Remote Work

As a function of the 2020 pandemic, Remote Work has become a revolution. Companies around the world were forced to reinvent how they did business if they were to survive lockdowns, and millions of people’s jobs became remote overnight.

Going forward, many if not most of those companies will continue to operate remotely, allowing employees the option of remote working.

This is evidenced by ever-increasing the number of countries offering remote work visas, enticing newly-minted location independent remote workers to set up shop for up to a year.

I’ve been a digital nomad, working remotely since 2006. I learned (the hard way, most of the time) how to get my online work done while traveling, set up make-shift workspaces, file taxes and take care of business online, and much more.

Remote work is here to stay, and you needn’t travel full-time (or even long-term) to benefit from the articles I have produced (and will continue to produce) below.

Want a primer? Here’s an expert roundup with a wide range of advice and information from a variety of remote work experts (yours truly included): How to Succeed as a Remote Worker – Q&A From the Experts

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