Best Digital Nomad Communities to Get Involved In

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The truth is that a digital nomad life, while unencumbered by geographical boundaries, can be a lonely endeavor. That’s where digital nomad communities come in—providing a place to network, collaborate, and find “your people.” In this article I’ve put together a list of digital nomad groups that are online, offline (and everything in between), so you can find the best community for you. 

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What is a Digital Nomad Community?

Digital nomad communities are built to enhance and support the location independent lifestyle, bringing together like-minded people. A digital nomad community can include both physical and digital spaces. Most include a mix of in-person social gatherings, online meet-ups, networking events, and professional development opportunities that support the digital nomad lifestyle.  

Why You Should Get Involved in Online Digital Nomad Communities

I’ve said this multiple times before, but it bears repeating in case you are new to my website: I burned out of the digital nomad lifestyle after 12 years of full-time travel because I lost all sense of belonging. And this was because I had no community; specifically, no digital nomad community. I didn’t hang out with anybody who shared – and thus understood – my lifestyle and the nuances therein, and it cost me. 

As an OG digital nomad, the lack of this kind of community was par for the course; there weren’t anywhere near the number of digital nomad groups and communities that exist today. But for anybody just getting started in the digital nomad lifestyle, hear me now: you need community, and there’s no excuse for burning out because you couldn’t find “your people”. I am back on the road and living large because of some of the organizations in this article. 

Nomadic communities offer a sense of belonging while facilitating digital nomad movement. Here are four reasons to get involved in digital nomad communities.

Meet Other Digital Nomads

Whether meeting up at a local bar or dialing into a Zoom meeting, making new friends with likeminded people can be invigorating. A good community should provide a space and the encouragement for you to forge lasting bonds with your fellow nomads.

Get Important Travel Information

This is a great place to learn from experience. You can tap into the knowledge of other remote workers to learn about visa requirements, places to stay, and more.

Create Collaborations

Success in entrepreneurship comes with a good support network. The best digital nomad groups typically offer you a chance to create subgroups, personalize your profile, or use filter-based searches within the community to enhance the quality of your connections, both personal and professional.

Curate Experiences Together

This is a great place to find other digital nomads who share similar interests. From rock climbing to salsa dancing and beyond, you and your new friends can create a digital nomad meetup that is right up your alley.

Best Online Communities, Networks, and Forums for Digital Nomads

I compiled this list of stellar digital nomad websites that are worth perusing. Every community has its own unique flair. While it could take some trial and error to find your perfect fit, your nomad experience will definitely be enriched through these digital nomad communities.

Nomad List

Nomad List uses real-time data to connect nomads with some of the best places to live worldwide. Inside the community, you can enjoy everything from a digital nomad dating app to a vibrant Slack community. 

You’ll get hundreds of filters to customize your search, a residence calendar to keep you in line with international regulations, and tons of member meet-ups.

Cost: $198 (lifetime) 

June 2024 update: currently 50% off!

Nomads Skillshare!

Nomads Skillshare! is a community of nomads, remote workers, and global citizens who empower people to learn the skills to live the life they imagined. Their community newsletter, social channels, and dedicated online community platform are venues for sharing the latest tips, tricks, and news for digital nomads. They’ve hosted over 75 events and have over 1,200 members. 

They also have an online course portal to help aspiring digital nomads develop the necessary skills to achieve this lifestyle. Courses offered include “How To Get Your Dream Online Job”, “How To Become A Social Media Manager” & “How To Become A Virtual Assistant”, with more to come in the near future. Learn more about their courses here, and use THEPROFESS10 for 10% off!



Plumia is “a place for ideas, debates, updates, socializing, and more.” Their Discord server acts like a virtual town square bringing together nomads of all levels from across the globe. As a part of the community, you can enjoy Plumia Talks, which are expert sessions about topics pertinent to the digital nomad lifestyle. 

What makes Plumia special is their commitment to global mobility rights with a long-term endeavor of creating a full-fledged internet country for digital nomads. 

Dynamite Circle

While not specifically for digital nomads, Dynamite Circle helps entrepreneurs from all industries build purposeful relationships through hand-curated masterminds, a moderated online business forum, local meetups, and live networking events. I have included it in this list because many if not most of the members are location independent and/or are digital nomads. 

Cost: $197 (quarterly); $499 (annual)

Nomad Base

If you’re looking for a group of location independent entrepreneurs willing to share their best digital nomad tips, check out Nomad Base. Their Nomad Academy includes over 40 workshops and trainings to help you grow. 

The community also has selected meeting points around the world if you’d like to catch up and network with digital nomad friends in person. You can also meet up with fellow nomads at some great retreat options, which I discuss more in a previous article.

Cost: €87 (quarterly); €290 (annually)

Location Indie

Location Indie brings together like-minded people who want to “kick ass in business and travel.” 

The Location Indie community is mostly made up of people who are just getting started in the location independent lifestyle, however there are some members (like myself!) who have been on the scene for a while. Especially helpful in this community are the 30+ hours of expert training and dynamic private social network.

Cost: $49 (monthly); $300 (annually)

Remote Year

Remote Year helps remote workers and digital nomads become global citizens, emphasizing specific inclusivity and tolerance training. Remote Year offers tiered membership levels based on your style of travel and desired perks, but all include access to a dynamic community. If you do travel with them, you’ll enjoy high-end coliving and coworking facilities. Learn more about those in my previous article.

Cost: A flat rate of $199 a year, billed annually, no matter how much you travel.

Nomad Soulmates

Dating as a digital nomad can be difficult. Bringing together more than 23,000 singles worldwide, Nomad Soulmates is the premier digital nomad dating site. 

What began (and continues) as a thriving Facebook group for single nomads, has grown into a massive community where live events, speed dating, and other social gatherings help you meet like-minded nomad singles. There is even a recently-launched mobile app so you can do a little nomadic swiping.

Cost: Free 

Digital Nomad World

Digital Nomad World is a tiered membership community for both experienced and aspiring nomads, though it is geared more toward current nomads. You will find an active nomad forum on the community page, city guides, a service directory, a job board, and a resource library. 

Check out the calendar for a list of weekly events, including talks where you can learn from fellow nomads with unique experiences. Exclusive benefits, expert workshops, community meetups, and mastermind groups are available for nominal monthly fees.

Cost: Free, €5, or €18 (monthly)

Local Digital Nomad Communities

Sometimes your best bet is to look for regional specific digital nomad communities. Local groups often provide more depth about a given area since the members either live there or have in the past. 

Many digital nomad cities will have coworking spaces, which is a great place to start in finding some local nomads to hang out with. Spending time at a coworking space or finding a coliving option is a good way to get connected. You can do that here

Another way to find local digital nomad communities is to run a quick search on Facebook using “[destination name] + digital nomads”, and then join relevant groups. I’ve used these groups to plan trips, find places to stay and events to attend, and meet up with people in the area. 


NomadX is a standout initiative that is creating on-site communities that make it easy for digital nomads to roll up, find places to stay, spaces to work, and activities to have fun and connect with not only digital nomads but also with local residents.

It is done in collaboration with local governments in an effort to create a synergy between visiting digital nomads and residents (which includes local businesses as well as local residents who also work remotely).

The first community created by NomadX was on the Portuguese island of Madeira, specifically in Ponta do Sol, although Madeira’s capital city of Funchal and other locations now have thriving community calendars and infrastructure conducive to the digital nomad lifestyle like coliving and coworking spaces. A thriving Slack community allows people on the island as well as those planning their trips to arrive and quickly tap into the flow.

I personally visited these communities in January and August of 2023 and I planned my trip with ease thanks to the Digital Nomads Madeira initiative. Here’s an article I wrote all about Madeira for Digital Nomads, explaining the history of this initiative and giving advice on how to visit Madeira as a digital nomad.

Other communities created by NomadX include Cabo Verde, Caparica (Portugal), and Pipa (Brazil). You can connect with each of these initiatives through the NomadX website.

Best Digital Nomad Facebook Groups

Another great place to meet like-minded people and learn from other nomads is digital nomad Facebook groups. There are a ton of digital nomad groups out there—many focusing on different parts of the digital nomad lifestyle.

Digital Nomads Nation / Digital Nomads Around the World

If you’re looking for a range of versatile apps for digital nomads, Digital Nomads Nation, the world’s first e-Nation, is the place for you. You will find information on cheap flights, best places to live, available jobs, and even a database of remote workers.

Digital Nomads Around the World is Digital Nomads Nation’s Facebook group for nomads at any level. With over 183,000 members and 17 posts per day, there are tons of digital nomad opportunities in this group, from social meetups to job openings. 

Digital Nomad Girls Community

Digital Nomad Girls Community is a place for female digital nomads to meet, experiment, and collaborate. Established in 2015, this digital nomad community was one of the first gender-specific digital nomad groups. 

The FB group is free with over 39,000 active participants. You can join the premium DNG group for accountability meetings and more.

Digital Nomads Forum

Join over 20,000 members who share experiences, tips, and ask questions. Digital Nomads Forum was founded by Robert O’Kruk, a digital nomad and remote work coach who also founded Mindful Nomads Retreat which combines mindful living practices with strategic business coaching. 

While the forum doesn’t seem to be the most active, there is a plethora of information available if you use the search function.

Digital Nomads Hub

Digital Nomads Hub is all about making a connection with other digital nomads and supporting each other with first-person advice. The public group of over 61,000 members encourages nomads to co-live and co-work. The community is widespread and relatively active (maybe 1-2 posts per day). 

Digital Nomad Jobs – Lifestyle – Travel

Here is a good place to look for remote jobs, collaborative opportunities, and general advice. The page is very active with over 40,000 members and 5-10 posts per day. The Digital Nomad Board also links to related events.

Digital Nomads

This group is full of resources, informational threads, and an active membership pool of over 172,000 members. Digital Nomads is a great place to go for aspiring nomads to meet others like you. There are a number of featured posts where you can find directories of different types of workers and expert advice. 

Digital Nomads Beyond 50

Who says you have to be young to be a digital nomad? Digital Nomads Beyond 50 Network is a place to make friends and share experiences with nomads in their late 40s or over 50. This small yet actively growing community of just over 7,000 members is extremely active with over 5 posts per day. 

Final Words

Digital nomad communities are everywhere, just waiting for you to join them. You can sign up for virtual groups that span the globe, opt for a community with live in-person meetups, or pick something in between. 

Living a nomadic lifestyle no longer needs to be a lonely endeavour. Try out a few of the best nomad communities listed above and find your people. Maybe I’ll see you out there.

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