Embarrassingly, I knew almost nothing about Latvia prior to being invited to speak at the Women in Travel Summit in November of 2019.

Thank goodness I had the opportunity to go, because I loved traveling around Latvia, and I hope to return to not only explore Latvia more, but also to check out other Baltic countries like Estonia and Lithuania.

The architecture is beautiful, nature is bountiful, the food is good, and the cost of living is cheap. Heaven on earth for digital nomads.

9 Reasons Why I Want to Return to Riga Latvia

Reasons to visit Riga Latvia

While this article isn’t an exhaustive list of things to do in Riga Latvia, nor a cultural summation, it is a teaser; just enough of both to entice you to learn more about this Baltic country – because in a sense a teaser is all I got as well. But believe you me – I want to return. Here’s why.