Annual Expense & Income Reviews

Annual Expense & Income Reviews: I’ve been tracking my annual income (and its sources), along with my expenses (like, every single penny I spend – for business and pleasure) for years. And every year I publish them, right here.
Draw whatever conclusions you wish….I don’t make enough money….I spend too much money…..there are many different travel and career styles. Regardless, the reality is that I prove it’s possible to travel full-time in a financially sustainable way! Check it out for yourself.

10 Countries for 20k: What I Spent in 2017

What I spent in 2017 - annual expense report

Every year I publish annual expense reports of my cost of full-time travel (including absolutely every penny spent). What I spent in 2017 was a hair under my “sweet spot”, and a lot less than most people would think full-time travel would cost. Check it out!