The Best Travel Medical Insurance in 2021

Finding the best travel insurance for a long term trip is no longer as clear cut as it once was.

You require flexibility, affordability,

and very importantly, travel insurance that covers COVID & other pandemics.

Here's what Long-Term Travelers Need in an International Travel Insurance Plan

Ability to Apply / Renew From Anywhere Long Term Policies Home Country Coverage for Visits Home

Offers insurance designed for remote workers and remote companies.

Safety Wing 

Visits home are covered You can purchase and renew from abroad They will cover claims related to COVID-19.


SafetyWing Nomad Insurance:

Will help you pay for unexpected medical problems and accidents while abroad.

Nomad Travel Insurance policies include:

– Hospitals and ambulances – Emergency medical evacuation – Emergency dental And much more...

Nomad Travel Insurance:  PROS Prices are super-competitive You pay monthly and the insurance automatically renews each month low deductible at $250.

CONS: $250,000 maximum coverage limit the pre-existing clause resets every year no coverage for people aged 69+

SafetyWing Remote Health Insurance:

A fully comprehensive global health care plan, no matter where you live, travel, or move to.

Pros: There are no exclusions for pandemics provided in 175+ countries. coverage limits are much higher than Nomad Insurance.


Coverage including the U.S. (as well as Singapore and Hong Kong) is expensive

SafetyWing Remote Health for Companies: For remote teams and remote startups, as long as you have 3+ people on your team. It covers both employees and contractors.

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