Florida Keys Stories Through Photos

Here are a bunch of photos (and a thousand or so words) to describe the feeling and stories behind the Florida Keys.

Florida Keys Stories Through Photos Florida Keys Stories Through Photos

Muskoka, Ontario: A Lifetime of Memories in Cottage Country

Some pictures and stories of my visit to Muskoka Ontario and the lifetime of memories it holds for me. Included: a shot of me 12 years ago on a sportbike!

Muskoka, Ontario: A Lifetime of Memories in Cottage Country Muskoka, Ontario: A Lifetime of Memories in Cottage Country

Why People Visit the Florida Keys, and Never Leave

I met many people in the Florida Keys who were born elsewhere, but now call them home. Here's why, and the magnetic appeal of the Florida Keys & Key West.

Why People Visit the Florida Keys, and Never Leave Why People Visit the Florida Keys, and Never Leave


If you travel for more than a year, and especially if you earn an income while abroad, you may have to file taxes from abroad. Here are some tips for how to do this.


What Kind of Income Are you Earning, and Where?

If you have a working holiday visa or working rights in the country you are visiting, you’re generally required to file taxes in both the country where you’re working, and your home country. Although this can be a bit of a hassle, don’t worry about paying taxes twice; in most cases there will be a tax treaty between countries that protects you from overpaying.

If instead you have a location independent career where you earn money online, you don’t have to file taxes in the country you’re visiting (especially if you’re visiting on a tourist visa and remain an official resident in your home country), but you are required to report worldwide income on your home country’s taxes. In many cases your income won’t come from reportable sources (or sources that will be sending your tax department income slips); regardless, it’s your responsibility to report this income.

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Florida Keys Stories Through Photos

by Nora Dunn on July 21, 2014

There’s so much to say about the Florida Keys, and so much more yet to see. Having explored the Florida Keys through the eyes of people who visited and never left, this post will explore the Florida Keys – and its stories – through the camera lens (and a thousand or so words).


Key West

I was enthralled with Key West from the moment I arrived; so many colours, such contrast, and a surprising amount of history.


They’re Listening…

“There’s a lot of history to Key West,” said Zero, my knight on shining Pedicab when I scrunched my nose at the idea of a boring historical tour. He worked in historical tidbits of information while we cruised the streets anyway, and I’m glad he did – it was fascinating.

Zero took the quintessential tourist shot of me (as shown above) at the Southernmost Point in the (Continental) US, before pointing off to the right and saying that the actual southernmost point would be the adjacent peninsula which houses the golf-ball-like Cuban Listening Station.

“You mean, the US is still listening to Cuba?” I replied incredulously.

“Yep,” said Zero.

Not only was I (a happy-go-lucky-Canadian) unaware that there was a sonic listening station to begin with, but I was surprised that it’s still in use. I guess the American government is still baffled by the utter perfection of the Cuban mojito.


Sunset Celebration

Every night (yes, every night!) in Key West’s Mallory Square, hundreds of people gather to celebrate the sunset. There are street performers, fire spinners, vendors, coconuts, and locals and tourists alike, sharing one goal: to admire the end of another beautiful day.

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About a two hour drive north of Toronto is Muskoka (also known as cottage country); a conglomeration of lakes set in masses of precambrian shield (aka granite – lots of it), surrounded by dense forest, and populated with thousands of cottages.

I’ve just had the good fortune to spend the last couple of weeks with family at a friend’s cottage.


I have a lifetime of memories in Muskoka.

Visiting cottages owned by family friends since I was a child, Muskoka is responsible for planting a lot of seeds of discovery:

  • It’s where, as a child, I first learned to appreciate a beautiful sunset.
  • I had my first canoe ride (and later, motorboat ride).
  • I learned to waterski.
  • I developed a fierce love of water lilies and lily pads.
  • I discovered that perception of distance is skewed on water, after nearly drowning trying to swim across a bay.
  • I fed chipmunks peanuts until their cheeks were stuffed so disproportionately full that they couldn’t walk straight.
  • I learned to sail, and had fun with my teenage girlfriends overturning our little sunfish and pretending to have trouble righting it so we could meet cute boys in passing boats.
  • I fell in love with hummingbirds and frogs, and learned to hate mosquitos.


Nora in her motorcycle days

Later, in my 20s, I discovered how much fun the roads in Muskoka are to ride on a motorcycle, and I attended the annual Sportbike Rally in Parry Sound (pictured above – that’s me, 12 or so years ago).

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