Video Clips

I started traveling as a lifestyle long before lifestyle travel was “a thing”. The same goes for becoming a digital nomad, and also a vlogger. (Hell, the terms “digital nomad” and “vlog” hadn’t even been invented yet). This Video Clips archive is testament to that.

See, shortly after I started traveling full-time (in 2007), I turned on the camera. With a former career in television, I figured I could put together some decent and fun videos.

I didn’t really.

I mean, in the initial years, there were some okay videos, but to be honest most of them were crap – in quality, or content, or both.

I continued producing videos (thankfully of increasingly better quality) over the years, but without any regularity. Ironically, some became YouTube hits, like my video trying the Swedish delicacy/horror Surstromming, or hanging out with a kangaroo in Australia that wouldn’t stop following me around (and trying to hump me).

More recently, I started up a Travel Vlog (episodes of which appear both here as well as in a dedicated category/page). Thankfully you’ll see that the production value makes these video clips much more enjoyable to watch. So….please browse, and enjoy!

And please….check out my YouTube channel (which has even more videos than you’ll find here), and subscribe if you like what you see!

Life in Japan (Vlog Ep. 11)

school kids in Japan

Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, I met up with a friend who lives here and turned on the camera so he could tell me what life in Japan is really like.

Swiss National (Surprise) Day

Swiss National Day celebrations - yodellers!

Amidst an odd summer in Switzerland, I stumbled onto a surprising Swiss National Day celebration in a small mountain town. Here’s the scoop (and a short video).

Driving in Grenada

driving in Grenada

Pot holes. Steep drops. Goats. Buses. Wheelbarrows. Gargantuan speed bumps. It’s all part of the fun of driving in Grenada. See for yourself in this video!

Happy Holidays! This Was 2011

Nora sailing

2011 was a busy year for The Professional Hobo, spanning 13 countries and over 73,000kms. Here’s a summary, including my annual holiday video card.

Happy Holidays! This Was 2010

Happy Holidays everybody! 2010 has been quite a year for me, having visited nine countries in a whirlwind of travel. I made this short video as a summary of my “this was 2010”  travel adventures and “e-Christmas Card” of sorts! This post was originally published in 2010. It has since … Read More

Crater Walking on Mount Tarawera, New Zealand

Nora Dunn, The Professional Hobo, at the crater rim of Mt Tarawera volcano in New Zealand

“We’re going to WHAT?!” a fellow hiker said in disbelief when we looked at the massive volcanic crater of Mount Tarawera that we would shortly descend into – and back out of – in the next few hours. I could hardly believe my own eyes, but you know me: I’m … Read More

Mana Retreat Centre: Video

Having written enthusiastically about living at Mana Retreat Centre and learning the art of meditation, you’ll know that  I’m a big fan of Mana Retreat Centre and its unbelievably beautiful vistas! Please enjoy this video that encapsulates the beauty and energy of Mana Retreat Centre and the Corormandel peninsula in … Read More

Maori Culture in New Zealand

Maori culture: While visiting Rotorua (both as part of shooting the tv show – as well as subsequent visits when staying with friends), I had the opportunity to visit two Maori villages and cultural shows. One was Tamaki Maori Village, and the other was Mitai Maori Village. Both were very … Read More

Adventures at Agroventures

As I mentioned in my week-in-the-life of shooting a tv show post, one of the adventures we got to experience was a half day at Agroventures (now known as Velocity Valley). It’s best described as an adult playground, with a collection of fun activities that will get the adrenalin pumping. … Read More

Camping with Koalas at Cape Otway

Koala at Cape Otway

Enjoying a piece of the world famous Great Ocean Walk at Cape Otway, I happen to find myself camping on night two in a little spot that wasn’t idyllic. As a former paddock, cows had trampled through not so long ago, as was evidenced by the dried out cow patties … Read More

Canada AM recap

For those who missed it, here is a (poorly captured by yours truly – sorry for the mouse hand on the screen) rendition of my appearance on Canada AM this morning. The powers that be liked it enough that I think you’ll be seeing me a few more times on … Read More

There’s a Redback in my Kitchen

When there’s a redback in your kitchen, it’s something to note. Australians and arachnophobes alike will know what I’m talking about here. This post was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. Despite learning the hard way the punch a centipede bite … Read More

Our (Creepy) Affectionate Kangaroo

Bracken, our Creepy Kangaroo in Australia

He is our watch-kangaroo. Our sentinel. And our unrequited lover. This post was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. I wake up bright and early, eager to get some writing done. I poke my head into the kitchen on the way … Read More

Driving Around Hawaii

After leaving the permaculture property of Popai where we lived for four months, we were eager to see all that the Big Island of Hawaii has to offer, since we hadn’t had the chance to venture much more than 15miles from where we were living. The first thing we did … Read More

Volcano National Park Adventures

As part of our trip driving around the Big Island of Hawaii, we spent two days in Hawaii Volcano National Park. The park, aptly named, is home to the world’s most active and largest volcanoes. Since there are active flows in the park, we only did a cursory read-up on … Read More

Singing Practice – I mean, Goat Milking

The Professional Hobo milking goats in Hawaii

One of the mainstays of my personal daily chores is goat milking and feeding the goats every morning. The entire process takes about an hour from start to finish, and believe it or not – I like it! That’s right: in trade for free accommodation, I milk goats. I really … Read More

Critters in Hawaii: Creepy Crawly and Otherwise

There are lots and lots (and lots) of critters in Hawaii, which range from domesticated to downright creepy. Having already shared with you what the centipedes are like, here is a smattering of other animals we share our days (and nights) with: This post was originally published in 2007. It … Read More