Baños Ecuador: I Came, I Saw, I Bought a Hotel for $29

Baños is the adventure capital of Ecuador, with so much to do. Read on for a chance to win a beautiful eco-lodge guesthouse there! No, really. Click here!

Baños Ecuador: I Came, I Saw, I Bought a Hotel for $29 Baños Ecuador: I Came, I Saw, I Bought a Hotel for $29

Earning a Location Independent Living: My 2016 Income

This is my 6th year of publishing my income while traveling full-time. Read on for a full breakdown, along with a business plan for 2017!

Earning a Location Independent Living: My 2016 Income Earning a Location Independent Living: My 2016 Income

My 2016 Full-Time Travel Expenses

For the 7th year in a row, I'm publishing my full-time travel expenses! Here's an uncensored breakdown of every penny I spent in 2016, traveling full-time.

My 2016 Full-Time Travel Expenses My 2016 Full-Time Travel Expenses

5 Countries and 30,000 Miles: This Was 2016!

2016 started off in one way, turned left, got flipped upside down, then messed up in the blender. Here's how it all came out in the end:

5 Countries and 30,000 Miles: This Was 2016! 5 Countries and 30,000 Miles: This Was 2016!


by Nora on September 25, 2016

Welcome to The Professional Hobo! Check out this video to meet Nora Dunn (that’s me!), and find out what the last 10 years of full-time travel have been like.

Can’t see this video? Click here to watch it on YouTube.

In this series, we’re exploring the various careers of world travelers, and how they make ends meet financially while living abroad. Yes, financially sustainable full-time travel is possible!


Aaron of NomadsNationThis is Aaron. Full time Nomad. Noodle addict. Creator of Over the last five nomadic years, Aaron has experimented with seasonal work, teaching English, and blogging to financially sustain his travels. In this very informative post, he shares some great advice and information about how it all works! Check it out.


How long have you been living/working on the road, and where have you traveled to?

I’ve been traveling internationally for the past five years. I’ve lived in Denver, Portugal, Florida, and am currently stationed in Hong Kong. I’ve also visited 25 other countries in this time (some favs being Peru, Hungary, The Philippines, and Hong Kong).


Please describe what you do for income.

I’m working on making NomadsNation my primary source of income, but we’re still building! So in the meantime I leverage my skills and find high paying work that doesn’t require long term commitment.

Currently I’m teaching English in Hong Kong. Only a six-month contract (with the option to extend) so I’m not tied down too long, and it pays very well (more on that later).

But I’ve created income to sustain my travels in many ways:

My go-to for years was seasonal work in restaurants in the States. Six months of work, four months of travel. Three months of work, five months of travel. Repeat.

And while it’s important to create income while traveling, it’s just as important to focus on the ways you can lower the cost of travel. I refer to these as the Two Nomad Commandments.

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Baños Ecuador was on my radar years before I ever set foot in South America. Some travel colleagues who were volunteering in Baños and had an infectious love of the place that made me vow to visit…at some point.

Well, that point came recently when I discovered that the owners of an eco guest house called la casa verde were giving away their place (yes, giving it away) in a raffle of sorts. So I had to show up and check out what my new potential home looked like.

(Full disclosure: the owners of la casa verde offered me free accommodation and arranged for me do a few activities in the area to help them promote this giveaway. Even fuller disclosure: I bought five tickets for the giveaway…..and I want to win. So….back off. (Just kidding. Sort of)).

la casa verde, in Baños Ecuador

About Baños

Located in the Andean highlands of Ecuador, Baños goes by the full name Baños de Agua Santa, which is Spanish for “Baths of Sacred Water”. But everybody calls it Baños for short….which is actually somewhat unfortunate because it’s also the Spanish word for bathroom.

on the bus to Baños

An unfortunate translation of Baños as seen on the bus from Cuenca

Baños earned its name not because of toilets, but because of the plethora of famous hydrothermal springs that attract foreigners and Ecuadoreans alike to the area to enjoy the healing properties of these mineral-rich waters.

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The #1 Misconception About House-Sitters and Lifestyle Travelers

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After two offensive conversations with well-meaning people, I realized there is a BIG misconception about house-sitters and lifestyle travelers. Here it is:

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Financial Case Study: Conni Biesalski – Travel Blogger

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Traveling Alone as a Woman (VLOG Ep. 6)

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Earning a Location Independent Living: My 2016 Income

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I’ve been earning a location independent living for 10 years, and publishing the results for the last 6. Here’s what I made in 2016, and what my overall business plans are for 2017.

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Financial Case Study: Rebecca, A Creative Nomad, Graphic Designer

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Rebecca has traveled on & off for five years, but in the last year took the plunge to go freelance with her graphic design skills. Here’s what her life is like as a full-time traveler and freelance graphic designer.

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Peru travel: Living in Peru vs USA (Vlog Ep. 5)

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The Peru travel lifestyle is a very different thing from life in the USA and other western countries. Here are some of the challenges (and gifts) of each, as discussed in this month’s Travel Vlog!

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