Ireland (as in, the Republic thereof) is a beautiful place, with beautiful people who speak with my all-time favourite accent in the world. I first graced her shores in 2010 when I visited a friend for a few weeks, then later returned in 2016 with my Mum when I won a trip to Ireland. (No really! I won a trip).

Touring Ireland in Photos


I won a trip to Ireland! Yep. So I took my Mum, and we covered a lot of territory. Here are some recommendations if you’re headed to Ireland yourself:

Ireland: The Causeway, and Mamore Gap

Ireland: The Causeway, The Gap

“So we have a bit of a hill to climb to get there,” was my only introduction to our imminent journey over Mamore Gap in Donegal. We were headed to my friend’s country home town for some boozy birthday celebrations, but having just arrived in Ireland I was still getting my … Read More

Ireland: The Booze, and The Politics

Ireland: a pino o Guinness

Give a pint of blood…and get a pint of Guinness! That there, my friends, sums up Ireland quite nicely (tongue in cheek). This article was originally published in 2010, and has since been updated for accuracy of links and formatting. Ireland: The Booze Ireland seems to be a nation of … Read More

Arriving in Ireland (With No Money)


Arriving in Ireland, I stepped off the ferry in Belfast with exactly ₤2.29 in coins and no bills. I only had one night in Northern Ireland before heading to a friend’s place near Derry (where Euros are the prevailing currency), and I was determined to make the best use of … Read More

International Train Travel: An Evangelist’s Rant

International Train Travel – I could think of no better way to get from A to B. Here’s why. This post was originally published in 2010, and has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. I’ve started reading The Old Patagonian Express: By Train Through the Americas by Paul … Read More