Spring Has Sprung and the Swans are a Swimmin’

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Spring has sprung! The first day of spring was September 1st down under in Australia, and although there is still snow on the ground at slightly higher elevations for masochistic people to play in, there is a certain tangible feeling of “spring” in the air.

This post was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 

When the sun shines, it gets quite warm (warm enough to take off your jacket), and the green of the rolling hills that surround us seems to be in spectacularly technicolour form. There are tiny buds on many of the trees, and the daffodils and cherry blossoms are fragrant and prolific (a sure sign of spring in my books).

And although the winter here in Victoria is nothing to complain about by Canadian standards, that wonderful elated feeling of spring awakening us from hibernation is taking upon us. The days are getting just a little bit longer; the birds are singing just a little bit louder; the flowers are getting just a little bit bigger.

It’s a wonderful feeling.

But the most spectacular sign of spring having come upon us is the family of black swans that lives in our pond where we are work-exchanging. The black male (Seth) has been a friend to the property for a number of years, and recently found himself a mate (Sadie), who we stole glimpses of now and again. She then disappeared for a number of weeks, only to emerge the other day with six beautiful grey balls of fluff – their progeny.

We now see them quite frequently, swimming about the pond, teaching their little signets to swim, fish, forage, and eventually – fly.

Seth often comes when called by Mike (which is amazing given their private nature and wild upbringing), and the relationship is being fostered further with little bits of food as an enticement. Although the aim is certainly not to tame these beautiful birds, to have them comfortable in the presence of people (all of us as well as curious guests) would be wonderful.

And since swans mate for life, it is our hope that Seth & Sadie will continue to have families of swans a swimmin’ about in the pond.

Just another day in our charmed lives living in a little piece of paradise…

Sharing is Caring!

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  1. you are just surrounded my animals! Everytime I come over to read, there are new animals being mentioned!

    a pretty good deal!


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