What is Liming? Grenada’s Unofficial National Pastime [with Video]

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In Grenada the unofficial national pastime is “Liming”. It has nothing to do with the citrus fruit, and it’s less of an actual definable activity and more of a state of being.

Liming is Grenada's National Pastime. Here's what it is. #Grenada #Caribbean #islandlife #traveltips #travelculture #TheProfessionalHobo

This post was originally published in 2012. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.

Lime also happens to be the name of one of the two major phone providers in Grenada, so it’s a household name. But make no mistake; the phone carrier got its name from the pastime, which is a deep-seated part of Grenadian culture.

top up LIME

Go for a drive, and you’ll see groups of people lining the roadside, just sitting and standing around. A hotspot for congregation tends to be the numerous simplistic (some would say dilapidated) rum shops that line the roads, or beside smoking barbeques or fruit stands. Although light conversation is standard, it’s not consistent; sometimes a good “lime” can take place with very few words exchanged.

liming through the fields

So what is Liming? It can involve doing something, or nothing at all. It can involve people, or not. Dominoes, drinking, and eating are all fair game too.

Although it almost defies a fully comprehensive verbal definition, I would say Liming combines the art of conversation, with something to do, and even a state of heightened observation. It’s best done in the company of friends, and if you can swing a cool drink and waterside locale, all the better.

Please enjoy this 2-minute documentary I filmed in an attempt to crack the code on Liming. Viewers be warned: a lot of Liming had to take place in the filming of this video. (No fruit was damaged in the process).

You can also watch this video on YouTube.

I Spent 2 Years Liming in Grenada

All in all, I used Grenada as a home base for two years! Here’s what I learned:

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7 thoughts on “What is Liming? Grenada’s Unofficial National Pastime [with Video]”

  1. I had been to Grenada several times, 20 plus years ago. The last time was just after the US invasion and a shot down cfhopper was still on the beach. I still wish for a “Jump up” of which we had many during our passage through the islands. I lived on ST Vincent for a year and ST Thomas for 4 years.
    I really, really, miss the Island life.
    2 more years or less, kids out of school/college I am out of here, maybe cycle across the US, hike Appalacian trail, not the regular day to day existance of my past 20 years. Island are far to commercial now, so maybe South America or Asia.

  2. @Jari – Tough work, but I’m up for the challenge! 🙂

    @Ian – Lots of places in the Caribbean islands are commercial, but there are still a few great “undiscovered” spots! Enjoy your trip planning! Sounds exciting. The Appalacian could be fun….and if you’re up for a working adventure you can volunteer to do trail maintenance on it too in exchange for an opportunity to get deep into the wilderness and have your food etc taken care of.

  3. Nora,
    Another very enjoyable and informative post…Had never heard of liming before…I think the term is very original…we should invent a similar term in Canada…would be awesome…wouldn’t it…

  4. Nora,

    It seems that I was unknowingly liming while on Grenada diving a few years back. I would walk from the resort I was staying at over to St Georges, wander a bit on foot and just content myself with the local sights and sounds I found.

    Reading your posts reminds me that I promised myself the opportunity to return. Loved the place.

  5. @John – Welcome to the wonderful world of unwitting liming! St Georges is a great place to lime….there’s always something going on!


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