Anatomie Travel Clothing Makes the BEST Travel Pants

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Anatomie makes travel clothes so great, I threw out my jeans.

I reviewed them in 2012, but in 2016 I finally got to visit their headquarters in Miami to see all their styles up close. That’s when my jeans ended up in the bin.

(Fast forward to 2020 and I’m still going strong with all my duds). 

Anatomie travel clothing has long been my favourite stuff for full-time travel. Here's what I learned after visiting their headquarters in Miami. #Anatomie #TravelClothing #TravelGear #FullTimeTravel - #TravelPlanning #BudgetTravel #TravelTips #PackingTips
I threw out my jeans because Anatomie makes the best travel pants!
Bye bye, jeans!

When Anatomie approached me back in 2012 to try their designer travel clothing out, I was skeptical about a few things – not the least of which was the price.

I’m glad they soldiered beyond my skepticism and sent me three pieces (capri pants, a dress, and a lightweight cardigan) to try out, because they quickly became my favourite travel clothing.

Six years later I still wear these pieces proudly, and they’ve withstood a goodly amount of abuse being with me on the road full-time.

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Anatomie Travel Clothing makes the best travel pants I've ever owned
Wearing my 4-year-old Anatomie duds, with Shawn, the co-founder and Creative Director of Anatomie Travel Clothing

Since then I’ve added significantly to my personal Anatomie travel clothing collection.

In 2013 I bought two pairs of pants, a jacket, and two tops (one of which is pictured above).

In 2015 I bought another jacket, cardigan, pair of pants….you get the idea.

In some cases, I received a discount because of my affiliation with them. In some cases, I paid full price. And despite the hefty price tags, I was happy to do so.

Almost my entire wardrobe is made by Anatomie, and it suits my travel lifestyle so well.

It’s lightweight (unbelievably so), quick-dry (less than 30 mins to air dry!), wrinkle free (any wrinkles wear out as soon as you put it on), easy to care for (duh), incredibly comfortable (their material is the perfect kind of stretchy), and super stylish.

Anatomie is a big part of the reason why I have been able to travel full-time with carry-on luggage only.

Want proof? Look at this picture.

Anatomie travel clothes in a packing cube. So compact!

This ultralight packing cube above holds three pairs of pants, two tops, and two jackets (which are underneath the other clothes in this picture).

All that just weighs four pounds.

(Caveat: If you’re traveling to a winter climate you’ll obviously need some warmer/heavier layers, which Anatomie also carries to a lesser degree).

With a wardrobe that takes up so little space and weight, it’s easy to travel ultralight.

Travel Clothing Mistakes I’ve Made

It’s taken me a while to curate the perfect travel wardrobe. Quite a while, and more than a few mistakes.

All Function, No Fashion

When I started traveling full-time, I had an almost brand-new wardrobe, suited to the task of travel.

It was moisture-wicking, convertible, quick-dry, technical stuff. Not cheap stuff.

Stuff that had almost no style whatsoever (or at least, not my style).

I hated my clothing so much, I didn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning.

Poor Cost Per Wear

So over the years, I changed up my wardrobe, replacing items here and there with whatever I could find that was more stylish and still travel-friendly.

I learned as I went what kinds of clothes travel and wear well, and kept my eye out for them. But interestingly, many of those clothes – despite the price tag – didn’t withstand the rigours of travel nearly as gracefully as they should have.

A $90 pair of stylish and travel-friendly pants from REI was exiled from my suitcase within a year for wearing in so badly.

I was in a constant cycle of replacing clothes that gave my wardrobe constant variety, but ended up quite costly in the end.

Enter: Anatomie.

When I was chatting with Kate and Shawn (Anatomie’s founders) in Miami, they didn’t bother denying that their clothes are expensive.

(Let’s get it right: this is designer stuff, made of crazy-cool materials sourced in Italy and France, the likes of which I’ve never worn before).

“It’s all about cost per wear,” said Kate. And considering I was wearing four-year-old Anatomie pants at the time that I still counted among my favourite pants, I couldn’t disagree.

Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links in this post, but my almost-evangelical enthusiasm is 100% real; this stuff rocks! If you click through these links, I’ll receive a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting this site!

Anatomie Travel Pants: The Fit

Which brings me to the fit of Anatomie’s pants, which on the whole are the best travel pants I’ve ever had. Period. They’re ultralight, stretchy, stylish, and can be dressed up or down.

They have different cuts, which are suitable for different body types.

For example, Alex at Travel Fashion Girl cites the Skyler Travel pant as the best travel pant for women. For me, it’s the Kate Skinny Cargo pant. But that’s because I’m a bit more well endowed in the hips and thighs department, and the Skyler is made for women with narrower hips and longer legs.

Kate Skinny Cargo Pant - Anatomie Travel Clothing - travel pants
Wearing the Kate Skinny Cargo pant in Ireland

Anatomie now has a functionality for you to search for clothing by body type, so check it out and play around with it!

Anatomie Travel Pants: The Fabric

Speaking of the Andrea pants (which Anatomie refers to as contrast-panel leggings), I’d seen them in the Anatomie lineup for quite some time online, and been perplexed by them.

But the minute I walked into the Anatomie headquarters and saw Kate wearing them, I had to have a pair.

You have to see/touch/feel this stuff.

The site labels them as leggings, but Kate herself said they’re a three-in-one pant: jeans, dress pants, and even yoga pants. Nothing better for travel than multi-purpose stuff.

Andrea Pants by Anatomie Travel Clothing
I got my Andrea pants in all-black, but I really like the blue/black version as well. They’re ultra-comfortable, stylish, slimming, and unique. Sooooo much more than a legging.

And it’s not just the pants with amazing fabric. The same goes for the Merika Windbreaker, which is one of their best-sellers – yet I couldn’t understand why from the pictures.

I understood as soon as I tried it on.

It’s silky, light, water and wind resistant, the mesh lining is super-comfortable, and the inside drawstring waistline can be adjusted to achieve different looks. It’s classy – and classic.

And of course, it can be squished into your carry-on, and donned on arrival in perfect form.

Anatomie Travel Clothes' Merika Windbreaker. I love the fabric in this jacket!
Me modeling Anatomie Travel Clothes' windbreaker
Putting on my best super-model look.

I think it’s difficult for some people to make an initial leap of faith with Anatomie, because their styles really need to be seen and worn to be appreciated.

Heck – I was skeptical, until they sent me three items to review in 2012, but I haven’t looked back since.

Plus, they have a great return policy, so if you order something that doesn’t work, you’re not stuck with it.

Use the discount code NORA20 to get $20 off your order!
(Minimum order amount is $120 to qualify. Enjoy free shipping on all domestic orders.

I Threw Out my Jeans, Thanks to Anatomie’s Travel Pants

So, after visiting Anatomie travel clothing headquarters, trying on their styles, and taking away yet another pair of favourite travel pants, I threw out my jeans.

I own four pairs of Anatomie pants now, and collectively, they weigh a fraction of my one pair of jeans, and take up even less space. They’re more comfortable, stylish, and way better for travel. Thanks, Anatomie!

I really like these guys. I like their clothes. Like, really. And more than once, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and I’ve bought their stuff.

And it has paid off in spades. I look good, I feel good, and I’m confident that on a cost-per-wear basis, I’ve made some very good decisions.

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30 thoughts on “Anatomie Travel Clothing Makes the BEST Travel Pants”

  1. I look forward to seeing how their men’s line develops. I’m not big on black, so their current Alessio Pant isn’t for me. I have been gradually upgrading my small wardrobe to include higher quality items that look good, perform well, and last longer. I have a pair of travel pants from Bluffworks and really like them. I like the style shown in the Anatomie women’s clothing, so I’m looking forward to see what else they come up with for men.

  2. I fully already buy into the “cost per wear” concept AND I will be in Miami later this year! Thanks for the heads up!

    • Hi Wilda,
      Selected Anatomie clothing is sold in boutiques throughout the US (you can check Store Locator for more info). But don’t be afraid to make a leap of faith with an online order, especially if you’re in the States already, since they make returns easy-peasy.
      And if you make it to Miami, say hi to the crew for me! 🙂

  3. The man’s pants certainly look good, but sizes 33 and 34 only? Reminds me of the time my luggage got lost on the way to our Greek cruise, and much too much time was spent trying to find clothes for an oversized American.

    • Hi Doug,
      I believe Anatomie is in the process of restocking a lot of their styles, so if you don’t see what you need right now, check back later.

  4. I first read about Anatomie on your blog! And I’ve since gone on to make several purchases (which I should probably review at some point).

    They are not petite-friendly though, and their new return policy excludes sale items, which means I will probably make way fewer purchases in the future, since it’s always a crap shoot as to whether their clothes will make me look like I got shrunk in the wash.

    BUT. Can’t beat a pair of pants that lightweight and quick drying.

    • Hi Rachel,
      I have long-ish legs, and one of the pairs of pants I got from Anatomie (the Paola style, which I don’t believe they carry any more) looks like it’s designed for somebody with much longer legs than I!
      I remember reading a review of Anatomie pants by another travel blogger who is petite: she gets around it by either folding the bottom under, or rolling it up to whatever length she chooses (from full-length to capri style). I started doing the same, and it works a charm!

      • Hi Nora,

        Yeah, the straight leg pants do allow for folding/hemming. I think it was the Paola I tried (which it looks like they do still carry) that I just burst out laughing trying on. The knee break was closer to my ankle than my knee, and I’m only 5’3″.

        The Kate pants are my favorite as well. Thinking of selling the Skylers I have that come up to my ribcage to fund a second pair of Kates in another color!

        • Good plan, Rachel! If I hadn’t have fallen in love with and gotten a pair of Andrea pants, I’d have gotten a second pair of Kate pants too!

  5. I’ve been interested in trying this line for all the reasons you mentioned. I’m very practical when traveling because, well, I need to be. I have no interest in hauling around clothes I’m not wearing. Did that last year in Italy. Never again!

    • Hi Angeline,
      I don’t have a discount code for you, but if you click through to the site they often have sales on, and if you sign up to their newsletter you can be alerted to various flash sales they have.
      And I believe when you buy something, there’s a box at checkout to say if you’ve been referred by anybody. 😉

  6. Hi, Angeline,

    I just discovered Anatomies and love their concept and clothing. I am tall and tha Paola are perfect. My question is: I am going to Iceland in January and these pants are not in the least warm. I would love to take Anatomie pants, but do not think they will be practical except on the flight. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any ideas.


    • Hey Ellen!
      Glad you like Anatomie’s stuff as well.
      Going to cold places, if I were you, I’d do one of two things:
      1) Throw some leggings underneath your Paola pants, or
      2) Check out some of their new designs with heavier material, such as the Marjorie Legging or Dila Heavy Lycra Pant! I haven’t tried either myself, but I did spy them on the sample rack when I visited. They look super comfy!

  7. I wish I had found this comprehensive review when I bought these pants! They are wonderful and all the things you say they are, but I should have ordered a size up. I’ve held onto my pair in case I magically get smaller, but alas it’s time to let them go and just order a different size.

    • Hi Mandy,
      Indeed, I’ve found the sizing a bit perplexing, especially given that I’m kind of an in-between size. I will say that over the years the pants I’ve worn have gotten bigger (rather than me getting smaller – ha ha)! So if you still have the pants and squeeze yourself into them, they will conform to your curves over time. Getting a size up (especially if it’s just a bit too big for you) might end up in a more awkward fit.

  8. Hi,
    I’m glad to hear the Anatomie clothing works for you. On your recommendation and that of some other bloggers I bought 2 pairs of Thea pants. They stretch out and wrinkle so much I can’t wear them. Like at least 2 sizes. Why does no one mention this? Or maybe I got some problematic run of them? I’m waiting for a response from the company but I gotta say I’m SO disappointed. I’m traveling right now and can’t buy new pants. I’ll just have to look like garbage for another week.

    Otherwise, I love your blog!

    • Hi Cynthia,
      Oh NO! In my experience the Anatomie pants stretch over time, but not that much and not so quickly! Seriously, I have no idea. I feel like maybe you have the wrong size for you.
      Also wrinkles? I find they fall out almost immediately after putting something on. Perhaps because the Thea pants are loose fitting, wrinkles don’t fall out as easily.
      Their customer service is good, and you should be able to sort this out with them. I’m sorry your trip was compromised by baggy/wrinkly pants. 🙁

  9. I just purchased the Susan pant and a jacket. The fit is great, however, the pant cannot be tumbled dry and it is horribly wrinkled after air drying. I’m very disappointed since I have way cheaper hiking pants that when air dried are not wrinkled. I’m not into ironing my travel clothing.

    • Hi Sonia,
      Wow – this I’ve never heard about their pants, and I’ve never had trouble with their stuff air-drying wrinkly like that. Also, once I wear them, any wrinkles there might be (eg: from being packed away) come out quickly. I’m so sorry you’re having this trouble. I’m flummoxed!

  10. I am always disappointed when companies dont make clothing for tall inseams. My inseam is 34″ so many pants will never fit. Pants can be hemmed but not made longer. While many clothing companies expanding for many more sizes, sadly tall legged women are left out

  11. Hi, Any advice for someone who is in between sizes? Better to go up or down? Thank you! Looking at the Kate Cargo and Penny Curvy.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      It depends on the pants, as well as your preferences. They will stretch out and mould to your curves over time, but if you want a bit of extra room, then I’d suggest sizing up. If you choose the size down, don’t be alarmed at how tight they are to start.
      You can also get in touch with the Anatomie through their contact page and they can answer your question specific to the styles you’re considering.


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