20 Years of Travel, Trading, and Kids: Pat Schulte, Wanderer Financial

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Few people have traveled full-time (and blogged about it) longer than I. But Pat Schulte is one of those people. Learn about full-time travel, having kids in Mexico and raising them on the road, online trading, Wanderer Financial, and why Pat and his wife have no plans to change tack any time soon. 

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Pat Schulte is an online trader and the head of Wanderer Financial. He and his wife have been traveling for 20 years, had 2 kids in Mexico, and some crazy adventures. Learn how here! #onlinetrading #WandererFinancial #PatSchulte #Bumfuzzle #travelwithkids #TheProfessionalHobo #onlinebusiness

Meet Pat Schulte, Wanderer Financial 

Patrick Schulte was a commodities trader in Chicago before veering off of the American dream. He and his wife were in their 20s, and were financially successful, but didn’t feel like they had really done anything. 

In search of adventure, they left work, sold everything they owned, bought a boat, and set sail. While this was supposed to be a temporary adventure, by the time they were halfway around the world they had decided that they were never returning to normal life. 

They sailed around the world for four years, raced a ’65 Porsche across America, and they lived in a ’58 VW bus for two years traveling from Alaska to Argentina, and eventually across Europe. Then they bought another boat and had children in Mexico. They traveled across the U.S. and Mexico in a vintage motorhome, and now for the last five years they’ve been cruising the islands of the Caribbean.

Twenty years later Patrick has never looked back. Throughout his thirties he traded stocks online for himself in order to finance their travels. He has blogged about all of his travels at Bumfuzzle.com and he wrote a book called Live on the Margin about trading and the traveling life. 

Eventually he created Wanderer Financial where he has mentored hundreds of others who are inspired by his lifestyle, teaching them how to trade and grow their portfolios so they too can live a life of freedom.

 Living the sailing life on Bumfuzzle while running Wanderer Financial 

What is 20 Years of Travel, Online Trading, and Raising Kids REALLY Like? 

On paper Pat’s lifestyle seems idyllic. I wasn’t convinced, so in our interview, I pushed him to answer some tricky questions. Questions like how he manages an online trading career without stable internet, why he chose to run a travel blog all this time without monetizing it, and when he thinks he and his family will need to “settle down” for their kids to have a more stable social life. 

We also cover topics like the following: 

  • Why Pat decided to make travel a permanent lifestyle.
  • How changes in the trading industry played well into Pat’s plans to take his trading career online.
  • The different trading styles Pat has depending on his current travels.
  • Advice for people who want to use trading as a way to finance a travel lifestyle.
  • What FIRE means to Pat.
  • How his blog Bumfuzzle developed and inadvertently fed his other business ventures.
  • The beauty of having a travel blog that is not monetized.
  • The extra motivation to travel with children.
  • Why Pat and his wife had their two kids in Mexico.
  • What it’s like to raise children while traveling full-time, and their “unschooling” techniques.
  • Ways in which technology has changed how kids grow up.
  • Why Pat wrote Live on the Margin, and how it led to Wanderer Financial.
  • What it’s like to balance a travel blog, online business/community, trading career, plus raising two kids! 

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Pat Schulte and his family, traveling full-time 

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  1. Hi Nora,

    20 years is an amazing stretch for Pat, especially considering he helped raise a family on his journey. Inspired stuff. Talk about leaving your comfort zone routinely to live your dream life.


  2. Great interview. Probably, he is one of a kind. Just bought the book and I am excited to read it. I have been online trading for a few years now. And we love traveling with our campervan. My strategy is to avoid trading when traveling because I cannot let it go and enjoy the travel. I hope I will learn how to manage the anxiety relating to trading from the book.

  3. Amazing interview. Most likely, he is unique. I recently purchased the book and can’t wait to read it. I’ve been dealing online for a while now. We also enjoy taking trips in our campervan. I can’t let it go and enjoy the trip, so my approach is to avoid trading when I’m traveling. I’m hoping the book will teach me how to control my nervousness about trading.


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