Top Digital Nomad Retreats to Level Up Your Lifestyle

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One of the first things you learn as a digital nomad is that lifestyle travel is not the same as a vacation. Everything is different: the way you travel, the pace you set, the places you stay, and the people you hang out with. It’s not a particularly easy transition to make, and even experienced digital nomads sometimes need a break from the job that is full-time travel (and yes, it is a job). 

Digital nomad retreats give location independent professionals the opportunity to unplug, meet like-minded individuals, and experience bucket-list destinations. Typically, retreats are short-term trips ranging from one to three weeks.

The list below includes some of the best digital nomad retreats available. From exclusive business owner retreats to adventure-packed excursions to rejuvenating escapes, there is something for everyone.

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Digital Nomad Retreats vs. Conferences

I recently published an article featuring the top digital nomad conferences to attend. There is a lot of crossover between retreats and conferences, so I recommend you check out that article as well to get a fuller picture of the various ways you can learn, grow, collaborate, and socialize as a digital nomad. 

While you’re at it, check out the Best Co-Living and Co-Working Programs for Digital Nomads, which also has some crossover with this article (for example, Remote Year is a co-living program that also offers shorter retreats, and Hacker Paradise could easily have been profiled in either article). 

Business Development Retreats for Digital Nomads

These retreats are geared toward remote business growth. They emphasize collaboration and development.


Minoma has two main offerings: co-living/coworking retreats, and festivals. Both focus on their core values of mindfulness, remote work, community, personal development, movement, and travel. Retreats are mainly held in various locations around Portugal, but also include Spain, Morocco, and Europe.

What do you get?

Mornings tend to start with yoga, then after breakfast there may be a workshop or co-working time. After lunch it’s back to work (with 6-8 hours of structured work time per day), and after dinner the evenings are for unwinding, connecting, and personal/business development with a combination of masterminds, ecstatic dance, movie nights, and more.

  • Accommodation (shared or private rooms)
  • Co-living and Co-working space + local SIM card
  • Group activities and workshops
  • 3 meals a day, vegan, prepared
  • Unlimited coffee, tea, spring water
  • Access to exclusive branded community app

How do you attend?

There are lots of retreats and locations to choose from. Your application form will be reviewed within 24 hours, then you’ll have a video call with the team to ensure a good fit. Once selected, you pay the deposit (50%) and pack your bags.

Example 1-week retreat prices start at around 1,250 Euros.

Integrate conscious living into remote work with Minoma and learn more here. GET 10% off with PROHOBO10!

Minoma Festivals: Burning Man for Digital Nomads!

Compared to Minoma Retreats, Minoma Festivals are much more concentrated events (around three days), with many more people (around 100 attendees).

They are held in the Agafay Desert of Morocco, 40 minutes from Marrakech, in the beautifully appointed Selina Nomad Camp (think glamping bedouin tents, swimming pools, coworking spaces, bars, restaurants, and more).

Minoma Festival in the Morocco desert with bedouin camp setup

What do you get?

  • Curation of the group and personalized onboarding prior to the experience. 
  • 3-nights stay at the venue, surrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of Agafay
  • Full programming – variety of daily workshops, and sessions, igniting your mind and inspiring growth
  • Full access to the venue’s exceptional facilities (pools, coworking space, bar, kitchen, restaurant etc) 
  • Daily healthy breakfast buffet with traditional Moroccan cuisine options 
  • 1-year access to MINOMA Membership – 2 months free Premium Membership and 10 months access to Free Membership.
  • The company and energy of 100 mindful nomads coming together to unlock your journey of Meaningful Work and Aligned Freedom

This is not your run-of-the-mill digital nomad conference; there are no business workshops, no FOMO. It’s an experiential journey, reminiscent of Burning Man – with a Conscious Unconference including transformative workshops like breathwork, human design, 1:1 transformation sessions. And you’ll have the freedom to dance your heart out to electrifying DJ sets, Electronic Music Meditation, and Desert Ecstatic Dance, and more.

The cost to attend starts at 537 Euros (early bird price, shared accommodation. Private suites also available).

Curious? Click here to sign up for a Minoma Festival and use PROHOBO10 for a discount!


Nomad Cruise is an all-inclusive (floating) conference for digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and global freedom seekers. They are designed to help like-minded people unplug (from devices) and connect (with people) while enjoying a balance of personal and professional development with fun and relaxation. I have many (many!) friends who are repeat customers of Nomad Cruise, and they plan their annual travels around these jam-packed events!

Nomad Cruise is suitable for experienced and newbie nomads alike.

What do you get?

The Nomad Cruise contingent of people are a small(ish) part of a larger cruise ship. Typical of most cruises, the fee is all-inclusive, but you will spend extra on drinks packages, certain special restaurant meals, excursions at ports of call, and tips.

Benefits to voyaging as part of the Nomad Cruise tribe include:

  • Networking sessions
  • Full-scale conference with speaker sessions
  • Workshops
  • Talent Shows
  • Mastermind Dinners
  • Start-up Nights

How do you attend?

Nomad Cruises happen one to two times per year. The next one is scheduled to leave September 2024 and will travel from Canada to Japan.

Learn more about Nomad Cruise Here!


Nomad Base (which is associated with Nomad Cruise) is a business and travel club for digital nomads. While not exactly a retreat per se, Nomad Base combines the best parts of a working conference and networking retreat into one reunion meetup.

What do you get?

Whether you join the community, attend the live event, or take part in the retreat-like side event (eg: a 10-day safari), you will connect with like-minded individuals from across the globe with online networking, classes, and skill-share programs.

Here’s what they offered in their 2022 Cape Town Live Event as an example:

  • Interactive workshops
  • Special talks
  • Mastermind events
  • Social activities
  • Excursions

How do you attend?

Nomad Base holds events a few times per year, and they also have a membership component with an active year-round online community. 

Check out Nomad Base and join their thriving community with upcoming events and cruises here. 

Nomad Base is also featured in this article full of Digital Nomad Communities – both online and offline – that you can join to plan your travels, meet digital nomads, and more.


The Nomad Escape is an informal business club and network for location independent entrepreneurs and remote workers. Unlike other retreats that are geared toward disconnecting, these Escapes are curated to encourage professional and personal growth. Another unique feature is that you can opt to attend only the events and arrange your own accommodation and transportation, if desired.

What do you get?

The Nomad Escape offers Individual, Company, or Virtual Escapes. Company and Individual Escapes are similar, with the former being designed to fit your remote team needs. Virtual Escapes are 3-hour long team-building opportunities to liven up your remote workspace. 

Here’s what their Level Up Club Business Retreat includes as an example:

  • 7-day Immersive Growth Accelerator retreat in Madeira
  • Two daily meals with drinks
  • Welcome drink and package
  • Coworking space, WiFi, and daily cleaning
  • Access to private network
  • Interactive workshops
  • Expert talks
  • Physical training
  • Access to online community and weekly events

How do you attend?

Every participant will go through an application process that includes a discovery call where you will be interviewed and assessed. Once approved, just pay the deposit and you’re all set.

Check out The Nomad Escape’s retreats here. 


Cowork Paradise is a mastermind retreat for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business. Specifically tailored for business owners, these retreats prioritize networking, collaboration, and skill-share.

What do you get?

At a Cowork Paradise retreat, you will be surrounded by experienced business owners, enjoy high-end co-working locations, and reliable WiFi.

  • Private accommodations
  • Unique surroundings
  • Local food experience
  • Peer-to-peer training support
  • Community access
  • 24/7 access to co-working center
  • Workshops
  • Personal sessions with business coach
  • Transportation

How do you attend?

Cowork Paradise is highly selective with an 8-person cap on attendance. Selection criteria includes minimum income requirements. If you qualify, you will be interviewed and matched based on expertise and personality.

Example prices: 

  • Croatia 8-Days Business Mastermind Retreat: €2,885
  • Bali Business Mastermind Retreat: average retreat price is from €3,985 to €5,495

Apply to Cowork Paradise here.


Feb 2023 update: Location Anywhere postponed their 2022 retreat and new dates have not been released.

Location: Anywhere helps online entrepreneurs build their businesses in a sustainable way. One retreat is currently offered, with two more on the way. Each retreat is specifically designed with an overarching theme in mind.

What do you get?

While there may be a focus theme, each event has more than enough for all types of digital nomads. Here’s what you can expect in the South Africa Blogger Booster Retreat as an example:

  • 10 days / 9 nights accommodation (choose from shared, single, or double occupancy)
  • Daily workshops with industry experts
  • 1-on-1 sessions and personal feedback from industry experts
  • Daily excursions
  • 4 game drive safaris
  • 4 dinners / 2 breakfasts
  • Fast WiFi
  • Sunset champagne cruise closing party
  • 2 morning yoga sessions
  • Peer mastermind sessions, including one safari mastermind
  • All transportation
  • Ongoing mastermind membership after retreat / access to Alumni Network

How to attend

Click here to find out when the next retreat will be.

Small Selective Retreats

Each of these options highlight a small, carefully selected group so that participants can better support and get to know each other.


Unsettled offers retreats that emphasize flexibility. With up to nine destinations available, you can opt for a 1-week, 2-week, or 1-month retreat. Best of all, the group takes the reins in determining the itinerary.

What do you get?

Each retreat differs slightly, since the group chooses to shape the experience. You can bank on top-notch accommodations, reliable WiFi, socializing, and some amazing destinations.

  • Some meals
  • Curated community
  • Dedicated team of leaders and local experts to support your experience
  • Peer-to-peer and facilitated workshops
  • Calendar of events
  • Local SIM card
  • Airport transportation
  • Turn-key logistics

How do you attend?

Choose a date and destination that works for you, submit your application, and get ready for an incredible trip. Unsettled will review all applicants to ensure everyone is the right fit. Costs range depending on length of trip and destination. 

Example prices for Destination Retreats: $2,000-$3,600

Break from your routine and get Unsettled.


Join Work Wanderers for a 3-week experience of learning, sharing skills, and exploring the world. These coliving/coworking retreats are specifically designed for location independent individuals who aspire to become digital nomads.

What do you get?

This turn-key option has everything sorted for you when you arrive, from masterminds and skill-shares to great accommodations and reliable WiFi.

  • Villa accommodation
  • Suitable workspace
  • Curated community
  • Calendar of events
  • Various destination options
  • Excursions
  • Dedicated retreat coordinator
  • Some meals included

How do you attend?

Work Wanderers limits the number of participants. The application process starts when you sign up for the waitlist. Locations include epic places like Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, Thailand, and South Africa.

Learn more and join the waitlist here.


Project Getaway is a unique retreat in Southeast Asia where participants are specifically chosen from a pool of applicants to optimize the experience. Running for over 10 years, Project Getaway is an all-in-one experience combining the social and recovery aspects of a working holiday and the networking and development components of a co-working gathering.

What do you get?

Think mastermind, accelerator, network gathering, and working holiday, then add in the ambiance of Bali, Thailand, or Mauritius. If your application is selected, you will join a hand-picked group of entrepreneurs in an experience unlike any other.

  • Unlimited co-living
  • Unlimited snacks, coffee, and tea
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Airport Pick-Up
  • Access to community and sport events
  • Transportation for group events
  • Adventure activities
  • Laundry service
  • Fast WiFi
  • Skype rooms
  • Security

How do you attend?

Since this event is exclusive, all attendees must navigate the application process. If you are selected, trip costs depend on the type of accommodation you choose. They also offer bespoke events for existing remote teams. 

Example cost: $2,975 – $3,950

Learn more about Project Getaway here. 


Cloud Connections celebrates the world’s festivals and invites 8-14 adventurous remote peers to immerse themselves in vibrant cultural experiences. Their retreats are designed to foster a close-knit community of like-minded digital nomads who share a passion for cultural immersion, personal growth, and collaboration.

What do you get?

Each retreat offers a different theme corresponding to the festival event. For example, Carnival in Brazil would have a focus on dance [samba] and the upcoming lantern festival has a theme of wellness. You will have ample opportunities to connect with link-minded individuals through skillshares, workshops and collaborative events throughout the retreat.

Here’s what the lineup was for their Nov 2023 Chiang Mai lantern (Yi Peng) & river boat (Loy Krathong) festival:

  • 10 days / 9 nights accommodation (choose from shared, single, or double occupancy)
  • Daily yoga
  • Daily activities
  • Some meals included
  • Tickets to the Chiang Mai festivals
  • Fast wifi
  • Massage session
  • Meditation session with Thai monks
  • Cultural immersion
  • Workshops/Skillshares/Mastermind sessions
  • Dedicated retreat leader

How do you attend?

Choose a festival celebration that works for you, submit your application, and get ready for an incredible trip. Cloud Connections will review all applicants to ensure everyone is the right fit. Costs range depending on length of trip and destination.

Example retreat prices: the Upcoming Chiang Mai festival starts at $1399.

Check out Cloud Connections retreats here!

Book and Go Retreats

Skip the selection process of other retreats. These are great options to get away from it all with a simple booking process.


Outsite Retreats are designed for remote workers and digital nomads, giving you the opportunity to escape your everyday routine. Each option comes with access to the café and one welcome drink. Limited to 8-12 remote workers, these retreats offer an intimate setting in two amazing locations—France and Mexico. Booking is simple and everything you need is included.

Outsite also has co-living spaces you can rent for longer periods of time. Learn more about that here

What do you get?

Whether you’re enjoying Basque Country at a French Chateau or taking in the beach on the Caribbean Coast, your 7-night retreat will cover the gamut—from social gatherings and adventures to reliable WiFi and dedicated workspaces. 

  • Accommodation and workspace
  • Welcome and closing dinners
  • Airport transportation
  • Local transportation to daily experiences
  • Daily drinks and snacks
  • Access to fitness equipment / facilities
  • Daily local experiences
  • Dedicated retreat leader

How do you attend?

Outsite membership (the link here by the way is for a $50 discount) is required to sign up for one of these retreats. Annual and lifetime options are available, and you receive several benefits from membership including access to Member-Only Outsite Spaces, monthly deals, and rewards.only one

Example retreats and prices: 

  • Culinary Immersion in France $2069 – $2323
  • Taste of Tulum $2097 – $2394

Learn more about Outsite’s upcoming retreats here., and get $50 off your membership by clicking here!

Active Retreats

These retreats are the perfect mix of fun and work, intentionally designed to feed your adventurous soul.


If you’re a digital nomad who loves adventures and outdoor activities, Flaks is for you. The Kite and Yoga Retreat is held in Tarifa, Spain and features an interesting combination of business and fun. Join an active community of adventurers who also happen to be skillful entrepreneurs.

What do you get?

Get ready for some beautiful views from the luxurious villa where you will be staying. Flaks champions flexibility, so the schedule can vary depending on the group. Kite surfing is a local staple, so bank on that.

  • Coworking space
  • WiFi
  • Breakfast
  • Coffee/tea/lemonade
  • 3 dinners
  • 3 business meetups
  • Masterminds
  • Active community

How do you attend?

There is a brief application process to attend the Flaks retreat. This ensures you are the right fit for the group. The retreat is limited to 8-14 participants.

Example Cost: €797-€1,500

Learn more about Flaks retreats here.

Change up your routine with a Digital Nomad Retreat

We all need a break now and again. Why not enjoy a beautiful destination and network with other entrepreneurs while you do it? Digital nomad retreats are fantastic ways to share skills, grow personally and professionally, and take a breather. Most retreats are set up so you can continue to be productive whenever the mood strikes, making them a perfect way to mix things up.

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