How to Travel Long-Term (even Full-Time!) in a Financially Sustainable Way

Would you like to take to the road? Spread your wings? And not have to worry about returning home any time soon?


Are you wondering how full-time (or long-term) travel could possibly be financially sustainable? 

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As The Professional Hobo, I have been a digital nomad since 2006. I traveled full-time for 12 years. Since then I’ve spent a few years with a home base and traveling the world for about half of each year.
My adventures have taken me around the world a few times over, and my location independent career has kept the money coming in regardless of where I’ve been galavanting.

It’s Time to Share What I’ve Learned…

If you sift through the thousands of articles I’ve written about travel, personal finance, and lifestyle design that are scattered across the web, you could piece together the key ingredients of how to travel long-term or full-time in a financially sustainable way.

But really – why?

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What You’ll Learn

Financially sustainable travel is an art that requires attention to a number of different elements, including:

  • Reducing your travel costs with cheap/free Accommodation options
  • The secret to saving money on Transportation, and tips for keeping costs low when you’re on the move
  • Getting ready to travel by creating your Packing Lists and Selling Everything (or not!), and deciding what to sell, and where to sell it
  • Ways to earn money by Working on the Road – whether it’s working remotely or getting jobs along the way
  • And, of course, greasing the wheels of the lifestyle by Managing Your Money, including some tips to keep more of it in your pocket using special tips and tricks, as well as hedging risks

In addition to practical advice, I also share my own experiences to spur your creativity as to the places you might like to go and things you might like to do.  (And in a few cases, you can learn from my mistakes).

In Addition…

This intensive series gives you the basics of financially sustainable travel, but it’s a broad topic! So every few weeks, I’ll send you an update with new useful links and tips to enhance your travels (and put more money in your pocket).

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Reader Feedback

Just in case you’re still wondering whether it’s worth your time, here’s what readers of the series have had to say about it:

This was an incredibly informative and well laid out series that did a top notch job of wrangling together and presenting a truly monolithic amount of information.  It gave me the inspiration to take the initiative and turn my daydreams into a reality. If all goes well, I will be leaving for China in 3 months time with no set return date, and I largely have you to thank for giving me the courage to take the plunge.

Matt Piechocki

Your series has already given me some great ideas – not only on how to financially support my travels, but on different things I can do along the way.

– Kellie Netherwood

You gave me so much ideas and information that I couldn’t imagine when I started to read your articles…information on books and articles and about many web sites that I had no ideas can exist in reality. Probably I didn’t have time to think about them or search for them before. So now, I have already started to plan for upcoming changes in my life. I am really glad that persons like you exists and want to inspire other people.

Senad from Sweden

I appreciate your opening my eyes to the concept of location-independent travel/work possibilities. It galvanized me to stop dreaming about it and start doing something concrete to move towards that goal.

– John Lewis

When we began discussing how unhappy we were with our jobs, our home, and our location back about a year ago, we just couldn’t see a clear way out of working jobs to pay rent to stay somewhere we didn’t want to be and dream about travel. It was when I started seriously pondering getting out that I magically started meeting people who were living the dream and came across your blog and a few others.  I showed my boyfriend (who wasn’t completely convinced) that other people managed to do what we wanted desperately to do ourselves.  I’d say that your advice has been the most useful during this process.  Our attitudes have definitely changed as well as our needs and spending habits!

Jane di Nunzio

I loved the entire series!  It gave me a ton of information. We are still in the “considering it” phase of operations, and your information helped us to see that it is truly possible.

– Colleen Daniels

Check out my Travel Lifestyle Guides for more ways to earn money remotely, spend it wisely, and balance the two so you can travel as long as you wish, in a financially sustainable way.