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9 Reasons Why I Want to Return to Riga Latvia

Reasons to visit Riga Latvia

While this article isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do in Riga Latvia, nor a cultural summation, it is a teaser; just enough of both to entice you to learn more about this Baltic country – because in a sense a teaser is all I got as well. But believe you me – I want to return. Here’s why.

This is the Best Way to Visit Newfoundland

How Best to Visit Newfoundland

In this article I discuss the best way to visit Newfoundland (spoiler alert: it’s by boat), along with insights into the history, language, and culture of Newfoundland.

7 Travel Mistakes I Made in Guatemala

7 Travel Mistakes I made in Guatemala

Here is the tale of my recent trip to Guatemala, which I cancelled and left half way through. While I made many travel mistakes (some old, some new), the real mistake was….well, I’ll let you read the post to find out!

Where to Eat in Antigua Guatemala – and More!

The View from the Cross in Antigua Guatemala at sunset

Antigua (where I spent almost a month) has the highest concentration of excellent restaurants and coffee shops of anywhere I’ve been! Here’s where to eat in Antigua Guatemala, along with things to do and where to stay.