My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Best Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes for Women

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I have this thing. If I have really nice clothing – like, favourite stylish travel clothes, I tend not to wear them as often as I’d like to. Instead, I still wear wrinkle-free travel clothes – but cheaper, older, less comfortable, or less stylish clothes and I justify keeping my favourites in the (proverbial) closet (which for me is actually my luggage), so I can save them for a more “special” occasion.

My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Best Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes for Women

I saw Loretta LaRoche speak at a conference. She grew up being told by her mother that she could only wear her nice underwear on special occasions. Thing is, there was never an occasion special enough to put on these “party pants”. She also poked fun at people who have sitting rooms they never sit in, with nice furniture covered in protective plastic. Her theory was that we could all love life a lot more if we enjoyed the things we have rather than perpetually saving them for another day….a day that may never come.

I’m here to say it’s time to wear our party pants.

I have traveled with two tiny packing cubes of easy care travel clothes from Anatomie Travel Clothing for three weeks, in true capsule wardrobe fashion. It changed the way I will travel (and live!) forever.

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NOTE: This article was originally published in 2016, and gets updated regularly – at least once a year. Some of the styles pictured here have been discontinued; I’ve replaced some with newer shots, but I also wanted to show that I’ve been wearing Anatomie clothes for over a DOZEN years! Even though some styles come and go, the signature materials, design ethics, elevated style, and travel-friendly properties remain constant.

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Packing Cubes: the best way to pack a travel capsule wardrobe
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My Journey With Anatomie Travel Clothing

The birth of the Anatomie capsule wardrobe idea

I visited Anatomie Travel Clothing’s headquarters in Miami. I’d been a fan of Anatomie for years already; they sent me my first outfit in 2012 – an outfit that is still going strong, all these years (and abuse) later. (See also: Anatomie – My New Favourite Travel Clothing)

Shawn and Kate (Anatomie’s co-founders) talked about cost-per-wear. While doing some math, I realized that their prices (a stumbling block for me) weren’t as high as I’d initially thought if I worked out how many miles I could get out of them – literally and figuratively. So, I threw out my jeans.

I returned to Anatomie’s headquarters a second time with a furrowed brow. My favourite travel pants – the Kate Skinny Cargo pants, which I got just a couple of years prior – had worn in the strangest of ways. It led to concerns about the quality of their travel clothes on the whole. My original capris were doing great! Why had the Kate pants deteriorated like this in a fraction of the time?

Anatomie was churning out a huge number of new styles at the time, becoming a highly-recognized brand name in the luxury market as the ultimate travel clothes for women. Had they grown too big for their own good?

Luckily, my concerns were assuaged when I received a brand new pair of Kate pants and was assured that any customer with a similar problem would be afforded the same treatment. They said that occasionally material from the end of a roll could do funny things like this, and while they hadn’t seen this particular problem before, they would look out for it in the future.

While Anatomie may be growing exponentially, they still pride themselves on superior service and developing long-term relationships with their customers, as evidenced by the expedient replacement of my defective pants, their personal style concierge service, and more.

Not only did they replace my Kate pants, but they loaded me up with a whole bunch of new styles and Anatomie “Travel Essential” pieces. (Travel Essentials are styles they carry year after year because they’re so popular, and customers get angry if Anatomie stops making them.)

With this gift of new clothes, they issued me a challenge: pack and wear only Anatomie clothes for my next trip. So, I did; the next opportunity I had to leave my big suitcase I armed myself for three weeks with two wee packing cubes of Anatomie clothes.

Here’s what I learned about what makes for the best wrinkle free travel clothes for women. (See the end of this post for an exact list of what I traveled with, so you can design your own ideal travel capsule wardrobe).

Two packing cubes, used for my Anatomie travel capsule wardrobe challenge
Two wee packing cubes, with more than enough room for exactly what I used for three weeks. See the end of this article for a list of what I packed.

Before we go any further, I must tell you that I have received a ton of Anatomie clothing for free since the beginning of my partnership. I’ll also add that I’ve bought many styles for myself at retail prices. I put my money where my mouth is, and I endorse Anatomie for having terrific travel clothes for women.

As such, if you click on any of the links in this post and buy Anatomie clothes, I will receive a small commission. It doesn’t affect your price, and it helps me keep running The Professional Hobo. I appreciate your support in advance!

Use the discount code NORA20 to get $20 off your order!
(Minimum order amount is $120 to qualify. Enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders.


Quality travel clothing will go the distance – literally and figuratively.

My Cargo Capris (since discontinued, though keep an eye on the Anatomie website – they occasionally revive them for a season) are still going strong since getting them in 2012. This is one style that I haven’t saved for special occasions; over the years, I’ve worn these pants more than any other pair of pants I’ve owned. Like, ever. After all these years of abuse, the material is softer and even comfier.

I’ve washed them in dodgy washing machines around the world, and they’ve even seen a few dryers (which you’re not supposed to do, FYI). The only thing I can say is that the material has thinned out a little (but not so much as to be a problem), and has also stretched out a little (due to my own weight gain/loss/gain/loss/etc. over the years).

Regarding fit in general, Anatomie advises that you can expect that the signature stretch wrinkle-free material used for their pants will stretch over time (it’s what makes Anatomie pants a custom fit, as it stretches to hug your curves perfectly). More on this later.

Washing and Drying

If you’re traveling with a limited (capsule) wardrobe, washing and drying must be easy.

Need to dry your pants in a hurry? A simple hairdryer will do the trick in just a few mins! (Almost) everything Anatomie offers is machine washable in cold water.

Machine dryers, in general, are horrible on your clothes (they exponentially accelerate deterioration), nor are they particularly environmentally friendly. Luckily most Anatomie styles dry quickly, usually overnight.

Feeling slick in my stylish and sexy (and practical!) travel clothes for women - Kate pants and patterned top
I’ve worn these Kate pants for almost 10 years now!

Wrinkle Free Packing

Packing light means not having a lot of space. Irons are not an option.

Are you worried about cramming those expensive duds into a packing cube? Don’t. Anatomie makes easy care travel clothes, and although some pieces may come out of your luggage looking wrinkled, the wrinkles easily fall out as soon as you put them on. You will love their wrinkle resistant fabrics, life-changing!

Other styles made of crazy comfy jersey and mesh (here are their current lightweight jackets and wide variety of shirts) are truly wrinkle free in all respects. Scrunch it up in a ball in your bag. I dare ya.

Comfort Vs. Style

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable. Except perhaps, being underdressed.

Luckily there’s no compromise! I’m just as comfy in my Luisa skinny jeans on a plane as I am in a pair of leggings. Except, I’m wearing something considerably more stylish than leggings. 

Even the Andrea Contrast Panel leggings are more-than-leggings.

For me, the perfect travel wardrobe has stylish travel clothes, without being pretentious. Regardless of whether you’re dressed up or down, you’re comfortable. Travel throws you enough curveballs; you’d better be comfy in your second skin.

On the topic of comfort, their Pima Cotton Tank Tops are made from Pima cotton, from Peru. I was ambivalent when they suggested I try it out (it’s a plain tank top….kinda boring right?), but it quickly became my absolute favourite top to wear. It’s suuuuuuuper soft, breathable, won’t shrink, goes with everything, and just like most of Anatomie’s styles, can be machine washed (on cold), and will dry fast.

The Pam Mesh Panel Long Sleeve Top from Anatomie is great wrinkle free travel clothing!

Staying Warm

Cool/cold weather is the biggest challenge to packing light. The secret is in layering.

Most of Anatomie’s travel clothing styles are very lightweight – which is both a selling point and a challenge. The signature stretch fabric used to make most of their pants is light as a feather, which means it won’t weigh you down as you take off, but if you’re taking off to chilly places, you might be cold.

Over the years, I’ve found ways to circumvent these challenges:

Layer Under. While most of Anatomie’s travel pants are slim-fitting, there’s still room for a pair of leggings underneath for added warmth.

Layer Over. This is where Anatomie’s travel jackets shine. While one of their mesh jackets is ridiculously comfortable over a tank top and takes the edge off a summer night, it’s also warmer than it looks and can be worn over a long-sleeved top (which also shows through the mesh, and looks very nice).

The same goes for the Kenya Safari Jacket, which is hands-down their most popular travel jacket, and for good reason. It’s roomy enough to go over thicker under-layers, yet form-fitting enough to be super stylish and flattering.

Wearing the Kenya Safari jacket over a sweater in the chilly high-altitude mountains of Mexico

If you find yourself in even chillier climes, they have a selection of quilted, cashmere, and even leather styles. I still have a style of an Anatomie travel jacket (which they don’t carry anymore) that is ideal for shoulder season climates.

Anatomie travel jackets go the mile for comfort and style!
Wearing an Anatomie jacket from 2014 (since discontinued), perfect for chillier temperatures

2024 UPDATE: I spent a whole winter in a snowy mountain town, with the help of Anatomie’s new Cozy Essentials lineup! Their fleece-lined signature styles (like the Kenya Jacket and Skyler Pants) are literally the comfiest clothes I own – super stretchy and soft. And lucky for me, they’re also the most stylish clothes I own. Best of all worlds!

Wearing the Cozy Kenya, Cozy Skyler, and Anatomie cashmere top in Bulgaria during winter

Free Returns and Clothing Guarantees

Spending a lot of money on the perfect travel capsule wardrobe? Free returns are critical.

I’m still leery of ordering clothes online. Even with sizing charts, you just never know how something will fit.

Anatomie understands this, and orders placed in the U.S. include free returns. And rumour has it they’re going to offer free returns to Canadian customers very soon too!

So if you’re curious about how that shirt or pair of pants will fit, there’s no risk in ordering it and finding out first-hand.

The same goes for clothing defects. While normal wear and tear are on your own dime, if there’s a problem with an Anatomie style, they’ll send you a new pair, as I experienced myself. Anatomie wants you to be 100% happy with your clothes, as they’ve demonstrated to me repeatedly.

Travel Clothing for Women with Curves

Most people aren’t models. So how do we know if those pants will actually fit AND look good?

Over the years, I’ve grown, and not just emotionally! While I’m not disproportionate or overweight, my measurements baffle many sizing charts.

While trying to order pants and a shirt from (another) online clothing company, I couldn’t figure out which sizes to get. According to their sizing charts, I was somewhere between a Small and Medium for the shirt (but my bust measurement said I should be Large – and believe me, my boobs aren’t that spectacular). 

When it came to my lower half, my self-esteem “bottomed” out. While I was accustomed to being a size 6-8, my recent weight gain put me in the (8-10) category. This particular clothing company’s size 12 looked like it would still be too small. And….size 12 was their largest size. Who does that?!?! I have no idea what other curvy women would do if they tried to order anything from this company. (To their credit, my complaints inspired them to change their sizing charts, which is why they shall remain nameless in this post.) I simply share this story here as an example of how screwed up sizing is across the board, especially when it comes to women’s pants.

Shawn (Anatomie’s co-founder and chief designer) stood by while I tried on a huge variety of clothes, and he told me how they’re supposed to fit and made specific sizing recommendations.

Even though I wanted to err on the side of caution with larger sizes, Shawn warned me that most of Anatomie’s pants stretch up to a whole size over time; and my older Anatomie pants are testament to this. So, if your own Anatomie travel pants are a bit tight to begin with, never fear: their signature stretch fabric is a bit of a miracle-worker and will mold to your curves perfectly with time.

Loving the Kenya Safari Jacket by Anatomie: best wrinkle free travel clothing for women
Wearing the Kenya Safari Jacket over a Pima Cotton Top, with the Dora Stretch Pencil Skirt – since replaced with the Suzette Skort

Here are some observations about how Anatomie’s stylish travel clothes are made for curvy women:

  • The Suzette Skort has built-in jersey bicycle shorts. While this does add a bit to the packing weight and bulk, my thighs thanked me; can you say “no thigh rub??
    (Not a fan of the short skirt? I get it. Here are their current dresses, which include some super classy styles. I own their Marine Travel Dress, which is super flattering for all figures and made of a material that can literally be balled up and stuffed into a corner of my luggage and come out ready for the runway).
  • I asked Shawn which styles of Anatomie’s travel pants are best for the curvy woman; he said the Kate Pant (which I can attest to). More recently, Anatomie has come out with a whole line of pants for curvy women! You can now shop their entire site by body type, which is very useful. 
  • Not all women appreciate tight shirts. While I do recommend having at least one somewhat form-fitting tank top and long-sleeved top for layering underneath jackets and such, I also like having a “let it all hang out” sort of top. Anatomie has a selection of looser-fitting tops that will turn heads; just have a browse through the store to see their latest designs, as their styles are always changing.

Not sure yourself? Here is one of the many bangs you get for your buck with Anatomie, in addition to free returns and quality guarantees: their personal Style Concierge will assist you with personalized fit and styling tips. You’ll find their personal email on the Contact page of the website, and their assistance is very valuable (and of course, free).

The Gracie Mesh Jacket by Anatomie: ultimate in wrinkle free travel clothes. Scrunch it up!

Anatomie Wrinkle Resistant Clothing Recommendations

Here is what I packed when I took the challenge to travel with only Anatomie clothing. Note: many of the exact items I took with me have been discontinued. I’ve switched them out here with new items (that I own) which are comparable replacements.

Depending on the climate at your destination, you might want to adjust this selection. For example when visiting a hot climate you’ll want to switch out a jacket or long-sleeved shirt for another tank/tee. This travel capsule wardrobe is ideal for warm temperate weather.


Bailey Mesh Jacket (it won’t wrinkle, no matter how hard you try!)

Kenya Safari Jacket (stylish, can be worn with sleeves rolled up or down, zipped up to the neck, etc)


Calista Rollup Henley Top (pima cotton, long-sleeved), AND/OR

Alida button-down Poplin Shirt (I love this dressy shirt because the front panel is a structured material, and the arms and back are soft stretchy jersey)

Jackson Pima Cotton Tank (a staple for any travel wardrobe, perfect on its own and for layering)

Flo Tee (note: here’s their current collection of tops to choose from)


Suzette Skort (with built-in jersey bicycle shorts)

Luisa Skinny Jean OR Kate Skinny Cargo Pant (I own and adore both, but I choose just one per trip)

Darby Pant (new in 2024 to their lineup; a looser-fitting pant made with their signature stretch light material)

Use the discount code NORA20 to get $20 off your order!
(Minimum order amount is $120 to qualify. Enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders.

BONUS: My Top Packing Tips Video

I know, I know. I must sound like a psychotic cheerleader. I promise, I haven’t been drugged, nor unduly forced to write all these accolades. Anatomie approached to develop a long-term relationship, much like they do with all their customers. (The difference being, they started me off with a free outfit, which inspired my love affair with them. Lucky me!).

And as much as I love Anatomie, they love me too, and they’re fascinated at how I traveled with carry-on luggage only for two whole years! While I was visiting Anatomie’s headquarters this year, they turned on the cameras and got me to share my top packing tips for ultralight travel. Here’s what I had to say:

Click here to watch on YouTube

Model Pictures (Wearing Anatomie Wrinkle-Free Travel Clothes)

I’m not the best model, so if you’d like to get a closer look at some of Anatomie’s styles, keep scrolling.

The best in Wrinkle Free shirts and jackets: Anatomie's Gracie Mesh Jacket (similar to Bailey Mesh Jacket)
Gracie Mesh Jacket (similar to Bailey Mesh Jacket)
Lightweight women's jackets for travel: the Kenya Safari Jacket by Anatomie
Kenya Safari Jacket
best wrinkle free pants: Luisa Skinny Jeans by Anatomie
Luisa Skinny Jeans – jeans style except less than 1/4 of the weight and bulk!
The best women's wrinkle free button down dressy shirt: Alida Button Down Shirt by Anatomie
Alida Button Down Shirt (with jersey sleeves and back and crisp front)
Fabulous Cruise Clothing: the Calista pima cotton Henley Shirt
Calista pima cotton henley top
Add a Pima Cotton Tank Top from Anatomie to your cruise packing list!
Pima Cotton Tank Top (seriously, ridiculously comfy)
Awesome cruise attire: you can dress this one up or down! Suzette Stretch Skort with built-in shorts by Anatomie Travel Clothing
Suzette Sport Luxe Skort (with built-in bicycle shorts)

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My Travel Capsule Wardrobe: Best Wrinkle Free Travel Clothes for Women

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  1. Noted for my wife Nora. I dig the party pants analogy. Good to know of the wrinkle free aspect too; sometimes we travel outside of the tropics. Humidity in places takes care of wrinkles fast but outside of the tropics you need quality, wrinkle-free clothes. Or an iron and board which ain’t happening around much of the world.

  2. This is a great post, with the exception of all the body shaming. What’s up with the “real” woman stuff? Is a model a “fake” woman? You’re a great writer, and I know there’s a better way you can get your point across without making some women feel like they don’t qualify as “real” women.

    • Hey Beck,
      Great observation – thank you! While curvy women seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to body image issues and persecution on a variety of levels, you are right in that I haven’t acknowledged skinny women as being “real”.
      I’ve removed all language that isolates any body type as being “real” or otherwise.



      I am very happy 2 see women of all sizes are finally being noticed and admired!

  3. Nora, I was ready to like this company you love in spite of the big price tags. Just thought you should be aware how an ordinary customer is treated. I found this in the reviews from the Skyler Skinny Pant. I’m afraid that you get special treatment from the company. If they really backed up their products for defects it might be worth it. But 10% discount is nothing to compensate this woman for a messed up zipper on a very expensive pair of pants.

    poor policy
    I have purchased a pair of Anatomie pants and was very satisfied with the product, until I had the inner seam of the zipper seperate from the fabric so they are no longer wearable. I have worn the pants no more than 10 times, but being outside of the 30 days they would not help me. Since this was obviously a quality issue I feel like this says something about the company as a whole.
    Anatomie >> replied:
    Hannah, thank you for contacting us; we apologize for the inconvenience. We looked into the matter and since the pants were purchased about a year ago, and that particular style is no longer in production, we will not be able to issue a replacement. But we would like to offer you 10% off your next purchase for the inconvenience encountered. If you have any other questions, please contact us at [email protected], we would love to help!

    • Hi Linda,
      Oh my! That’s not good.
      I’ve contacted the team at Anatomie to look into this. I hope there’s another side to this story, because indeed, this contradicts what I understand their customer service policy to be.

      I wonder if perhaps she bought the last of a line that was being discontinued and was thus on clearance sale. Anything on super clearance wouldn’t likely be subject to the same return/exchange policy.

      • Nora, since I wrote the above post, I have given Anatomie a try. Customer service has been wonderful, namely Raquel. It’s very difficult to get the style and size right on first try and she’s shown some flexibility. I tried the popular Skyler pants and am lukewarm about the fit. I’m going to give your Luisa Skinny Jeans a try! (Did you by any chance try the Lora Nylon & Fleece jacket? Seems to be one of their Italian items.)

        Anyway, I love your blog! I signed up for your emails and am loving your writing and all the helpful information. I’m simply thrilled!

        P.S. We’re going to Cuenca January-February! We’re putting the house on the market and hope to find house-sitting gigs while we are here in the Atlanta area to give us more flexibility. We had part of this plan in process when I landed on your blog. You gave me the extra push I needed to try house-sitting and work-aways. We had already signed up for WorkAway and my nephew uses WWOOF. We’ll probably try both!

        • Hi Linda,
          I’m so very glad that you gave Anatomie a shot and that your experience has been positive!
          I didn’t really like the Skyler pant fit either, so I hope you like the Luisa in contrast (I think you will). I haven’t tried the Lora jacket, but it looks beautiful.

          And thank you for reading! Good luck with the sale of the house (and all your stuff in it – ha ha), and I hope you enjoy your time in Cuenca. It’s a gorgeous place.

          Happy Travels!

  4. I keep asking for someone to post a blog for clothes for women over 60. Everything I see is for twenty year old. Travelled to over 65 countries. Now in my seventies cannot wear the ridiculous clothes and shoes., no one writes for older women. Pity.

    • Hi Sue,
      I’m sorry you feel under-represented and under-served by myself and other sites. I would have thought that at least some of the styles offered by Anatomie are ageless. Many are conservative, and most are classy – especially the jackets and tops.

  5. It seems you are raving about quite a few garments no longer made. Perhaps you should update and let us know how the replacement garments actually pack and hold up.

    Lastly, cost-per-wear is simply semantics for overcharging. Much can be done with less expensive clothing. You just gotta throw on a pashmina or a bright scarf over inexpensive tops and slacks/skirts.

    This is not to say expensive travel clothing doesn’t have its place. I definitely have some expensive regular clothing, since I show dogs. (Take a look at the womens’ suits worn on the Westminster telecast, including St. John’s.) But I’m buying less expensive travel clothing so I may spend my money in Florence. 😎

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I think the very fact that I’m still wearing styles I got 10 years ago (that have since been discontinued) it testament to how long Anatomie clothing lasts! I haven’t had to replace them.
      New designs by Anatomie (and they’re constantly updating their lineup as many fashion brands do) continue to use their signature stretch material and other travel-friendly materials. So it’s safe to assume their new styles pack and hold up just as well as all the garments I’ve gotten over the last 10 years.

      As for cost-per-wear and choice of travel clothing, all that boils down to your budget and your priorities. Spending less money on clothes so you can spend more money in Florence is a perfectly justifiable decision!

    • As a former national sewing instructor and alterations expert, I have to respectfully disagree. Cost-per-wear is a valid calulation, but one easily forgotten in these days of disposable clothing. (I’m not talking about overpaying for a logo, but buying true quality.) Compare a dense wool winter coat or jacket with proper interfacing, interlining, thermal lining, appropriate stitching with durable high-quality thread and natural horn buttons V. a trendy coat from a big box or mall store made from a cheap blend that beads up, little if any interfacing, thin rayon lining, long stitches of flimsy poly thread and plastic buttons that doesn’t combat the cold or breathe like a natural fiber. Real quality means buy it once, take care of it, wear it for years. Or… buy cheap where only pennies of the price are spent on overseas labor and oil-based, polluting materials while the rest is spent on polluting transportation and trendy marketing, just to result in pilling within a wash or two, and sweat and stink that clings to the cheap fabric, then toss it in a landfill where it sits unchanged for generations or crate it on a pallet and ship it yet again to a poor country where starving children pick for rags. A quick google will provide a thorough and absolutely shocking education on how cheap fashion has degraded people, industry and our environment — all for a $10 pair of sweat pants that won’t last a season. If people focused their closets (and suitcases) on a classic, high-quality, long-lasting classic capsule wardrobe and supplemented with very few, cheap trendy pieces, they’d be much more comfortable, cause a lot less damage… and spend a LOT less in the long run. So the next time you compare prices, think about what went into producing the garment, the quality of the materials and construction, how long it will last, how it will hold up over time – and do that cost per wear.

      • Very well said and something not enough people think about. Unfortunately people on a low income (such as myself) can’t often afford to spend a lot on clothes. I am a larger women, so my choices of where to shop are limited. I wear my clothes until they wear out and hardly ever buy new clothes. I don’t have the money and find it hard to find something that suits.

  6. This was amazing. I always seem to have the most trouble with my clothes wrinkling. I am very excited to try out your advice and see how they stand up against my clothes.

    So thank you for this 🙂

    – Sara

  7. Time to remove or update this post. Cannot count how many times you said an item was discontinued and I wasted time trying to find the meat of this article.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Laura. I update this post regularly (which is why I discuss how items have been discontinued – that’s an update!) to show that I have owned and continue to own pieces over the long term – and how long they last, and what the various styles look like. If you click through to Anatomie, you’ll see they offer a ton of new styles, but overall their look is consistent.
      Also, I just checked all the links I provided – they are up to date!


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