Facing Hardships While Traveling (VLOG Ep. 4)

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This post was originally published in 2016. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and formatting.

Facing hardships while traveling is no cakewalk. I mean, facing hardships from the comfort of home isn’t easy, but on the road the challenges are even greater. What happens when the travel life deals you a sucker punch? When loneliness strikes? When you are really sick or injured? When your passport is stolen? When you have an epic breakup? When you just wanna go home?

Yup. I’ve had all of this happen, and more. In fact, I have a page on my site that details my experience of these hardships while traveling, if you’re feeling strong: Brace Yourself: Travel Isn’t All Roses and Lollipops.

In this month’s vlog, at the request of a loyal reader and friend, I’m delving into the crappy stuff that can happen on the road, and how to deal with it.

I tackle issues like the following:

  • One of the first things you’ll learn if you’re traveling to “run away”
  • The three big things I do when loneliness strikes
  • What is home on the road? What do you do when you just want to go home?

Check it out!

The Professional Hobo Vlog, Ep. 4: Facing Hardships While Traveling

Click here if you want to watch this on YouTube.

This being my fourth vlog (vlog: a term I’m still reluctantly getting used to; I’m more inclined to use the term “video podcast”, but I’m told that’s not really a thing), I’d like to think I’m getting better at these things, but I can’t actually tell.

I mean, I’ve definitely taken my vlog to new levels with the addition of a few new accoutrements, including a microphone (holy cow, what a difference), a selfie-stick with a tripod attachment (I can now set up anywhere!), and even a new camera (the kind of camera that makes phone calls, that is). I also thought I was getting smart by filming this episode outdoors (great lighting, no?), but the sun came and went throughout, which made the editing process pretty inconsistent.

I’d also like to apologize in advance for my errant use of air quotes in this episode. I’m not sure why I felt the need to emphasize so much with them. I’ve made a mental note to keep air quoting to a minimum in future.

Sigh. Live and learn. I’m still getting the hang of all this. Let me know what you think!

Sharing is Caring!

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4 thoughts on “Facing Hardships While Traveling (VLOG Ep. 4)”

  1. I always enjoy reading or watching and the subjects you choose. I am hoping that you are well, finding your comfort, and getting ready to journey on. I too am back in Florida and having a rough time of it, but this to shall pass. Merry Christmas

    Happy Wanderings,
    Terri Smart

    • Hi Terri,
      I’m sorry you’re having a tough time at the moment! This too shall pass indeed (don’t you hate it when other people tell you that? – ha ha)!

  2. I thoroughly enjoy both your writing’s and your video’s….there is a difference…yet the essence of your spirit is the same with each. I sincerely hope that you continue to do both!

    • Thank you, Lori! I’m enjoying putting the videos together, which at the moment outweighs the heavier workload of creating them. It is a fun new way for me to express myself and communicate with you!
      And I’m experimenting with a few different styles too; next month will be an interview-style video. Hope you enjoy it!

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