper: you can book flights directly through the app, at times for less than the airline directly offers – easy peasy!

TripIt – Best Travel Itinerary App

Tripit - One of the best travel planning apps

I’ve recently breathed new life into my TripIt app, and I’m somewhat amazed that I haven’t used it more throughout the years.

It organizes all your itinerary information so you can access it in one easy place, instead of sifting through your in-box to get all your travel details. This becomes especially handy if you are taking a trip with multiple destinations, flights/buses/trains/ferries, and hotels booked.

Duolingo – Best Language Learning App

Duolingo - the best language learning app

Brush up on your foreign language skills with Duolingo! Whether on my laptop or smartphone, I used it daily as part of a multi-pronged approach to becoming fluent in Spanish. And whenever I’m headed back to Spanish-speaking countries, I use Duolingo to brush up.

You can learn a variety of languages for free with Duolingo. It helps you practice multiple forms of translation including audio, written, reverse, etc, and it feels more like a game than something as grave as learning a new language. They also have podcasts, interactive stories, and they even facilitate meet-ups to help you practice more!

Note: if you’re learning a new language from scratch (and you’re remotely serious about it), I don’t believe Duolingo alone is sufficient. It’s not quite comprehensive enough, and it’s a bit disjointed. For some serious language-learning tools, check out my article and tools on How to Become Fluent - travel itinerary app

When I’m booking hotels, I often like to use – and apparently I’m not alone, as it is the top site for booking accommodation. And while I tend to do the initial research and booking with my laptop, with the app I can easily see my reservation information on the go.

The app has also saved me once or twice while looking for a place to stay on the fly, at the last minute.

See also: Hidden Travel Costs You Can Avoid to Save Money (like airline fees, hotel fees, and more)

TRANSPORTATION APPS – Apps to Help You Get Around

It wouldn’t be travel if transportation wasn’t involved. Here are my preferred apps to make the trip smooth.


FLIO - must have travel apps

Before I pass through an airport, I check my FLIO app to get all the airport info I could ever want, including info on lounges, layover hotels, how to get in/out of the city, airport layout, and more. It’s a one-stop shop to learn about airports.

Not only that, they sometimes feature deals and discounts on restaurants, wifi, and more. It is truly one of my favourite apps for travel.

Lounge Buddy

LoungeBuddy - one of the best travel apps

While FLIO has a great summary of airport lounges (including which ones you can pay to get into, along with the rates), Lounge Buddy just might get you a great deal on a lounge pass, even if you are flying in economy. Remember: if you have a couple of hours to kill, the cost of a lounge pass is often equal to a mediocre airport meal, except you’ve got unlimited food, drinks, WiFi, comfy seats, and sometimes even free spa services and other perks.

(Would you rather get automatic access to the lounge with a first class ticket? Good thing it’s not as hard as you think. Check out The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Frequent Flyer Miles).

Google Maps

GoogleMaps - navigation app to use while traveling

While I do tend to have more than one map app at my fingertips (such as or Apple’s on-board Maps app), Google Maps is the first one I open, especially when I’m searching for inspiration (be it a coffee shop to work at or a nearby restaurant to discover).

Google Maps not only makes it easy to discover places near you, but their navigation function is top notch; mapping out walking, driving, and public transportation routes along with pretty accurate time estimates taking into account any traffic/transportation delays. And if you’re driving, the voice command option will direct you to your destination hands-free.

Make sure to download maps of your destination in advance so you can navigate even without a data/WiFi connection; Google Maps is pretty data-heavy otherwise.


Uber - an amazing travel app for solo female travelers

Say what you will about the “sharing economy” and the likes of Uber and AirBnB being the antichrist; as a solo female traveler, Uber is a godsend.

I can catch a ride with a (vetted, publicly reviewed, and thus safer than a taxi) driver, who is paid to deliver me directly and expediently to my destination (instead of driving me in circles to increase the fare). The cost is usually less than a taxi, and the conversation is almost always better.


Use these apps while you’re out and about and doing things travelers do.

Camera + (Camera Plus)

Camera+, the best app for editing photos on the iPhone

Camera + helps iPhone users make the most of their camera, and pretty consistently takes better pictures. You can adjust focus and exposure, add fill flash, and much more.

I used Camera Plus dating back to when I had an iPhone 4S. The cameras on the latest iPhones are markedly better than before, so these days I just use the iPhone Camera to take photos. 

But I still use on-board photo editor, which is where Camera+ truly shines (and you can use it to edit any pictures in your library). Have fun with the pre-set filters and size/alignment adjustments, or use the lab to tweak to your heart’s content. For me, it’s all about the “clarity” function.

Google Translate

Google Translate

A favourite of any traveler; Google Translate is brilliant for translations including written, voice dictations, and even visual (by using the camera I could translate signs and packaging labels – an invaluable function for me when I was in Japan).

It even works offline if you download the dictionary in advance.

Nord VPN – Best VPN for Internet Security and Price

NordVPN best VPN app

Having a VPN in place when browsing the web while traveling is a super important part of cyber security, both at home and abroad. Over the years I’ve tested out a number of VPN services.

After going through about half a dozen VPNs, I’ve finally fallen in love. My VPN-sweetie is NordVPN. They’re consistently one of the highest-rated VPNs, and they deserve it. Some features include: 

  • Access to 5,716 servers worldwide
  • Strict no logs policy
  • Connect 6 devices at the same time
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • DNS leak protection
  • Kill Switch
  • Auto Connect

Altogether, this means your data is always protected and never compromised, and if all that weren’t enough, Nord VPN’s 2 and 3-year plans make them among the most competitively priced VPNs out there. 

(See also: Things To Do Before Traveling Abroad: A Simple Guide to Visas, Documents, and Other Important Things)


Freeletics - best travel app for exercising on the road

Keeping up an exercise routine on the road is incredibly difficult. Thanks to apps like Freeletics, I can access a range of bodyweight workouts (no equipment required) that keep me fit.

Bonus: this app works offline.

For fans of the yoga ilk, Down Dog is a new app to my repertoire. I enjoy using it, when I want to shake up my own yoga routine. 

Skin Condition Questions? AI-Inspired Answers with Ask Aysa

Ask Aysa - best app for skin condition questions

I recently discovered this app, and now it’s on my phone both on the road and at home. Using the expertise of over 47,000 physicians and nurses along with AI technology, this app is pretty revolutionary. 

On the road, it’s so easy to have a “skin thing” – be it inflammation, bumps, flakes, or something else entirely. 

Is it serious or not? You sure don’t want to ruin your trip by sitting in the emergency room unnecessarily; then again you don’t want to ignore a problem that becomes serious as a result (trust me; I’ve done both). 

This is where Aysa comes in. Simply take a picture of your skin condition, answer the follow up questions, and Aysa will analyze your photo and give you personalized guidance. While it’s not a diagnosis tool per se, it may help put your mind at ease, or preventatively treat a little problem before it becomes a big one (or alert you to something that may require medical attention). 

It’s a great travel app, because on the road, you might not be in easy distance of medical care, or even anybody who speaks English. Aysa is my first line of defence when I have an abnormality on my skin. 

Disclosure: Aysa has kindly sponsored this post. However the language and opinions are 100% my own. Sponsorships like these help me keep The Professional Hobo a free resource for my readers. 


Staying in touch (without spending a fortune on long-distance calls) is very important on the road. Luckily it’s incredibly easy these days. Here’s what I use:

See also: Cell Phone Travel Basics – International Phone Plans, SIM Cards, and More


Skype - best app for voice calls to land lines

Skype is a great app for free video and voice calls from computer/smartphone to computer/smartphone, and low-cost calls from your Skype account to regular phones around the world.

Also, if you want to call a toll-free number (in the U.S. for example) but you’re in some far-flung country that doesn’t allow toll-free calls to the country in question, you can use Skype to make the call for free.

You can also purchase a phone number so people at home can call you (locally for them) and you can answer on your smartphone using WiFi/data or forward the calls (for a fee). But, they still don’t offer Canadian phone numbers. (Bah humbug. That’s okay, it’s Skype’s loss – see below for an even better option for Canadians).


Fongo - best phone app for Canadians

This one is for Canadians, and has revolutionized my telecommunications strategy both at home (in Canada) and abroad. 

Fongo gives me a Canadian phone number that anybody can call me on. Regardless of where I am in the world, as long as I have a WiFi/data connection, I can answer the call for free.

(If I don’t have a connection, they can leave me a voicemail and I’ll receive notification when I am connected).

What’s more is that I can call almost any number in Canada (with WiFi/data, from wherever I am in the world), also for free.

I will say that after using Fongo as my principal phone number in Canada, it does have a few flaws, such as occasional dropped calls and an inability to use the Fongo number for account verification for certain apps/sites (like PayPal).

But I deal with it (since it’s free), and there’s always a workaround (like getting a phone call instead of a text). And because of Fongo, I have no need for a cell phone plan in Canada – something that saves me a lot of money every month. (Note: I use Fongo in tandem with Airalo – see below).


Airalo data eSIM

Depending on the country you are visiting (and length of your visit), your most cost-effective option may be to buy a local SIM card at the airport on arrival.

But in my experience, having an actual local phone number is often irrelevant since in some areas of the world (including Asia in general), WhatsApp is the preferred way for people to do voice calls (and it doesn’t require a local phone number).

What’s important these days, is Data (with a capital D). This is what Airalo is all about.

If your phone has eSIM capabilities, setting up Airalo takes mere minutes. When you leave town, a few clicks of the settings on your smartphone and you’ve turned off your home plan (no roaming!), and turned on your Airalo data plan.

You use the app to buy data as you go. Rates vary depending on where you’re going and how long your trip is. I love Airalo because it has the best global data rates with a long expiry date, hands-down. I get 20 GB of data that works around the world and lasts 365 days, for $69. This is a STEAL.

With my free Fongo number and Airalo global data, I have a connection everywhere in the world, for just a few dollars a month…for ALL of my telecommunication needs at home and abroad. ALL. Canadians in particular are absolutely crazy not to use this system since Fongo is free.

See also: Here’s everything you need to know about using data eSIMs for travel!


Whatsapp is a great communication app for travelers

WhatsApp is the preferred form of communication for a lot of people around the world.

With a WiFi or data connection you can text message, voice message, do voice calls, and video calls.

In fact, I noticed in Asia and South America that many people don’t even bother talking with a standard phone plan; they use data to communicate through WhatsApp, and pay-as-you-go phone plans in many countries offer special WhatsApp bonus credits. So….if you want to communicate with locals around the world, best to have WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is also the preferred way to instant message for people who don’t have iPhones (for whom iMessage is generally preferred).


Although not travel-specific per se, these apps help me greatly with getting things done abroad.


Asana is an project management tool that makes organization for travelers a cinch

I’ve been using Asana to manage tasks and projects (for myself and my employees) for months, but only recently did it occur to me that it could become infinitely more useful if I had Asana on my phone as well.

It syncs seamlessly between the phone and computer, and if you’re offline you can still use it and it will sync when you get a connection again. My communication with employees in different time zones and productivity on flights just got way better.

Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner app for scanning and sending documents

Tiny Scanner has saved my skin a few times; so it’s a keeper. I once had to “scan” and send a number of documents and receipts across the world, and the recipient couldn’t use the .jpg files that I sent when I simply took pictures of the documents in question.

Enter: TinyScan; it uses your camera to take pictures of documents and produce PDF files. The quality is better than the .jpg alternatives, smaller in size, and you can collate documents for easy sending/reading.


Travel shouldn’t be all work. Here are a few fun apps that will serve you well on the road:


Shazam - best app for curating music

Are you listening to some funky beats abroad and wondering what song it is? Let Shazam listen for a few seconds, and it will tell you!

It’s really impressive at catching tunes even if you’re in a noisy pub. If you are offline, Shazam will save the clip and the next time you’re connected, it will tell you what the song is. It also connects pretty seamlessly with Spotify, iTunes, and other music apps so you can acquire the tune for your own library.

Sky Map

Sky Map for seeing the stars with your smartphone

This is all fun and also educational, especially when you travel a lot and want to orient yourself to the stars.

Just aim your camera at any part of the sky, and you can see the stars, planets, and constellations, even if they’re covered by clouds. Heck – you can even spot constellations that are under the horizon.

So there you have it! My 25 all-time favourite travel apps.

Have you used any of these before? Or do you have a different favourite? Why do you prefer one over another?

Let me know in the comments below!

Here are the 25 best travel apps, for planning, researching, booking, getting creative, travel hacking, and much more! #travelapps #smartphoneapps #traveltips #lifestyletravel #traveltech #TheProfessionalHobo #NoraDunn

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37 thoughts on “The Best (Must Have) Travel Apps (25 of My Personal Favourites)”

  1. All look awesome Nora. Just beginning to embrace apps last year because I never really used my phone; too busy writing hundreds of eBooks and thousands of blog posts LOL. Apps make life easier as a traveler.

    • Hey Ryan,
      TOTALLY! Now that I’ve really embraced using my smartphone, I’ve discovered all kinds of apps to make life SO much easier.

    • Hi Barbara,
      Thanks for the head’s up! It was an affiliate link, and Flexiroam’s affiliate program leaves a few things to be desired. I’m trying to sort it out now.

      If the link above doesn’t work for anybody else, you can just head directly to I still stand by the product; just not necessarily their affiliate program – ha ha!

  2. Hello Nora, I just watched the latest episode of “Exploring Alternatives” on Youtube and discovered you and your blog. Thanks for your helpful travel tips, especially for the WWOOFing tip.

    I also have a tip for a language learning app I really like. The app is called Nums – Learn Numbers and makes it very easy to practice numbers in a foreign language – very handy when traveling.

    Many greetings

    • Hi Jana,
      Great tip! I generally say numbers (and pleasantries) are the best things to learn first in a new language.
      The first time I went to Thailand, I learned to count to a million in Thai using a “game” on the airplane’s entertainment system. That plus a few phrases I learned phonetically made me a negotiating MACHINE in the markets! 🙂

  3. Hi, Love the comment about the Fongo app. Nice to see other Canadian focussed content! We have our Canadian numbetr around the world for a couple of years. Picked up a few new ideas, and I cant wait to try the Sky Map app!

    • Hey Matthew,
      Awesome! I purposely didn’t provide a link for SkyMap by the way, because there are a few different apps like this….have a peek around, and choose the one that speaks to you! 🙂

  4. Skyscanner all the way for me, I find all the other flight booking apps are always £30-£70 if not more expensive the Skyscanner

    So easy to use

    100% recommend, give it a try!

    • Hey Nicholas,
      Indeed – Skyscanner is a great flight search engine! Does the Skyscanner app offer anything more than the desktop version? I’m curious.

  5. is superb smartphone travel app that has been my go to choice for flight and car rental bookings for a few years now. One feature I like, is after selecting your initial airline departure and return dates, at the bottom of the screen where it says “exact”, you can vary these dates by +/- 3 days, to see if flying on a different day… might be a cheaper choice! I’ve frequently found flying on a Tuesday is less expensive for departures from here in Montreal, whereas returning on a Saturday morning from the place I visited, will be less costly too. This has saved me $$$ hundreds on some routes!

    The laptop based app has more features, with the +/-3 day variance of your chosen departure/return dates opening up as a grid, of a month or more, so you can automatically see which days are cheapest to book your departure and return dates.
    The laptop version will also open 4 or more competing sites, such as Expedia, Flight Network, Cheap Air and more for price comparisons.

    Besides being free to use, I have found both versions provide airlines such as Aerolineas Argentinas, LATAM (both of South America) and Miat airlines (Mongolia) which other websites do not list. That said, I’ve found some still unlisted, such as Aeroflot if heading to Moscow. Their prices are competitive, and they use Boeing jets on their international routes.

    Flyover Country is a fun app to use if you’re by a window seat. Using satellite based GPS, it will show your position relative to the ground as you cruise above that unknown city or lake far, far below!

    Filmic Pro is a stunning app for Vloggers or those who like to shoot the occasional HD video. Exposure controls, the ability to shoot high res 4k video (if your smartphone supports it), slow motion, time lapse and more makes this a very versatile program with lots of sharing options, direct to YouTube, Instagram and more. I’ve been using it on my iPhone 7plus for a year now, and highly recommend it.

    Frederic in Montréal

  6. Hi Nora. Great post…..going to get the camera one first! Hope it works on the iPhone 5.
    Duolingo I have used but when you attain a certain level you have to pay to continue….and the level isnt high. Your comment about it being free made me wonder. Can you confirm please.
    Great to see you sounding a lot happier. ?

    • Hey Jo,
      Camera+ should work on the iPhone 5; I originally got it for my 4s years ago!
      As for Duolingo, I consider myself to be at a pretty decent level of Spanish, and it’s still free for me. Hmm….

  7. Hello Nora,
    Great post. Since I am planning for long-term travel around the world, I have been trying out many travel apps from play store.
    Few months back I found Leap which has become my favorite travel budget planner app as it estimates the duration I can travel with my current savings and also helps me in managing my finances to increase this duration.
    I hope you will enjoy too will using Leap.


  8. Hello, Nora. Such a great list of travel apps. Really interesting.
    I think Fotor Airbnb and Citymapper would also be a good fit in the post. I really loved them. Otherwise, the post is simply fantastic.
    I have gained some knowledge through this article in which I also learned, and I will inform others about the applications that you have posted.
    Thanks for sharing.

      • Now one has to choose from no less than three apparently very capable apps here – Moovit (806K reviews, 4.5 *), Transit (55K reviews, 4.0 *) and Citymapper (77K reviews, 4.5 *). I’m on Android, so all the stats are from Play Store. However, I’ve personally never used any of these three apps. They aren’t available in India, I guess. But I’ve read rave reviews of all of them.

  9. This is one superb bookmark-worthy post. Thanks for summing up so many tips for us. By the way though, I’ve used both Splittr and Splitwise, I found the latter more attractive. However, this is a completely personal view. Also CamScanner is a worthy competitor against TinyScanner.

  10. This is a great list. I didn’t know about Hopper. I just installed it and put in an upcoming flight and it saved me $26! Another app I didn’t see mentioned is PlanMoreTrips, it is like TripIt but for organizing flights and hotels before you book. It is like Google spreadsheets on steroids. Saved me hours planning my last family vacation.

  11. Love your list.

    I’ve just come across this neat mobile app: potty poche. It highlights visiting the south of France: Languedoc and Provence, with the unique added feature of a public toilet locator for the places to visit; a necessity for France.

    The app categorizes seaside towns, historic Cathar sites, beautiful and perched villages, famous french village movie venues, as well as practical guides to the lavender fields, favorite market towns, and places associated with famous painters.

    I found the app on Apple and Google play stores

  12. Absolutely smashing compilation, Nora! I use many of these already (Asana is my daily driver for my consulting biz) but there are a few I didn’t know about or didn’t have any vetted recommendation for. mahalo from Maui!

  13. I dunno but for me the money question is always the painful one. I usually spend too damn much. So, the number one for me is not a map but a money-saving app. Here are my favorites: Price Advice (it’s a game breaker for me) and iMoney (this one has a widget for Apple Watch).

  14. what a great list! Would also recommend ATM Fee Saver – it helps find the ATMs abroad which are zero fees or have lower fees than others along with withdrawal limits for foreign card holders, I use it quite a bit, helps in saving up on those costs! Worth adding to your list!


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