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Intercultural Love in Japan

intercultural love in Japan

I’ve been looking at intercultural love in Japan; how relationships are formed, and what keeps them together…or not. It’s very different for men vs women.

Life in Japan (Vlog Ep. 11)

school kids in Japan

Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, I met up with a friend who lives here and turned on the camera so he could tell me what life in Japan is really like.

Hollywood Florida: My (Kind of) Home Base

Nora Dunn in Hollywood Florida

Here are some of the reasons why Hollywood Florida is my (kind of) home base, and what you can expect if you come visit Hollywood yourself.

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Visiting the Andes: Ecuador or Peru?

Andes in Ecuador

If you want to visit the Andes mountains, do you go to Ecuador or Peru? Here’s an analysis, based on the last 3 years of living between both countries.

Facing Hardships While Traveling (VLOG Ep. 4)

Facing hardships while traveling sucks. I’ve sure had my share of bad stuff happen! In this month’s vlog, I discuss how to deal with hardship on the road.

Stairway to Freedom (Vlog Ep. 1)

“Happiness is like an orgasm. Think about it too much and it goes away.” I’m starting to think Freedom works the same way. Here’s my 1st VLOG on this topic!

My Introduction to Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador

I recently arrived to Cuenca, Ecuador, where I’m house-sitting for a couple of months. Here’s some basic information & first impressions of this cool city!

Trekking Mount Pitusiray, in Peru

My trek to Mount Pitusiray was not only a poetic close to this Peruvian chapter of my life, but it was also one of the best. It’s also a mystical mountain and solar clock, that casts famous shadows once a year.

Touring Ireland in Photos


I won a trip to Ireland! Yep. So I took my Mum, and we covered a lot of territory. Here are some recommendations if you’re headed to Ireland yourself:

9 Perfect Travel Gifts (2015 Edition)

Review of Kinivo blutooth headphones, SteriPEN Ultra, Best Travel Pants ever, Ambronite, Hoboroll/SegSac packing tools, Encircled Flipside Leggings, and more

A Month in the Jungle, Part 1: Iquitos


I started (and ended) my month in the jungles of Peru by visiting Iquitos. The Amazon river, Belen Market and the moto traffic; here’s more info on Iquitos!