In January and February of 2019, I spent six weeks in Guatemala. The first month was in Antigua, and the last two weeks were in Panajachel – located on Lake Atitlan.

Antigua was awesome! What a ridiculously charming place with some of the best (and well-priced) restaurants featuring some very interesting cuisines!

Panajachel was, unfortunately, a bit of a letdown. Mostly because I think it was the wrong town in which to stay on Lake Atitlan – which is known to be an exceedingly beautiful lake that rivals Lake Como in Italy.

But between the town of Panajachel itself (which was frankly, an eyesore), and the less-than-ideal accommodations I booked in advance, and (very importantly) some physical issues I was struggling with – I canned the trip early. What was supposed to be two months in Panajachel was reduced to two weeks.

Below you’ll find some articles that outline my observations of Guatemala as a whole, as well as some KILLER insider recommendations for the very lovely Antigua.

Traveling to Guatemala: 7 Mistakes I Made

7 Travel Mistakes I made in Guatemala

Here is the tale of my recent trip to Guatemala, which I cancelled and left half way through. While I made many travel mistakes (some old, some new), the real mistake was….well, I’ll let you read the post to find out!

Where to Eat in Antigua Guatemala – and More!

The View from the Cross in Antigua Guatemala at sunset

Antigua (where I spent almost a month) has the highest concentration of excellent restaurants and coffee shops of anywhere I’ve been! Here’s where to eat in Antigua Guatemala, along with things to do and where to stay.