Financial Travel Tip #65: Earning Money With a Working Holiday Visa

by Nora on January 26, 2013

One of the cruxes to making full-time or long-term travel financially sustainable is in finding a way to earn money as you go. This can be done with options like having a location independent career (be it as an employee or entrepreneur), teaching English abroad, or…traveling on a working holiday visa.


Working Holiday visas are usually up to a year in duration, and are for people aged 18-30 (with a few countries issuing working holiday visas up to the age of 35). They allow you to apply for jobs within the country you are visiting, which in turn can help you sustain your travels.

Working holiday visa arrangements are generally reciprocal between certain countries. Unfortunately US citizens get very few opportunities (as the USA extends very few similar opportunities to other countries), but New Zealand and Canada are examples of countries that will offer Americans working holiday opportunities.

Citizens of Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries have more opportunities to visit multiple countries, each on a one-year working holiday basis. (And yes – you can enjoy these visas in as many countries as you want to apply to, subject to age and other qualifications).


Here is some more information on working holiday visas, with general information for on working holiday visas, and some resources for Canadian Citizens:


The Ultimate Working Holiday Visa Guide for Canadians

For citizens of other countries, you can check out your home country’s official website for citizens abroad, or do a simple internet search for “working holiday visas for Australians” (as an example).


And for more visa questions, check out this post:

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