Peru travel: Living in Peru vs USA (Vlog Ep. 5)

by Nora on January 30, 2017

The Peru travel lifestyle has a flavour all its own. Life is very different there. Curiously, I found the longer I stayed (I was there for over two years on and off), the more I found that certain “inconvenient” practicalities of life actually started to make sense. And like many people, returning to the USA (or other western countries) was an equally jarring (er…enlightening?) experience.

Peru Travel

I was recently in San Diego, visiting my friend Aline who I met in Peru. She has visited Peru many times, including a six month stint when I was there. In fact, at the time, both she and I wanted to move to Peru; something Aline is still considering. (Me, not so much).

So while we were busy in San Diego catching up on old times and sharing Peru travel stories, we decided to tun on the camera and chat about what life was like in Peru (for better and worse), and some of the key differences between life in a place like Peru and the USA.

In this vlog, we discuss some of the challenges of living in Peru, such as strikes, water/power shutoffs, avoiding parasites, lack of variety of goods, and even what we do with toilet paper. We also discuss what it’s like to return to the USA and some of the challenges that create a feeling of disconnection.

But life in the States ain’t all bad, in fact it’s very comfortable. And we discuss how that comfort zone might prevent some people from leaving home, but why it doesn’t have to.

Lastly, Aline shares a great secret about how to “stay young” by traveling the world.

Check it out!

Peru Travel: Living in Peru vs USA (VLOG Ep. 5)

Click here to watch it on YouTube.


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