5 Countries and 30,000 Miles: This Was 2016!

01 | 02 Canada

2016 started off in one way, turned left, got flipped upside down, then messed up in the blender. Here’s how it all came out in the end:

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18 of the World’s Fastest, Highest, Longest (etc) Things to Do

03 | 14 Australia

Here are 18 of the world’s fastest, highest, longest, deepest, happiest, smelliest, most dangerous – and more – things I’ve done:

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Peru vs Canada: Differences in Daily Life

09 | 14 Canada

After living in Peru for a while and then returning to Canada for a visit, I was surprised by some of the differences in daily life. Check it out:

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7 Countries and 34,000 Miles: This Was 2014!

12 | 23 Canada

In 2014 I traveled through/lived in 7 countries, and traversed over 34,000 miles. Here’s a summary of what I did, and where.

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Muskoka, Ontario: A Lifetime of Memories in Cottage Country

07 | 17 Canada

Some pictures and stories of my visit to Muskoka Ontario and the lifetime of memories it holds for me. Included: a shot of me 12 years ago on a sportbike!

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A Moment in Time on a Toronto Subway

07 | 25 Toronto (still/again)

Amidst a sea of people buried in their iPhones and MP3 players, I see something on a Toronto subway that warms my heart and reminds me of the city I left five years ago.

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Toronto Pride Parade: A Photo Essay

07 | 07 Toronto (still/again)

Here are some impressions and colourful shots of the Toronto Pride Parade, attracting over a million people on a hot sunny Sunday afternoon.

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Airport Musings

09 | 07 Australia

Airport Musings: Thoughts that Happen During the Longest Trip on Earth This is the story of one girl’s determination to take a large trip without layovers, inexpensively, and somewhat stupidly. Please enjoy my antics. So. The longest trip on earth (or at least so it felt). I endured it recently, and lived to tell the […]

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X Marks the Spot: E-Book Review

08 | 24 book reviews

Update June 2014: This e-book has since been replaced with 6 updated ebooklets, that answer specific questions about your desired location independent life for the full meal deal on being location independent. You can check it out here: Location Independent – Live and Work From Anywhere You Choose.    I only recently heard about the buzz […]

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