3 Ways Aspiring Digital Nomads Can Earn Money and Save Tax 

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The Great Resignation is upon us. Since the spring of 2021, roughly 33 million Americans have left their jobs. Many people are ditching the 9 to 5 bricks-and-mortar office grind and stepping into the remote work world as aspiring digital nomads.

Are you ready to kickstart your new career?

I’ve got three killer options to help you:

  • Work remotely for an established company.
  • Take charge of your brand and skills and work for yourself.
  • Stop overpaying taxes and design an effective international tax strategy.

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How can you ditch the grind?

If your job isn’t already remote, you might be wondering how to take the next step. If a life of working abroad calls, then read on. 

How do you transition your skills from the conventional workplace to the remote world? 

Can you work for someone from anywhere or should you start your own business?

Are there ways to reduce your tax burden? 

This article gives you a tried-and-true roadmap that will help you earn money and save tax while working remotely.

I have included affiliate links to the programs in this article. This means I’ll get a referral fee if you click through and sign up for any of them. It doesn’t affect your price, and it helps me keep this site ticking along. If you are interested in any of these programs, I greatly appreciate your support in bookmarking this article and going through my links, as well as sharing this article with friends who might be interested in these programs. 

Get out of the office with Remote Job Club

Remote Job Club

A remote job search can be a job unto itself. As an aspiring digital nomad seeking remote work, the first thing to do is figure out is how to market your particular skillsets to an employer. 

The Remote Job Club opens the door for you with expert know-how and job offerings that are specifically offered to fit your unique strengths.

Find your calling and make your skills shine with the #1 remote work course

The Remote Job Club is perfect for remote workers at any level. Flexible monthly plans provide a range of tools, coaching, and resources.

Jordan Carroll, aka The Remote Job Coach, is dedicated to helping you increase your chances of success in your remote job search with a comprehensive online course and two exclusive job boards.

Learn more about what Jordan does in my interview with him, here.

Why join the Remote Job Club?

As a premier course, community and coaching platform, Remote Job Club helps high-performing remote job seekers: 

  • Know how to find key decision-makers and get your resume directly into their hands.
  • Find direction and motivation to put yourself out there.
  • Market your skillsets in a way that makes you more hireable.

What is included?

Here’s a brief look at what to expect:

  • A comprehensive video course with over 80 lessons
  • All-in-one job search app
  • Weekly personalized job offerings
  • Lifetime access to Jordan’s personal mastermind
  • Virtual Coworking
  • Networking opportunities with personal introductions
  • Expert coaching

How much does Remote Job Club cost?

Take a peek inside for free and enjoy:

  • Limited access to the Road to Remote Course
  • Viewing access to exclusive job boards

For only $299, you get lifetime access to:

  • Road to Remote Course
  • Personalized Remote Jobs
  • Placement App
  • Private Sessions
  • Email Coaching
  • Virtual Coworking
  • Text Coaching
  • Group Calls
  • Network Introductions

Jordan is so confident in this program, he is offering a 7-day money back guarantee.

 Check out Remote Job Club here

Take charge of your brand with Digital Nomad Kit

Digital Nomad Kit

Digital Nomad Kit (DNK) is the one-stop-shop for aspiring digital nomads to learn how to create a marketable and scalable brand as a freelancer or virtual assistant. 

Hannah Dixon, DNK founder, has trained over 15K virtual assistants (VAs) through one of the largest and longest running VA training platforms.

Hear more of what Hannah has to say in my interview with her here.

What is Digital Nomad Kit?

DNK is a training platform that provides:

  • Specialized training through online courses 
  • An interactive community where you can network and find support 
  • Exclusive job opportunities

Here are the various programs on offer: 

5-Day VA Challenge (Free Program)

This comprehensive experience is a leading training resource for new and existing VAs who want to boost their earnings now! From how to find clients to opportunities to test your new skills, this challenge will up your game. 

Get on the waiting list for the next challenge here.

Virtual Excellence Academy

This is the best place for VAs, freelancers, and digital service providers to gain valuable business skills. This signature training course includes:

  • A-Z know-how, tech, tools, and communication training
  • Exclusive job opportunities
  • Digital coworking
  • Fun initiatives
  • Live Q&As with Hannah
  • Access to a supportive community (No additional cost) 

The community is full of amazing perks from monthly self-care sessions to the opportunity to gain experience as a community manager.

Learn more about the Virtual Excellence Academy here.

The Virtual Excellence Academy Plus

Get everything above PLUS all the courses below with this special bundle. You will save over $500 by going all-in with these advanced training modules and specialization routes to create and scale your business.

Learn more and sign up here.

Get Clients Now

This is one of DNK’s best-sellers, and for good reason. This isn’t just about landing clients – it’s about landing the right clients. It’s also about landing media wins, collaborations, brand awareness, and more. You’ll learn a variety of proven strategies, figure out which ones are best for you, develop a system, and track your success along the way. This is the kind of money you spend to really move the needle in your business.

Get on board with Get Clients Now here.

The Podcast Kit

In this standalone training module, you will get the ins and outs of podcast management. You will leave with the skills to help your clients up-level their offering or start your own podcast.

Learn more about The Podcast Kit here.

The WordPress Kit

This valuable program will take you from web building novice to being able to build a stunning website. Step by step videos help you add this highly coveted service to your toolbox.

Sign up for The WordPress Kit here.

Other Mini Mastery Products

Depending on what kind of online services you offer, one of these smaller courses below might interest you: 

Optimizing your location independent tax strategy with Wanderers Wealth

 Wanderers Wealth 

Congratulations, you have gained location independence! Have you thought about filing your taxes?

Insert awkward pause here.

Kathleen Di Paolo is an expert in international tax issues, international corporate structuring, and global residency matters. She created Wanderers Wealth to help aspiring digital nomads create optimal tax structures to support their businesses.

Check out my eye-opening interview with her here.

How to find the optimal tax strategy

Wanderers Wealth provides a range of training that will help you find your best tax havens and scale your global business.

Here’s a look at some options that are perfect for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, remote workers, and expats all over the world.

Tax Residency Masterclass (Free)

The best place to start looking for tax solutions. Learn from common mistakes and gain a roadmap to reducing your overall taxes through your Tax Residency.

Sign up for the next masterclass here.

Low Tax Business Setup Minicourse

In this step-by-step video course, learn how to set up your business in a tax-friendly country without moving there. Save yourself a ton of cash by gaining valuable insight on optimizing your personal tax residency.

PLUS…Enjoy your bonus 12-page E-Book with all the tax residency fundamentals.

Check out the Low Tax Business Setup Mini-course here.

Global Tax Strategy Design

This multi-module video training is a mini-course on steroids. This course equips you with the Wanderers Wealth blueprints for success and the mastery to implement your own tax strategy.

  • Learn the 4 Fundamental Pillars for a smart tax strategy
  • Scenario training and solutions to avoid non-compliance
  • Step-by-step plan to help you find your ideal solution
  • Proven tax strategy examples 
  • Dedicated support

Design your own Global Tax Strategy here.

Wanderers Wealth also has an Insider newsletter subscription, and if you’re really serious about getting personalized support you can hire Kathleen for 1:1 coaching. 

What should aspiring digital nomads do next?

The first step from here is to go for it. You are riding the wave with thousands of others embarking into the world of remote work and location independence.

In this exciting time of your life, it helps to have a support network in your corner. Jordan, Hannah, and Kathleen all started just like you. Their expertise is what you need to thrive as a digital nomad. Good luck on your journey. 

Remember, you are your best investment.


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  1. I took the five day VA Challenge with Hannah Dixon, Digital Nomad Kit, and loved it and went on to her Virtual Excellence Academy. Hannah is a VA pro and has amazing tools to share, as well as valuable insight into the business and lifestyle. She will make you realize you have more to offer than you may think, and that there is a huge variety of work one can do as a VA. Would definitely recommend it if you are ready to take the plunge!

    • So glad you had an awesome experience, Melissa! I think Hannah and her program are amazing, and it’s great to know you agree – from experience.

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