Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo – Jumping Into the Deep End (VLOG Ep. 8)

06 | 22 Japan

Shortly after arriving in Tokyo, I jumped into the deep end by visiting Shibuya crossing: the world’s busiest intersection and an iconic Tokyo experience.

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There’s a Huntsman in my Car! (VLOG Ep. 7)

04 | 24 Australia

In this month’s vlog, I share a story about the huntsman in my car. It’s part comedy, part horror flick, and part metaphysical drama. Have a look!

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Traveling Alone as a Woman (VLOG Ep. 6)

02 | 27 Video Clips

Traveling alone – especially as a woman – can be challenging, and more than a bit intimidating. Get tips, experiences, and inspiration in my latest vlog!

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Peru travel: Living in Peru vs USA (Vlog Ep. 5)

01 | 30 Peru

The Peru travel lifestyle is a very different thing from life in the USA and other western countries. Here are some of the challenges (and gifts) of each, as discussed in this month’s Travel Vlog!

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Facing Hardships While Traveling (VLOG Ep. 4)

12 | 19 Vlog

Facing hardships while traveling sucks. I’ve sure had my share of bad stuff happen! In this month’s vlog, I discuss how to deal with hardship on the road.

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Travel Packing: How (and What) to Pack for Full-Time Travel (Vlog Ep. 3)

11 | 21 Featured

In this vlog, I show you what I pack for full-time travel – and how I pack it. Learn travel packing tips and techniques, and watch me cram it all in my bag!

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Fun Facts you Didn’t Know About The Professional Hobo (Vlog Ep. 2)

10 | 24 Vlog

In this, my 2nd video podcast (“vlog”), I give you 22 random, fun, and curious facts about The Professional Hobo that you probably didn’t know!

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Stairway to Freedom (Vlog Ep. 1)

09 | 26 Ecuador

“Happiness is like an orgasm. Think about it too much and it goes away.” I’m starting to think Freedom works the same way. Here’s my 1st VLOG on this topic!

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