The World’s Shortest Ferry Ride

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This post about taking the world’s shortest ferry ride was originally published in 2009. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.

Mums are the best, and mine is no exception. Upon hearing that I was going to travel up to Toronto from New York City via overnight bus, she kicked into full “mum mode”.

“I really don’t like the idea of you having to take an overnight bus ride after a 30+ hour trip from Australia. You’ll be too tired and stiff and this is no way to start off your trip!” she said, as somebody with a plan in action would say.

(Ssh – don’t tell her that in my last two years of full-time travel I’ve slept on boats, buses, trains, pub floors, and the back of moving pick-up trucks – while sick no less in addition to a variety of other unsavoury napping spots!)

world's shortest ferry ride in Toronto

“So as an early birthday present, I am treating you to a flight to Toronto. But instead of landing at Toronto’s International Airport, you’ll land at the Island Airport  – it’s much  more civilized,” she announced.

world's shortest ferry, view from dock to dock!

Toronto’s Island Airport (officially known as Toronto City Centre Airport) is right on Lake Ontario, and has been around for yonks (which is Australian for “ages”). It is a hop skip and a jump from Toronto’s downtown core. Or more accurately, it is a short ferry ride from Toronto’s downtown core.

A very, very, short ferry ride.

In fact, I just learned today that my own home town of Toronto is home to the World’s Shortest Ferry Ride. At a whopping 120 metres (400 feet), the bloody boat is a third the size of the entire journey itself. If I could swim, I would (but wet clothing and electronics does nothing for my productivity and warmth).

Thanks, Mum, for giving me a luxurious way to return to my home town for a visit. After the world’s longest flight (or what will seem like it) from Australia, finishing off with the world’s shortest ferry ride is poetic justice.

Sharing is Caring!

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7 thoughts on “The World’s Shortest Ferry Ride”

  1. Nora,
    I hope that you have a wonderful time back home in N. America, and especially in Toronto. I’ll be interested in reading your posts from here…so much going on in the Summer in TO.

  2. haha, the things that you learn. I didn’t know that we had the world’s shortest ferry ride either. Glad to hear that you are flying into Toronto rather than taking the bus from New York. Have a great trip and hopefully we will see you in Toronto while you are home.

  3. I’ve done that bus trip and it’s not so bad… but I would have much preferred the plane-ferry trip just because that ferry ride looks very funny.

    When will you be in Toronto? I will be hanging around Niagara for most of August with a trip to TO at some point. If you’re free and up for a blogger meetup, let me know.

    I’ve also been trying to write my ‘week in the life’ thing but after starting it felt it was to boring and gave up. Now after reading ave and Deb’s… I’m doomed.

    • Hi Kirsty,
      I’ll be in Toronto (on and off) until the end of August, so if you’re around town, let’s connect! Blogger meet-ups rock.

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