I first arrived in Ecuador in 2016 for a two-month house-sitting gig in Cuenca. I ended up staying nine months! After my house-sitting gig, I found myself living and working at a plant medicine retreat centre nestled in the Andes mountains an hour away from Cuenca, as part of my overall apprenticeship. (See also: Learning to be an Ayahuasca and San Pedro Shaman).

Visiting the Andes: Ecuador or Peru?

Andes in Ecuador

If you want to visit the Andes mountains, do you go to Ecuador or Peru? Here’s an analysis, based on the last 3 years of living between both countries.

Stairway to Freedom (Vlog Ep. 1)

“Happiness is like an orgasm. Think about it too much and it goes away.” I’m starting to think Freedom works the same way. Here’s my 1st VLOG on this topic!

My Introduction to Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador

I recently arrived to Cuenca, Ecuador, where I’m house-sitting for a couple of months. Here’s some basic information & first impressions of this cool city!