Top Digital Nomad Conferences to Attend 

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With remote work booming, the digital nomad lifestyle is taking off. But as I learned the hard way, while this footloose and fancy-free life is in many ways living the dream, there are challenges – namely challenges of finding community and making connections. The digital nomad conferences in this article address these challenges. 

When I started my digital nomad life in 2006, I felt like I was the only person in the world to do such a thing (which wasn’t quite true, but compared to now, it wasn’t far off). So I learned everything the hard way. This is no longer required, and these events and gatherings are testament to it. 

Conferences exist so people of the same trade, occupation, or interest can gather to share information and inspire one another. The events for digital nomads listed below bring people together from around the world to share trade secrets and find innovative solutions to improve our shared digital workspace and lifestyles. 

And the friendships formed with other digital nomads at events like these are invaluable; with a worldwide network of digital nomad connections, you’ll have people to lean on, work alongside, and travel with. You needn’t feel lonely ever again. If you want to step up your digital nomad lifestyle and business, keep reading. 

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Digital Nomad Conferences vs. Digital Nomad Retreats

There is a fine line (at times an indiscernible one) between a conference and a retreat. In researching for this article, I found so many different gatherings for digital nomads and remote workers, that I decided to split them into different articles as best I could. 

This article focuses on conferences; events that are more trade-focused, with a schedule of events that centre around keynote speakers and workshops. These generally last a few days in length and attract large numbers of attendees. 

So, I also rounded up the best digital nomad retreats, which are similar but may perhaps be a more all-inclusive experience (accommodation, meals, etc), and/or with smaller numbers or specific event themes. 

Bansko Nomad Fest

Bansko Nomad Fest

Bansko, Bulgaria has grown into a major nomad hub in Europe, touting a premier co-working community for global entrepreneurs at Coworking Bansko. The Bansko Nomad Fest brings all the magic of this community together into a week-long experience full of networking, learning, and socializing. Going so far as to call itself an “un-conference”, Nomad Fest gives you the opportunity to make friends while taking in the amazing culture and natural wonders surrounding the mountain town of Bansko.

I attended and gave a keynote at the 2022 Nomad Fest, which we playfully called “spring break for nomads”! With 550 people including 80 speakers, it was a fantastic and very full-on experience. I returned as an alumni speaker in 2023 and will be speaking again in 2024.

What do you get?

Bansko Nomad Fest is optimized for engagement, making it accessible to nomads of all experience levels.

  • Conference talks
  • Workshops
  • Presentations
  • Speed networking
  • Un-conference sessions/meetups
  • Optional premium activities and excursions
  • Special offers for co-working and community membership
  • Lots of social time and events, and opportunities to play together 

How to attend

The Bansko Nomad Fest is typically held at the end of June, and is a combination of work and play. It’s easy and inexpensive to rent a full apartment by the month (approx 400-500 EUR/month); you would spend more just for the conference week in a hotel! So lots of people stay for a month to enjoy the ubiquitous restaurants, nature, and thriving digital nomad scene.

  • Conference Tickets: €275.00 + €55.00 VAT

See what else Bansko Nomad Fest has to offer here – and use Nora_bnf2024 for a 10% discount!

Nomadness Fest

Nomadness Fest

Nomadness Fest is a unique weekend event designed for travelers of color and their allies, organized by the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) extension of the 32,000+ member Nomadness Travel Tribe community. The festival aims to bring together the stories, leaders, and resources of the travel community in one place.

This year’s theme: The Future is Ours: Reimagining BIPOC Travel

What do you get?

Weekend activities include:

  • Multiple Speaking Sessions aligned with our 2024 tracks: Media + Tech, Leisure Travel, and Community Impact
  • Hands-on activations from sponsors and partners
  • Free swag
  • VIP Lounge access for applicable ticket holders
  • VIP Welcome Mixer along with other top notch networking opportunities
  • Invite Only opportunities that includes networking with brands, fellow travel influencers, and destination reps for a select group of attendees
  • Discounted City Tours around Charlotte
  • Annual Tribe BBQ
  • Local vendors + food trucks

How to attend

Nomadness Fest 2024 will take place in Charlotte from September 12 to September 15.

Ticket options include:

  • VIP Festival Weekend: $300.00
  • Festival Day ONLY: VIP Ticket: $125.00
  • BBQ ONLY Ticket: $60.00
  • General Festival Day Ticket: Free
  • Bus Transportation ( Round trip from Atlanta, GA): $189.00
  • Bus Transportation ( Round trip from Richmond, VA): $189.00
  • Event: Conversation with Evita: $75.00
  • NOMADNESS Fest T-shirts: $30.00
  • Industry Day Networking (Brand/Destinations Ticket Level): $2,000.00

Discover a culturally rich and conscious travel experience with Nomadness Fest.

Future of Work

Future of Work remote work conference

Future of Work (FOW) is a conference that seeks to define where we are going as digital entrepreneurs and how the workspace is evolving into a hybrid environment. The conference itself is conducted in a hybrid fashion with both live and streaming options. With a B2B focus, FOW is a place to network with other organizations while analyzing technological trends as they pertain to the remote lifestyle.

What do you get?

  • Keynote speakers
  • Panels
  • Networking
  • Company booths

How to attend

FOW events have been held in South America, Europe, and Africa. Plan to head to one of these locations for the next FOW event.

Reserve your spot at the next FOW event here.

Repeople Conference (Nomad City)

Reppeople Conference Nomad City

From Portugal to Croatia, many European countries are embracing and inviting digital nomads into the fold. The Repeople Conference provides a place for nomads to collaborate face-to-face. Tackling topics such as remote work, innovation, culture, tourism, and leadership, this event includes additional activities to enhance your networking opportunities, such as walks and surfing.

What do you get?

This hybrid event leverages multiple methods of delivery to provide relevant information on teleworking and distributed organizations in Europe.

  • Expert panels
  • Keynote speeches
  • Networking activities
  • Workshops

How to attend

Typically held in November, repeople Conference continues to be hosted in three locations—Tenerife, Gran Canaria, and Parador Nacional La Palma. 

Learn more about Repeople Conference here.

Running Remote

Running Remote conference for remote work

Running Remote is one of the world’s largest digital nomad conferences. It is specifically structured for business owners and upper-level management who employ remote teams. During the conference, you will be surrounded by founders and executives of industry-leading businesses like Zoom and Upwork. 

What do you get?

While the schedule and speakers may change a bit each year, the main themes remain the same. Participants will listen in to keynotes and panels of industry leaders over the two-day event.

  • Recruitment and HR practices
  • Company culture
  • Communication strategies
  • Leading a remote team
  • Surviving hyper-growth
  • Two-days of networking

How to attend

Events are usually held in April/May.

  • Three-Day Pass: US$1,249
  • Two-Day Pass: US$999
  • Livestream Pass: US$125
  • Livestream & Recordings Pass: US$249
  • Deep discounts if you buy multiple passes for your whole team

Kickstart your nomad career with Running Remote.

Thriving Nomads

Thriving Nomads social impact conference for digital nomads

Are you interested in building your business and making a positive impact while you do it? Thriving Nomads combines all the benefits of your typical conference with a focus on upping your social impact through panel discussions, targeted case studies, and instruction from leading experts. This event stands apart from the rest with more personal sessions (workshops and masterminds) that give participants the chance to get their hands dirty.

Thriving Nomads is founded by J & Sara, who you may remember from my feature interview here

What do you get?

  • Keynote speeches
  • Expert panels
  • Targeted case studies
  • Workshops
  • Group discussions
  • Mastermind hot seats
  • Informative and educational sessions
  • Post-event networking

How to attend

This event is typically held in May in Talleres Palermo, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. However they currently appear to be shifting more into offering “workation” events, which are like mini work-focused retreats. For more info on digital nomad retreats, check out my related article.

Are you ready to be a Thriving Nomad?

Take your next step with a digital nomad conference

Whether you’re an experienced digital nomad or new to the game, a conference is the perfect place to kickstart your career, gain the latest and greatest techniques from the industry’s finest, and meet other like-minded people. 

Beyond professional development, many digital nomad conferences are also fantastic travel opportunities. From the barren plains of Antarctica to beaches off the coast of Africa, each event offers a valuable opportunity to network with other nomads and find a new community.

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  2. Thank you for the compilation of this awesome list. I really like that most conferences are not just digital but also have a live in-person component. For us digital nomads it is so easy to get lost in an digital-only world and some in-person experience are nice.

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      Indeed! I think the in-person element is critical, and I’ve really enjoyed the few digital nomad conferences I’ve attended so far for that reason.

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