The Ultimate Train Challenge through Europe [Video]

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When I signed on to the Ultimate Train Challenge, I didn’t really have a true sense of the sheer distance I’d be covering by train in just 30 days. Sure – I knew that 25,000kms was a lot, but that was just a number, which I couldn’t really comprehend. The Ultimate Train Challenge through Europe alone is a gigantic task; and isn’t even half of the overall journey.

This post was originally published in 2011. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 

It was when I started planning the next step of my travels that I realized “popping back over to Europe” involved a lot more than a pop. More like a 12 hours of flying sort of pop.

In the first 17 days of the Ultimate Train Challenge, I covered a huge distance and quite a laundry list of countries: Portugal, Spain (both Granada and Barcelona), Switzerland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and Russia. This says nothing of the countries I also passed through (but didn’t leave the train or station), which includes France, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Please enjoy this video of my Ultimate Train Challenge adventures through Europe. This is Part One of a three-part video series of Ultimate Train Challenge fun.

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Sharing is Caring!

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8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Train Challenge through Europe [Video]”

  1. Oh, thank God you didn’t write anything about France… the only things they are famous for are the guillotine and french kissing, which may be the same…

  2. Love your video, it’s so cute! Where did you get the earth – animation from, it looks fantastic! I’m already curious about the following videos!

  3. @Gerard – You pinned it! Visiting with old friends I hadn’t seen in years for a day or two was almost painful.

    @Keith – Gasp! You insult my French sensibilities… 🙂

    @Alicia & Nancy&Shawn – The Globe comes with iMovie..I’ve been having fun getting to know the program better, as I only just made the leap from PC to Mac. Glad you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 – coming very VERY soon!

  4. Nora,

    Wow! Props to you for traveling by train for 30 days and thank you for sharing so many details from your journey. I’m new to train travel and just took my first 5-hour trip in August but I’m hooked. How often do you travel by train and how did you keep your energy up while constantly being on-the-go (aside from hiking and eating delicious cheese :)? I’m looking forward to exploring your site and following your adventures!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I’m always working with Final Cut Pro, Apple’s professional editing program (you can view a sample of my work on my website) and never paid any atention to my iMovie, although I own this program as well! Definitly I’ll check it out now!

  6. @Heather – I travel by train as much as possible, and as you scour my site further you’ll see that less than a year ago I rode 16,000kms of rails in Australia! I love train travel. This 30-day stint was a little much admittedly, and I found it exhausting. But usually, I actually find train travel quite restful.

    @Alicia – I’m no high-class editor, but I’m quite impressed with the features of iMovie – many of which I don’t even use to their full ability. You might be a convert! 🙂

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