Eco Friendly Travel Products You Never Thought Of

Here are some Unconventional eco friendly travel products that go beyond the norm

I’ll show you the filter through which I process all my buying decisions – including for everyday items.

Most Eco Friendly Travel Products?  Are The Ones You Already Have at Home - Refuse what you don’t need -Reduce your consumption/quantities - Reuse as much as possible

Low Waste Makeup: When looking for eco-friendly makeup, consider 3 things: – What it’s made of, – How it’s made, – How it gets to you.

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses: look for bamboo, recycled, or plant-based materials. They will leave the smallest environmental footprint.

Reef Safe and Eco-Friendly Sunscreen: Learn about labels and certifications to ensure you have the best. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars Liquid shampoos and conditioners come in plastic bottles that are not easily recycled 

Soap Saver Bags

I"ll let you know the two steps to effectively using bar soaps and/or shampoos

Reusable Cotton Swabs and Rounds Reusable cotton swabs made of silicone that you can reuse up to 1000 times!

Pacsafe Recycled Backpacks, Luggage, Purses, and More 75% of the entire Pacsafe collection is made from recycled materials!

Aviator 100% Merino Wool Shirts and Hoodies – Antimicrobial (ie: anti-stink; you don’t have to wash it as often) – Moisture-wicking – Temperature-regulating And so much more...

WAMA Hemp Underwear Hemp is another one of those miracle fabrics. It’s like cotton, except way better. Find out a few more reasons to choose WAMA.

Encircled Women's Clothing  - Read about their 100% sustainable practices!

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