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I’m Nora Dunn, and I’m a travel-addict. So much so, in fact, that I sold everything I owned in 2006 to embrace my lifelong dreams of long-term travel. I had no idea where I’d go, how long the trip would last, or how I’d make money. But I made a pretty good go of it; I’ve been a digital nomad and lifestyle traveler ever since.

This website is not only about my (mis)adventures around the world (though you’ll get lots of that, along with some fun videos); it’s also about how to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way. 

See, early on I figured out how to make a living while I travel so I could continue to travel indefinitely. And while I was getting my online career off the ground, I figured out how to make my money go as far as possible, with travel techniques that don’t sacrifice on style but save a bundle.

Then I parlayed my expertise as a former Certified Financial Planner into my current career as a writer, and my current lifestyle as a world-adventurer. Ever the financial planner, I kept track of my income and expenses meticulously along the way, and I published them every year for 10 years, so you can see for yourself that full-time travel can be totally financially sustainable.

See? This is why I’m The Professional Hobo. I’m not just a homeless person….I add a professional edge to my homelessness. Stick around, and I can show you the secrets to redesigning your life so you can travel full-time in a financially stainable way yourself.

Now, I give people confidence to travel long-term, knowing they’ve set everything up in the best possible way (which I help with).
I do this with instructional and inspirational content on this site, my YouTube channel, personal consulting services, online courses and workshops, books, and speaking.


The pandemic created millions of remote workers. And many of these people want to take their jobs on the road, not necessarily full-time like I did, but for a few months or even a year at a time.

If this is you, WELCOME! I’m here to help you wade through the maze of pesky details that stand between you and your ideal travel lifestyle of working remotely while enjoying various countries, climates, and cultures worldwide. My Travel Lifestyle Guides are a glut of information, but it can be overwhelming. I can help you through the fray with my free 2-week email course about financially sustainable travel. You’ll get info in more manageable and systematic bites.

You may also be interested in my video interview series where I chat with ordinary people who have remote careers and travel lifestyles, along with lots of practical tips and a few crazy travel stories.

Check out this video to meet Nora Dunn (that’s me!), and see some of the highlights from 12 years of full-time travel. (Note the many changes of hair style, colour, and length). 

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Then, check out my Travel Resources, Travel Lifestyle Guides, and learn a little bit about How to Travel Full-Time in a Financially Sustainable Way.

Read my About page to learn what I’ve done, where I’ve done it, how I got started, what I’ve written (that you’ll totally want to read), and much, much more.

When you’re done with all that, check out my Latest Posts to see what I’ve been up to (and where) recently.

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Sharing is Caring!

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