Where would a traveler be without travel gear? It enables us to do amazing things around the world….but it also disables us if we have too much of it. When I started traveling full-time (back in the pioneer days), I bought all the latest and greatest travel gear I could find – before realizing that if I tried to carry it all, I’d need a full-time porter.

In this collection of posts, you will find various pieces of travel gear that I have tested along the way. Some items remain a part of my full-time travel entourage today, while others I’ve either worn through or given away (since I like to change up my full-time travel packing list from time to time to keep things interesting).

In all cases, these reviews reflect my unbiased opinion, warts and all.

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Top Gifts for Travelers in 2018

Top Gifts for Travelers in 2018

Check out these great travel gifts for men and women! These best travel gifts for 2018 include custom sandals and insoles, an adventure backpack, passport wallet, gift collections, tripods, and clothing!

Perfect Travel Gifts (2015 Edition)

Review of Kinivo blutooth headphones, SteriPEN Ultra, Best Travel Pants ever, Ambronite, Hoboroll/SegSac packing tools, Encircled Flipside Leggings, and more

2013 Edition: Perfect Travel Gifts

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo, in Paris

Review of the Hoboroll, Passport Wallet, Adventure Towel, Travel Adaptor, Headlamp, Packable Daypack, Wheeled Backpack, Chrysalis Cardi, and more

Perfect Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

Here is a list of perfect gifts for the traveler in your life. From small items to expensive technology, there’s something to fit any price range. I didn’t just pick each item out of thin air though: there is a method to my madness. I either own it (and love … Read More

Best Travel Gear: Travel Journal

travel journal, best travel gear

My best piece of travel gear seems to be one of the most simple. Yet, it is my bible on the road, going with me absolutely everywhere I go: my Travel Journal. A travel journal can be so much more than a diary of the events of your travels. For … Read More