Travel Clothes & Shoes

When I started traveling full-time, I kitted myself with all the “right” travel clothes.

Stuff that was ultralight, quick-dry, anti-wrinkle, moisture-wicking, convertible-this, and multi-use that.

And I hated it all.

Practical as it may have been, it simply wasn’t my style, and I dreaded getting out of bed each morning to dress myself in stuff that didn’t make me feel good while I traveled.

Since those early days, I have found the balance between style and function, and now my travel clothes are my fav clothes!

Here is a collection of posts about travel clothing that I have tried (or in the case of men’s clothing, willing subjects have tried on my behalf and reported back to me). In some cases I have owned and continue to wear the very same pieces of clothing for over a decade. Rest assured, I stand by my recommendations.

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