Financial Travel Tips

Financial Travel Tip #131: “Rentable” Onward Tickets

05 | 22 Financial Travel Tips

You often need an onward ticket from your destination before you can even get on the plane. Here’s a cheap and easy strategy to provide one:

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Financial Travel Tip #130: Travel Insurance you Already Have With Your Credit Card

04 | 10 Financial Travel Tips

Before you get travel insurance, or flight or car rental insurance, make sure you know what you might already have with your credit card. Here’s your guide!

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Financial Travel Tip #129: Save BIG Using a VPN for Flight Searches

08 | 15 Financial Travel Tips

Did you know you can save thousands of dollars on airfare by using a VPN for flight searches? Seriously. Thousands. Here’s how:

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Financial Travel Tip #128: Checklist of Things to Do Before Long-Term Travel

06 | 20 Financial Travel Tips

Preparing for long-term travel is very important to ensure your trip doesn’t go awry. Here are some things to consider to hit the road smoothly and happily.

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Lifestyle Inflation: Why Earning More Money Sucks (the Life Outta You)

04 | 11 Financial Travel Tips

Lifestyle Inflation at work: A curious thing happened when I was “living the life” in Toronto. Having crossed over into the six-figure income bracket, I didn’t seem to actually be taking home any more money or enjoying a substantially higher quality of life than when I earned half as much. Here are some musings as […]

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6 Travel Hacks You Haven’t Thought Of

03 | 28 Financial Travel Tips

Here are some travel hacks that, despite 10 years’ travel experience, have largely escaped me – until now.

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Financial Travel Tip #127: Choosing Frugal Destinations

01 | 04 Financial Travel Tips

Here is some criteria for choosing frugal destinations, so your travel dollar goes farther.

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Financial Travel Tip #126 – Cash Carrying Tips from the Pros

06 | 22 Financial Travel Tips

When traveling, you want to keep your cash safe and secure, which requires some creativity. Here are some cash carrying tips from professional travelers.

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Financial Travel Tip # 125: Things Tourists Overpay For

04 | 17 Financial Travel Tips

Here are a few typical things tourists overpay for, and how to avoid becoming the next casualty. Also: how you can design your own lifestyle business.

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