Digital Nomad Lifestyle Chat with Palle Bo, The Radio Vagabond 

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What is the digital nomad lifestyle REALLY like? Turns out, it’s different for everybody. Like me, Palle Bo (also known as The Radio Vagabond) has been on the road for a long time, but his lifestyle has been very different from mine. In this casual interview we discuss our respective travel styles and how it has changed for each of us over the years. 

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What is it like to be a digital nomad? It's different for everybody. Palle Bo of The Radio Vagabond and Nora Dunn of The Professional Hobo compare their lifestyles. #digitalnomad #TheProfessionalHobo #travellifestyle #interview

Meet Palle Bo, The Radio Vagabond 

In 2016, Palle Bo made a decision to change his life. As his daughters were grown up and moved out of the house, so did he. He sold his house, his car and all his furniture and became a digital nomad, travelling full-time with a goal to visit every UN Nation in the world. 

He runs his sound production company as a digital nomad and produces podcasts for clients like The LEGO Group, Ramboll and TBEX.

He’s also the host and producer of his own travel podcast called The Radio Vagabond where he documents his journey with a lot of field recordings from the places he visits. 

I highly recommend The Radio Vagabond podcast; you can tell Palle had a prior long-standing career in the radio business because the production value is incredibly high, and it has has an immersive element that most travel podcasts lack. The episodes are relatively short and strike the perfect balance between entertaining and informative. 

Palle Bo, The Radio Vagabond, discussing the digital nomad lifestyle with Nora Dunn

This Interview is a Departure From the Norm. 

Not only is this interview in person which is a rare pleasure to do, but it’s also a mutual interview, that is appearing on both his show and mine! 

So we had a table full of microphones in front of us, and no plan in particular – we simply let the conversation take us on a journey, and it really did. Unlike most of my videos in The Remote Work & Travel Show which are more one-sided, this was a fun conversation that also ended up being illuminating for each of us – and I hope for you as well. 

Watch our chat here! We have some fun with this one.

Need more of a reason to commit to watching? Okay. We discuss things like: 

  • Palle’s quest to visit every country in the world and how it’s less about country-counting than one might think
  • We debate how long you need to stay in a country in order to say you’ve “been there”
  • “Mosically” and whether it’s actually a word (spoiler: it’s not)
  • Why I chose the moniker of “hobo” and Palle chose “vagabond”
  • The book I wrote and never published, as a response to the ever-popular book Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term Travel 
  • How we most certainly do not see eye to eye in our respective travel styles (and why I get tired just thinking about how Palle travels the world)
  • How I managed to stay in Australia for two years 
  • Knowing when it’s time to stay for a while, and when it’s move on 
  • Nomad Cruise, and why I initially thought it was a terrible idea but as it turns out, I missed out
  • How Toastmasters and Rotary have been immeasurably valuable for both of us over the years
  • Does the digital nomad lifestyle have a shelf life? (Why I’m being called on to revise my initial hypothesis thanks to programs like these
  • What drives Palle’s desire to travel the world 
  • How time moves slower when you travel 
  • The first thing I do in every new destination and how it plays into my entire motivation for travel
  • Palle gets direct and asks me why I got a place in Toronto (which I wrote about here, but discuss even more in-depth in our chat)
  • What it was like for Palle to be proverbially homeless during the pandemic (See also: How 8 Digital Nomads Survived the Pandemic)
  • Why Palle had a hard time trying to cross the border into Canada and how it reflects on ways in which Canadian culture changed during the pandemic
  • At the end Palle sticks me with the question: will I ever be nomadic again? 

The Radio Vagabond sitting on luggage with a microphone

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