21 Local Coliving Spaces and Websites for Digital Nomads

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My digital nomad travel style has changed dramatically since 2007, but you know what? It’s still intimidating, especially when I am traveling solo. I may want to visit Destination X, but if I don’t know anybody there, it’s a long uphill road to find the best neighbourhood, book a place to stay, and establish some connections. Not to mention the constant battle of ensuring there’s fast internet and ergonomic workspaces. All this is where coliving spaces come in. 

Coliving houses are communal living spaces designed to fulfill the needs of working professionals who want flexibility, amenities, and the company of like-minded individuals. They’re often converted boutique hotels or large houses that are renovated or even purpose built for digital nomads to live and work in (relatively) close proximity. The structure and amenities of each coliving space can vary, but they tend to be geared towards professional travelers who want comfort and amenities, and they’re willing to pay for the curation thereof. 

There are a ton of digital nomad housing upstarts to choose from, so I created this list to help you find some of the best coliving spaces in the world.

Even since I started writing this article, the list of locally managed coliving spaces has grown, so this article will be continuously updated as new co-living options come available. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back every time you’re choosing a new place to hang your hat.

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These coliving spaces will give you a comfortable place to live and work, alongside likeminded remote workers and digital nomads. Here's a list of the best coliving spaces around the world! #coliving #coworking #digitalnomadlife #remotework #remoteworklife #travelplanning

How to Find the Best Coliving Space in the World that Suits Your Needs

Digital nomads have unique lifestyle needs, and accommodation options need to have certain qualities to enable a productive and fulfilling experience. Still, priorities vary depending on who you are, so you will have to weigh which amenities are more important. Here are some core criteria to consider when comparing co living apartments.


Generally, you can find a co living space anywhere in the world, but typically you will find them centrally located in big cities and urban areas. That said, there are more and more shared living options popping up in more rural locations. 

WiFi and Co-Working Facilities

Most co-living spaces are equipped with high-speed internet and some kind of work-friendly space. However, ‘high-speed’ is subjective, so be sure to compare the numbers if you’re torn between options. 

Sharing an office space with like-minded nomads is a huge benefit of coliving. While coworking spaces differ, they typically optimize the space with sleek designs, private and communal work areas, and sometimes even private video conferencing rooms.

Cleaning Services

Many coliving operators offer cleaning services as a part of your monthly fee. This is one of many “done for you” elements that elevate the communal living experience from the stereotypical “dorm life” options associated with the backpacking travel scene. 

Communal Living Space and Community Events

That said, some have likened coliving to dorms for adults—communal kitchens, shared common areas, community gyms, and more provide an environment for likeminded travelers to socialize, network, and plan travel adventures together. 

Some coliving houses have dedicated hosts or coordinators to help with everything from local logistics to organizing coliving community events, informal hangouts, and more.

See also: Digital Nomad Communities that can help you plan your travels, meet digital nomads, and more.

Shared or Private Rooms

Coliving gives you the chance to have the best of both worlds. Enjoy a bit of socializing and then retreat to the privacy of your own room for rest, relaxation, or uninterrupted work. 

While many coliving spaces feature private bedrooms (some with private ensuite bathrooms), some coliving locations are designed more like hostels with multiple beds in a single room. These alternatives are typically cheaper as you will be sharing your quarters with your new housemates.

(I like my personal space, so one of my top criteria when searching for a coliving home is that I have my own bedroom with a private ensuite washroom). 

Best Coliving Spaces and Websites to Discover Your Next Adventure

My experience as a digital nomad has taught me the value of community. Coliving spaces help you find your type of people anywhere in the world, giving you that sense of belonging wherever you are. The following list includes some of the best coliving websites organized by region.

Coliving Europe

Coliving Europe is a great way to save money, live in picturesque cities, and meet people like you. Check out some of the best coliving spaces in Europe to find your next home.

AOMA (Portugal)

Discover AOMA, where the Japanese concept of “Ma” comes to life – celebrating the beauty of the space in-between.

Crafted as a coliving and coworking space for digital nomads and remote workers, AOMA offers 7 En-Suite private bedrooms, each with workspaces and some with private terraces. The communal areas include a spacious kitchen, a heated pool, meditation greenhouse, and lush gardens. Embrace flexible workspaces, individual call booths, and creator studios across two light-filled floors.

When not working you can engage with your house-mates through communal meals, art workshops, and the Visiting Visionary program. Fridays bring yoga, pool time, and cultural events.

Elevate your work-life balance at AOMA and ignite your creative energy.

Coliving.frilingue (Switzerland & Montenegro)

Coliving Frilingue is the outdoor lover’s dream accommodation with four coliving areas in the Swiss Alps and Montenegrin Coasts. Each area is surrounded by outstanding natural landscapes which give nomads plenty of opportunities for excursions, or beautiful backdrops during those working hours. 

While some there are some private rooms available, most of the coliving areas are shared rooms with multiple beds in each.

The coworking space is designed with productivity in mind and high-speed WiFi, while your community manager helps solve problems and organize events. You can even by work to earn your stay.

Learn more about these coworking co living hostels.

Zoku (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Vienna)

Zoku revamps the hotel concept to create a space more suitable for coworking and social connection. Private lofts are designed to maximize work and social space. Each of the three locations (Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, and Vienna) also provides shared workspaces, communal areas, and restaurants or bars.

The price point is closer to your standard hotel, but the vast array of options gives you the flexibility to find the perfect fit.

Find the perfect nomad loft.

Happy Pigeons (Germany)

Whether you want furnished flats with shared bathrooms or fully unfurnished private apartments, Happy Pigeons hits the mark for digital nomad coliving. Both locations are in vibrant Berlin neighborhoods with easy access to public transportation.

Each location has access to open design coworking and community spaces and high-speed WiFi. With several scheduled activities and an application process to vet residents, you are sure to find a community of like-minded nomads. 24/7 coworking access and no-term leasing (6 month minimum) gives you tons of flexibility.

Apply for a Berlin ‘Nest’ today.

Nine Coliving (Tenerife)

Imagine opening your shutters and taking in a historical village on a Spanish Island or working on a project in an 80 square meter workspace with a sea view. Nine coliving offers a variety of rooms—shared dorms, single, and double rooms, all with shared bathrooms.

Become a part of a tight-knit community of no more than 14, while enjoying free Sunday BBQs, daily yoga, and other social events. While staying in an 1852 Canarian house, you’ll enjoy high-speed internet from every room. Ergonomic chairs, standing desks, private call rooms, and an active Slack channel are waiting for you.

Join the community in Tenerife.

Repeople (Canary Islands)

Repeople offers a unique coliving experience for remote workers, digital nomads, and other knowledge workers who want to live and work in a community of like-minded individuals. Their colivings are community-driven homes that provide a comfortable and productive environment for remote workers to live and work together.

At Repeople’s colivings, residents enjoy a range of amenities and services that are designed to make their stay as comfortable and convenient as possible. These amenities include weekly cleaning services, fresh linens and towels, complimentary access to washer and dryer, in-house workspaces with high-speed internet, and free 24/7 access to coworking spaces. Additionally, residents can participate in bi-monthly events and meetups, such as barbecues, movie nights, hikes, yoga lessons, and surf sessions, that are organized by the community.

Visit Repeople’s website to explore their coliving properties, and find the perfect space that suits your needs.

Live It (Spain)

Live It offers five digital nomad living options with premium locations in Barcelona and Madrid. All rooms are fully furnished including a private desk. Both private and shared bathrooms are available depending on the location.

With weekly cleaning, linen service, and on-call maintenance, you’ll be well taken care of. All common areas and rooms have high-speed WiFi, and each location has either a rooftop or indoor lounge.

Live It up in Spain.

Casa Basilico Popup Foodie Coliving (Spain)

A Pop-up coliving experience is similar to traditional coliving but is hosted in a temporary space. The concept of Casa Basilico is to create a Location Independent Community traveling in different locations and sharing the same values – in this case, travel adventures with a culinary slant.

Their last few popups have been in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria in Spain. The Canary Islands are the perfect European destination for a Digital Nomad, with a great community and lots of activities to do during weekends, from surfing to hiking and island hopping.

Learn about their next foodie coliving popup here!

Coliving in North America

The digital nomad housing craze is also picking up steam across the Atlantic. Here’s some of the best coliving spaces from Canada to Mexico.

Nomad Coliving (Canada)

Canada’s first coliving space is located in downtown Montreal offering affordable and flexible accommodations for one to six months. The 16-bedroom building is filled through an application process to carefully curate a sustainable community of diverse digital nomads.

Enjoy private rooms with shared bathrooms, a fully equipped coworking space, multifunctional room, decked out shared kitchen, and a cleaning service.

Reserve your spot in Canada’s first coliving space.

Outpost Club (USA)

Think property management with cost transparency, flexible contracts, and stellar locations. Combining great locations, cleaning and maintenance, furnishing, and nomad must-haves (reliable WiFi), Outpost Club has 26 coliving spaces in New York City and Philadelphia.

Enjoy private rooms, most of which have private bathrooms, or rent out the entire apartment. Each house is equipped with a shared kitchen, living area for coworking (varies in size), and laundry room. Most even include a backyard or patio.

Unlike some of the others on the list, there are additional fees with these spaces such as for bedding and utilities (set fee).

Colive in The Big Apple.

U-Co (Mexico)

U-Co helps you find a home in Mexico without the hassle of contracts or additional fees. Digital nomads and remote workers can enjoy flexible stays at any of five storied Mexican cities spanning the country coast to coast.

Each location is equipped with modern coworking facilities with everything you’ll need to stay productive. Shared kitchens are equipped with the necessities, as are shared bathrooms. No matter where you go, you’ll be centrally-located near it all with high-speed WiFi.

See which U-Co coliving space is best for you.

Coliving in Asia

Asia is known for fascinating cultures, majestic sites, and interesting cuisine. Some of the best coliving spaces can be found in Asia, with many more popping up every year.

Outpost (Bali and Sri Lanka)

Soak in island life with a community of curious and adventurous nomads. Whether you prefer the tranquility of Ubud or the vibrant atmosphere of Canggu, your new home will have furnished private rooms with ensuite bathrooms, high-speed WiFi, 24/7 onsite support, and cozy communal areas.

Coworking facilities are state-of-the-art with ergonomic chairs, phone booths, private offices, meeting rooms, and more. Enjoy 24/7 access to all coworking spaces, plus the chance to let loose in local experiences and weekly social events.

Don’t forget, if you’re not feeling Bali, Outpost offers a similar coliving experience in Sri Lanka.

Experience island life with like-minded adventurers.

Rework (Thailand and Indonesia)

Rework is a booking site for digital nomads to find a place to Rest, Work and Play in some of the top destinations across SE Asia.

They have curated a selection of nomad-friendly accommodations with weekly and monthly discounts bundled with a coworking space and events to stay active and connected with the community.

You can customize your booking to your liking depending on your budget, goals and duration of stay. They also offer on the ground support for any questions on visa or travel insurance. Rework is currently live in Chiang Mai, Koh Phangan and Bangkok with more destinations in Thailand and Indonesia to come. 

Check out Rework here! 

Coliving in Africa

Digital nomad coliving in Africa is on the rise. From Morocco to Cape Town, take a peek at some of these great options to suit your coliving and coworking needs.

Wild WiFi (Nambia)

Wild WiFi is a coworking co living space located in Windhoek. This is a great option for digital nomads who want to network and learn from other like-minded individuals. Apart from the shared or private rooms, you’ll have the chance to participate in skill-sharing nights, masterminds, local meetups, sauna nights, and more.

The coworking space is huge, divided into multiple separate spaces and a board room, all with reliable WiFi. The communal kitchen is also large and full of all the necessities. Bicycles are available to explore the town, and a gym is on-site for your fitness needs.

Learn more about Wild WiFi here.

Neighbourgood (South Africa)

Neighbourgood’s all-inclusive living and working spaces are thoughtfully designed to bring digital nomads together socially and professionally. Stay in one of five furnished apartments in Cape Town for 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month terms. All rooms are private with ensuite bathrooms.

The coworking spaces are divided into private offices, meeting rooms, hot desks (first come, first serve), lounge areas, and high-speed WiFi. You can also stay connected with a member app.

See what Neighbourgood has for you.

Sundesk (Morocco)

Who wouldn’t want to share a communal daily breakfast, chow down on Moroccan home-made lunches, and participate in an Arabic workshop? At Sundesk, you can do all that and much more in the quaint surf town of Taghazout.

With various options of private or shared rooms, you can pick the perfect price point for you. The two-story coworking space includes high-speed WiFi, indoor and outdoor work areas, and private call rooms.

Get started booking your Moroccan home.

Africa Nomads (Kenya)

Located in Lamu Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the best preserved Swahili culture, Africa Nomads is the first coliving & digital nomad community based in Kenya, East Africa. It’s great for those that seek an off-the-beaten path route and love slow and sustainable travel and intercultural exchange. 

They are mainly focused on coliving retreats on Lamu Island, although they are also expanding their pop-up retreats and coliving sites to other places in Africa.

Africa Nomads offers several coliving homes & mansionettes that are all within close proximity to historical sites and points of interest, as well as restaurants and social amenities. Most of their houses follow traditional Swahili architecture featuring high ceilings, open spaces and rooftops finished with their distinctive carved wooden doors. They also offer accommodation on private apartments and houses for those preferring so.

Included with your retreat they have a program that changes weekly with wellness, networking and activities. Imagine wandering in the Old town of Lamu through the maze like streets and ending the day on a traditional wooden dhow sailing through the mangrove channels of this incredible archipelago. Oh! And there is no cars in the island, they move with small motor boats used as taxis. It will feel like stepping back in time in this laid-back coastal town great for inspiration and self-discovery.  

Check out Africa Nomads here.

Coliving in Central and South America

Central and South America are full of fantastic co living apartments that will give you some of the best rates in the market.

Unity (Costa Rica)

The Unity experience is about expanding your mind and co-creating a better community. With only around 15 people staying at a time, you’ll forge deep bonds through skillshares, resident-led courses and events, and adventures around San Jose.

You can opt for a studio room with ensuite bathrooms and kitchenettes or private rooms with shared bathrooms. Either way, you’ll have access to communal areas and the community garden where you can learn about permaculture and pick your own fruit, veggies, and spices. High-speed WiFi and urban conscious spaces will serve your coworking needs.

Learn more about Unity.

Oka Coliving (Brazil)

Get ready to experience the best neighborhoods around Porto Alegre. All six “Okas” have modern furnished homes with both private and shared rooms, communal areas, and terraces.

While only three Okas have dedicated coworking areas, all houses have high-speed WiFi and living rooms where you can set up shop. Don’t miss Oka’s extra love provided to guests in the form of special dinners, movie nights, varied gifts, local experiences, and special courses to help your personal and professional development. 

Join the Oka community.

Opta Coliving (Uruguay)

Opta strives to simplify access to all the things you do well by providing a coliving space focused on community, comfort, and controlled costs. Located in Punta Carretas, one of the best locations in Montevideo, you won’t need to worry about a car or even public transportation. Everything is no more than a 15-minute walk from your furnished accommodations.

You’ll have access to tons of amenities including a gym and sauna and the chance to develop yourself personally and professionally through yoga sessions, cooking classes, and more.  Fully-equipped coworking spaces are just a short walk away.

Learn more about Opta.

Coliving in Australia, New Zealand, and Nearby Islands

We were only able to find a couple options in this region. However, coliving in Australia and the surrounding area is taking flight in a hurry. Check back for updates.

Comunita (New Zealand)

Optimizing micro apartments, Comunita is building a coliving space where nomads have private rooms and bathrooms while sharing a kitchen, living spaces, and lounge spaces.

Unlike other digitial nomad apartments, the goal is to build a holistic community that also gives back to the broader Auckland community through service. Further integration is possible in the coworking space which will be open to both residents and the general public.

Together Coliving (Australia)

Together Coliving combines furnished private rooms and bathrooms with stylish communal areas and shared facilities. Offering some of the most flexible terms in the market, you could stay for a little as a couple days or make Melbourne your extended home.

Coworking spaces are divided into private meeting rooms and spacious work areas, all of which have high-speed WiFi. Other amenities include a gym, pool, lounges, sports courts, and a restaurant.

Find your place in Melbourne with Together.

Find Coliving Globally With Mapmelon Coliving App

Mapmelon is a free user-friendly app designed for nomads and colivers in search of coliving spaces worldwide. It’s a one-stop solution, consolidating all the essential information related to the coliving community into a single platform.

One of Mapmelon’s standout features is its ability to facilitate location sharing. Users can tag their friends, coliving spaces, and even add pictures to create a dynamic representation of their nomadic experiences. This fosters a sense of community and keeps users connected as they explore different coliving spaces across the globe.

With a curated list of trusted nomad colivings and the option to filter based on reviews, amenities, and key information, Mapmelon empowers users to discover and explore spaces that perfectly align with their preferences.

I’ve been playing around with the app, and I’m particularly impressed with the selection of coliving spaces – some that don’t even show up in some of the coliving search engines that I list in this article! And if you know of a coliving space that’s not on the app, you can email them, and they’ll research and vet the space to make sure it’s a perfect fit for Mapmelon users. 

Search a country or city (or browse the map), and you’ll find coliving spaces. Click on the coliving space and you’ll learn more about it, see what other Mapmelon users have stayed there, read reviews, ask questions, stalk their social pages, and if you want to book, you’ll be taken directly to the coliving website – no middleman. 

Download Mapmelon today!

colive values: Search for Coliving Spaces by Interest

For a unique take on searching for the perfect coliving experience, instead of searching by destination, what if you could search by interest? Imagine being able to see at a glance the top coliving spaces that cater to surfers. With colive values, you can do just that.

colive values is a platform where remote workers can find communities to work and stay in which share their values and interests.

Their mission is to help remote workers thrive by connecting with like-minded people, incredible new locations, and a supportive, inspiring environment that boosts productivity and accountability.

Coliving vs. Do-It-Yourself

If you clicked through to check the prices of some of these places, you may either think “wow, this is a great deal!” or “wow, I could find a place on my own for way less!”. 

In both cases, you would be right. 

As compared to renting in New York City or San Francisco, most coliving spaces represent affordable housing. But, if you’re like me and you also know some secret tricks to finding cheap short term accommodation, you might think it’s way overpriced given that you don’t even have the full place to yourself. 

But not having the full place to yourself is also the point of the coliving experience. After my first 12 years on the road, I crashed and burned with a legendary case of burnout, for two reasons: 

  1. I hadn’t connected with other remote workers and digital nomads at all, and I had lost my sense of belonging in the world.
  2. Finding places to stay and booking them privately was a lot of work and it didn’t always work out well (maybe because it was in a bad location, or had poor WiFi, etc). 

Coliving solves both of these issues. When I want to check out a new city, all I need to do is find a coliving space, and I can be pretty sure it will be in a great area for digital nomads, it will have ergonomically-friendly workspaces and strong WiFi, and I’ll be in the company of fellow remote workers and adventurous travel souls. 

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