I adore Vietnam. In 2011, I finished up the exhausting but exhilarating Ultimate Train Challenge in Saigon after spending a day in Hanoi and taking the train down the length of the country. I spent a few weeks relaxing in Saigon, vowing to return for more coffee and street food.

The day to return came in 2018, when I decided to rent a place in Hoi An. Although I had planned to stay for two+ months, I ended up leaving after six weeks for reasons more personal than geographical.

For me, Vietnam remains home of the best coffee and street food in the world.

6 Weeks in Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Vietnam: old town bicycles

Here is a photographic expose of the six weeks I spent in Hoi An, Vietnam. The old town, amazing cuisine, fresh market, after-game frivolities, and Tet flowers. Along with these photos are some key pieces of information about Hoi An and some tips to help you maximize your own visit.

Expat Life in Hoi An, Vietnam

living as an expat in Hoi An, Vietnam

I spent six weeks in Hoi An, Vietnam; a shorter stay than intended (due to some poor choices in timing and neighbourhood). But what I learned about expat life in Hoi An while living there was fascinating. Click through to read more about expat life in Hoi An, Vietnam!

Back of the Bike in Saigon

back of the bike in Saigon

Join me as I hop on the back of a bike in Saigon for a day on a culinary tour; experiencing, traffic, street food, culture, shopping, and more.