Letters From Colombia: The Safety, The Food, The Life

Learn about Colombia through two weeks of letters written back and forth with my Dad, who was initially none to thrilled at my choice of destination.

Letters From Colombia: The Safety, The Food, The Life Letters From Colombia: The Safety, The Food, The Life

Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom

If you want to live and work abroad, check out Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom, at special intro prices!

Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom

Visiting Pisac Ruins in Peru

I finally made it up to the sacred Pisac Ruins in Peru - proverbially right on my doorstep. Find out more about this magical place, in this photo essay.

Visiting Pisac Ruins in Peru Visiting Pisac Ruins in Peru

A Week-In-The-Life of Nat and Rob: Love and Road

by Nora Dunn on February 23, 2015

Love and road BIOLovebirds travelling the world. Rob is a freak runner and Nat is a nail polish addict, and together they’re two lovebirds travelling the world. They sold everything they had, and left Brazil with two backpacks, some dreams, and a saving account. They are Love and Road: Budget Travellers, Newbie Bloggers, Sun Seekers. Please enjoy this week-in-the-life of Nat and Rob in Turkey!

Day 1 – Saturday

9:00am – The alarm goes off…10 min later it rings again…We switch it off one more time.

11:00am – Finally we wake up! I was so tired. We arrived in Istanbul really late last night, went to bed around 2am. We truly needed some good sleep.

12:10pm – Lunch time, we grab some tavuk dürüm (chicken kebab) and walk around Istiklal Avenue. It is so good to be back here. It’s our third time in Istanbul and seems we will never get enough of it.

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Letters From Colombia: The Safety, The Food, The Life

by Nora Dunn on February 16, 2015


Dear Nora,

Glad you’ve arrived safely in Colombia. You realize of course that the previous sentence makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to a father.

Love, Dad

Bogota, Colombia: Is it Safe?

It stands to reason that my dad was nervous of my trip to Colombia; for decades encompassing most of my upbringing, Colombia (and specifically Bogota) was a no-go-zone, with tales of drug cartels, guerrilla warfare, kidnappings, and random acts of violence that inspired a mass exodus of Colombians, not to mention an embargo of sorts on the part of tourists.

So not only he, but I as well, was a bit surprised by my own two-week trip to Colombia which wasn’t spent in the more touristy destinations like Medellin or any of the cities on the Atlantic coast, but instead in Bogota. (I was hosted by a family friend who spends half the year in and around this hectic Colombian city with her extended family.)

Panorama of Bogota from Monserrat – a must-visit place while in Bogota

Dear Dad,

The Colombia of days gone by is just that – of days gone by. I’ve had numerous conversations with people here who are very matter-of-fact about how violent and troublesome things were here, but they seem to take it all in tremendous stride. Although we in the greater world were regaled with tales of how horrible life in Colombia was, apparently daily life wasn’t affected in the way you and I might think it was.

Bystanders were occasionally caught in the proverbial cross-fire, but for the most part it was targeted violence between drug cartels and guerrilla sects. So if you were an average person without too much wealth and you kept your head down, it was business as usual.

The other misnomer about Colombia is that Bogota was the centre of all evil here. When times were bad, it wasn’t limited to Bogota, and in fact, being within the city limits was a measure of safety, since the guerrillas ran rampant outside of the cities, and in many cases it wasn’t safe to leave the city.

This tangent may seem like I’m trying a little too hard to appease your worries, but truly – I feel quite safe here.

Having said that (you knew there was a “but” in there somewhere, didn’t you), when I first arrived in Bogota, I did as any god-fearing tourist would do, and I asked my host if Bogota was safe.

“Sure!” she said, before launching into a tirade of precautions one should take that left me reeling. Admittedly though, for the most part it was sound advice for anybody visiting a big city, anywhere in the world.

And Bogota…Bogota is a big city indeed.

Love, Nora

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I just gave birth! This baby doesn’t cry so much, but the gestation period was one helluva ride: it was over a year and a half in the making.

Introducing to the world: Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom.

Working on the Road

This massive (and I mean massive!) resource was created in partnership with Chris Guillebeau, a long-time colleague of mine, New York Times best-selling author, and creator of such resources as the Travel Hacking Cartel, The Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing, and many (many) other guides, courses, and generally awesome products and services.


About Working on the Road: The Unconventional Guide to Full-Time Freedom

This guide will answer all your questions about how to design a life that allows you to travel the world at your will and whim, and earn a living while you’re at it.

You don’t have to be a computer genius web designer to accomplish this; you’ll learn about various careers that are location independent, as well as the many forms of work you can do while living on the road.

You don’t have to travel full-time like I have for the last eight years; but if you want to, you’ll get all the tools and advice you need to uproot and carve out a life abroad.

This guide is about freedom. Freedom of career, of location, of lifestyle, of working hours, and more. However you want to live your life – you’ll get the help you need to do it with The Unconventional Guide to Working on the Road.


And It’s Not (Just) About Me

Although I’ve peppered this guide with personal anecdotes and experiential advice, I also interviewed dozens of other people who live and work on the road in various forms. These people are singles, couples, and families who offer up solid advice and tips for how you can follow in their footsteps.

You’ll learn about their careers, daily lifestyles, budgets, challenges, and passions.


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