Living Like a Local in Italy

I was treated to local hospitality and life in Italy for one short and blissful week. Here's what it looked like.

Living Like a Local in Italy Living Like a Local in Italy

Awesome Travel Gear, Gizmos, and Services (2014 Edition)

There's a huge variety of travel gear, gizmos, and services that make life on the road easier, more secure, and generally awesome. Here is my 2014 roundup.

Awesome Travel Gear, Gizmos, and Services (2014 Edition) Awesome Travel Gear, Gizmos, and Services (2014 Edition)

How Tourists Cripple Local Economies

It's done with the best intentions, but can have the most catastrophic outcomes. Here's how tourists cripple local economies, and how to avoid it happening.

How Tourists Cripple Local Economies How Tourists Cripple Local Economies

Barratio: More than a Flea Market in Cusco, Peru

by Nora Dunn on September 15, 2014

When I was told that I could get one of just about anything at Barratio market on Saturdays in Cusco Peru, I was skeptical. Anything?

Well, just about. Including all kinds of things I never knew I (or anybody else) needed.


What to Expect at Barratio Market

I was expecting Barratio to be a flea market. But it’s much more than a flea market. For starters, it’s more of a neighbourhood. The maze of streets is crammed with makeshift stalls and setups, with vendors selling anything from new and used clothes and shoes, to electronics, artisan crafts, spare parts, and even severed doll heads.

Yes, severed doll heads.

Rollerblade wheels, extra cables, and severed doll heads: what more could a person want?

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Financial Travel Tip #120: Travel Hacking for Canadians

by Nora Dunn on September 11, 2014

Although the Canadian travel market is dwarfed by the US one, there are increasingly more products and services dedicated to helping Canadians get ahead and save a few travel bucks.

One such service is Canadian Free Flyers (more on that here), and another resource is Steven Zussino’s book, Travel Hacking for Canadians.

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A Week-In-The-Life of Chris and Tamara: Our Leap Year

by Nora Dunn on September 8, 2014

Tamara and ChrisAfter saving up for 10 months and quitting their jobs, Chris and Tamara left San Francisco in October 2013 to travel slowly through Latin America. They’re traveling with two backpacks and their 15-year old Cairn Terrier, Holly and working on improving their Spanish, re-imagining their working lives (no more 9-5 please!), and making some life-long memories. Here’s a week-in-the-life of Tamara and Chris in Argentina.


Day 1 – Friday

7:00am – It’s our sixth week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Despite the night owl culture here, we’re up early for our last week of Spanish classes. Since Chris starts class earlier, Tamara takes Holly for her morning walk in Palermo. Then, it’s back home for our morning ritual: coffee and reading the news online.

Palermo Neighborhood

8:15am – Chris walks to class. It’s roughly 3km and would be faster using public transportation, but the walk is more interesting: shopkeepers cleaning the sidewalk, pastries (also known as facturas) in windows.

Spanish School

9:00am – In Chris’s class are students from Holland, France and Germany. Tamara’s class starts later, and she’s with students from Brazil, Japan and the U.S. Most of the time in conversation classes, we talk about our lives and our home countries.

1:00pm – Empanadas for lunch. Six for 51 pesos! That’s a $5 lunch for the two of us. Score.

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Costa del Sol Spain (For Better or Worse), in Pictures

09 | 04 Spain

Imagine my surprise when I arrived in Costa del Sol in Spain, and had trouble reconciling this place as even being Spain. Let me explain…in pictures.

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Living Like a Local in Italy

09 | 01 Featured

I was treated to local hospitality and life in Italy for one short and blissful week. Here’s what it looked like.

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I’m Going Back to Peru. Here’s Why.

08 | 28 Peru

Here’s why I’m headed back to Peru to set up shop for a while, and how this plays into my traveling lifestyle.

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A Week-In-The-Life of the McIntyres: 5th Wheeling Across the US

08 | 25 Week-In-The-Life Series

The McIntyre’s are visiting all 50 States, Canada, and Mexico. Here’s a week-in-the-life of living, working, studying, and traveling in their 5th wheel.

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Gibraltar: Life on the Rock

08 | 21 Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a territory that feels like an island nation, influenced by many cultures and languages. Oh yeah, and it’s a massive tax-free shopping centre.

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I’m Just Popping Over to Europe for a Visit

08 | 19 links

Here’s why “popping” isn’t usually in my vocabulary, and how I’m trying out some new moves by “popping” over to Europe.

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