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How to Become Fluent in Spanish (and Other Languages)

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I’m determined to become fluent in Spanish, and I’m close. Here’s how I’m doing it, with some useful tools and resources.

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Financially Sustainable Travel: My Cost of Full-Time Travel in 2013

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Here’s my full uncensored cost of full-time travel in 2013 – an expensive and rough year for me; testament to life happening we’re while busy making plans.

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Financial Travel Tip #120: Travel Hacking for Canadians

09 | 11 book reviews

The book Travel Hacking for Canadians is a useful resource on frequent flyer mile strategies and programs, hotels, car rentals, cruising, and more.

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Solo Travelers Make Better Bloggers….or Do They?

08 | 04 Life as a full-time traveler

Do solo travelers make better bloggers? Here’s a debate encompassing time management, location independent issues, and digital crack – all food for thought.

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How Tourists Cripple Local Economies

07 | 31 Featured

It’s done with the best intentions, but can have the most catastrophic outcomes. Here’s how tourists cripple local economies, and how to avoid it happening.

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Financial Travel Tip #108: Free Accommodation – Nightswapping with Cosmopolit Home

02 | 14 Financial Travel Tips

Cosmopolit Home is a free accommodation resource that’s part home exchange, couch surfing, and short-term rental. Included: discount code for 3 free nights!

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25 Smartphone Apps for Full-Time Travel: 2014 Edition

02 | 03 Featured

Here is the full monty of smartphone apps that I use in the course of full-time travel.

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A Cautionary Tale: Volunteering in Trade for Free Accommodation

12 | 10 Life as a full-time traveler

A reader shares her experience of volunteering in trade for free accommodation, and brings up some crucial criteria to bear in mind when searching for gigs.

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The Saga of My $10,000 Passport

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In just one week, $10,000 passed through my hands. And it all boils down to a stolen passport, four days before I was to travel…a saga indeed.

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