I first arrived in Grenada in 2011 for a three-month house-sitting gig, and I ended up staying a couple of years (on and off). It was an idyllic AND tumultuous time in my life. Among other (mis)adventures, I had my heart broken (twice!), was in a near-fatal accident, and had my passport stolen in a $10,000 saga.
Good times. Yep, good times.

The Sounds of Grenada….

Grenada lush foliage

Here’s a little video and introduction to a fairly typical morning in Grenada, soca music and all…

Kissy Face Culture in Grenada

There’s an orchestra of peanut gallery on Grenada’s roadside that (kind of) cheers me on every time I leave the house. It’s kissy face lovin’, baby!

Unique Transportation: Buses in Grenada

buses in Grenada

Here’s why Grenada’s public bus system is one of the most unique – and enjoyable – forms of transportation I’ve encountered around the world.

Grenada Gets a Face Lift

Grenada roadside maintenance

Grenada’s getting a face lift, and the streets are getting wider. Find out what’s happening, how, and why.

Driving in Grenada

driving in Grenada

Pot holes. Steep drops. Goats. Buses. Wheelbarrows. Gargantuan speed bumps. It’s all part of the fun of driving in Grenada. See for yourself in this video!

Three Months in Grenada


From getting sick, to getting social, to getting bitten, to getting in touch with the moon and tides, living in Grenada for three months has been an adventure.

Learning to be Alone in Grenada

After being dealt a few blows on arrival to Grenada, I spent some time recuperating, and learning to be alone on this beautiful island. A nice place to learn.

Travel to Grenada: An Introduction

introduction to Grenada

Here’s a random accumulation of interesting things I learned in Grenada that paint an introductory picture – a backdrop if you will – for my upcoming series.

Being Thankful in Grenada

thankful in Grenada

As soon as I arrive in Grenada I’m hit with a gut-wrenching double-whammy. Coming out the other side in one piece is something to be thankful for.