Although I only intended to stay in Peru for three months, I immediately fell in love with the Sacred Valley and ended up creating a home base there for two years! It was my introduction to plant medicine, and was where I apprenticed with a shaman.
My time in Peru was mainly centered around the Sacred Valley, but I traveled around a bit and also spent a month in the jungle as part of my apprenticeship.

Visiting the Andes: Ecuador or Peru?

Andes in Ecuador

If you want to visit the Andes mountains, do you go to Ecuador or Peru? Here’s an analysis, based on the last 3 years of living between both countries.

Trekking Mount Pitusiray, in Peru

My trek to Mount Pitusiray was not only a poetic close to this Peruvian chapter of my life, but it was also one of the best. It’s also a mystical mountain and solar clock, that casts famous shadows once a year.

A Month in the Jungle, Part 1: Iquitos


I started (and ended) my month in the jungles of Peru by visiting Iquitos. The Amazon river, Belen Market and the moto traffic; here’s more info on Iquitos!

Street Food in Peru

Peruvian cuisine is the new black, and for good reason. Here’s a collection of street food in Peru that’s cheap and delicious.

Becoming a Plant Medicine Shaman

becoming a shaman

I’ve been teasing you with tales of transition for months now. So finally, here it is: my next big step in life – I’m becoming a shaman.

Drinking Chicha in Peru

Here’s the deal on drinking chicha in Peru – quite the cultural experience, and often quite the acquired taste as well!

Visiting Pisac Ruins in Peru

I finally made it up to the sacred Pisac Ruins in Peru – proverbially right on my doorstep. Find out more about this magical place, in this photo essay.

Attending a Peruvian Wedding

Attending a Peruvian wedding was a cultural boon and valuable insight into Latin American culture. Here’s what happened:

Seeing Lima (Through 5 Plates of Ceviche)

ceviche in Peru

For me, Lima was all about the ceviche. I did, however, get to experience some of Lima’s lively culture (enroute to and from ceviche-inspired meals).

Trekking to Lares Hot Springs in Peru

With a 1,300 meter ascent, a 1,500 metre descent, and a pass at 4,700 meters (15,400+ feet), soaking in Peru’s Lares hot springs was the ultimate reward.

Receiving the Rites of Munay-Ki in Peru


Recently I did a Munay-Ki workshop – a transformation; an initiation and receiving of rites that has the potential to change my life, and many others.

Integration (or Not) in Pisac

Integration in Pisac

Unlike other small towns I’ve visited and lived in, there is a lack of integration between locals and foreigners. Read on to find out why this may be.

Blessed in a Peruvian Despacho Ceremony


I’m linking into some amazing and authentic Peruvian shamanistic ceremonies. My first – and most common in Peruvian culture, was that of the despacho.

The Magic that Brought me to Peru

the magic that brought me to Peru

Here’s a little tale of a magical – almost unbelievable – set of circumstances that brought me to magical Peru for three months.