New Zealand

18 of the World’s Fastest, Highest, Longest (etc) Things to Do

03 | 14 Australia

Here are 18 of the world’s fastest, highest, longest, deepest, happiest, smelliest, most dangerous – and more – things I’ve done:

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A Week-In-The-Life of Syd and Macky: Nomadically Inclined

05 | 05 New Zealand

Join pro mountain bike racers Syd and Macky as they live and bike their way around New Zealand in this week-in-the-life!

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Financial Travel Tip #110: Almost-Free Campervan Relocation with DriveNow

03 | 15 Australia

If you’re planning a road trip in Australia or New Zealand, subsidize it by doing a campervan relocation with DriveNow, for $5/day, fuel included!

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The Paralysis of Choice

05 | 05 Life as a full-time traveler

The recent exercise of booking my flights back to Canada from New Zealand was a harrowing one. It took forever to actually decide on a plan of action and execute it. And for a full-time traveler of four years, it shouldn’t have been that difficult. Then again, maybe my very freedom inspired this paralysis; the […]

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Singing, Performing, Traveling, and Chasing Passion

04 | 21 New Zealand

This is the story of how a little girl who sang into her pillow growing up is learning to sing to the world. (Or maybe just a bigger pillow). Both of my parents are musicians. Growing up, we lived in a two-bedroom apartment with two pianos; often one parent would teach a student in the […]

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Driving Creek Railway: A Different Kind of Train

04 | 14 New Zealand

Driving Creek Railway: With 16,000kms of Australia’s rail lines under my (slightly maniacal) rail-enthusiastic belt, I recently conquered the formidable train infrastructure on New Zealand’s Coromandel peninsula: all 2.6kms of it. But this 2.6km train journey has a story all its own; one of art, conservation, and engineering.  

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A Week-In-The-Life of Bernard and Danielle: Border Jumpers

06 | 07 New Zealand

Bernard Pollack and Danielle Nierenberg embarked in October 2009 on a journey to visit almost every country in Africa. Their mission: to dispel the idea that Africa is only about conflict, disease and famine. They’re meeting with farmers, workers, NGO’s, and governments to tell stories of hope and success in agriculture. So far they’ve visited […]

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Crater Walking on Mount Tarawera, New Zealand

06 | 03 New Zealand

Chilling on Mount Tarawera – an awesome day!  “We’re going to WHAT?!” a fellow hiker said in disbelief when we looked at the massive volcanic crater we would shortly descend into – and back out of – in the next few hours. I could hardly believe my own eyes, but you know me: I’m always […]

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Mana Retreat: Video

05 | 27 New Zealand

Having written enthusiastically about living at Mana Retreat and learning the art of meditation, you’ll know that  I’m a big fan of Mana Retreat and its unbelievably beautiful vistas! Please enjoy this video that encapsulates the beauty and energy of Mana Retreat and the Corormandel peninsula in New Zealand. About two-thirds of the way through, […]

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