travel planning

Travel planning is a necessary evil (or a treat if you like that sort of thing). Personally, I detest the process – it’s onerous, time consuming, and stressful. Did I get the best flight deal? Is this accommodation going to be in a good neighbourhood? Am I going to like this place? 

But sometimes, with the right tools and tips, travel planning can be easy and stress-free. I’ve worked hard over the last decade+ in sussing out the best tools and tips to make planning your next trip a breeze….and I share those tools and tips and processes with you here.

I also share with you some of my own travel planning challenges and woes along the way, in the hopes that you can either:
a) avoid my mistakes, or
b) commiserate.

How Responsible is a Leap of Faith?

leap of faith

A leap of faith is a scary thing. But is there a right way and wrong way to do it? Here we look at some key ingredients to making a leap of faith – responsibly.

Motion Sickness on the Road

motion sickness on the road

I am currently recovering from Motion Sickness on the road. This is a very real, very difficult condition to deal with, and something to be aware of, especially if you’re traveling solo. In this fantastic world of full-time travel (four years and counting for me, at the time of writing), … Read More

What Makes You a Traveler?

Backpackers walking through Lukla Nepal, talking about what makes you a traveler

What makes you a traveler? Not always such an easy question to answer. The longer I travel, the more confused I have become about what “travel” is, and what makes you a “traveler”. And depending on who you talk to, it can be quite a touchy subject, full of egotism … Read More

My Favourite Place in the World

What is your favourite place in the world? Boy, if I had a nickel for every time I was asked what my favourite place in the world is…. Despite being asked this question so often, I rarely have a concise reply. Instead the answer is usually a shoddily constructed response, … Read More

America: The No Vacation Nation

America – the No Vacation Nation: I recently read this enlightening bit of information over at Wanderlust and Lipstick: A 2009 survey from Expedia found that 1/3 of employees don’t take all of their vacation time. While this speaks (to a certain degree) to how individuals make personal choices, there … Read More