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Jasmine Wanders

Jasmine Stephenson is a long-term traveler, writer, and editor who uses travel as a medium to push her personal boundaries, broaden her perspectives, and challenge her idea of what’s wrong and right. Please enjoy this week-in-the-life of Jasmine as she wanders around Colombia!

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This post was originally published in 2011 . It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 

Day 1: Friday

9 am: Wake up to bad news. I broke up with my boyfriend earlier this week in Bogotá and hopped on a bus to Medellín immediately without realizing that he kept my passport to prevent me from leaving the country. I have a flight in 11 days. The bad news is that he says he has no time to bring it to a hostel so fellow travel writer Brendan van Son can pick it up for me. I spend an hour trying to be nice and convincing him that he owes me this one last favor, though really I want to fly to Bogotá just to punch him in the face. (See also: Travel Security, and How to Protect Your Passport)

12 pm: Cook myself a big, easy backpacker lunch of spaghetti with olives and Carve, a vegetable protein that’s made in Colombia.

3 pm: Head to Medellín’s botanic gardens. It’s one of my favorite places in the city to chill out and clear my head. I’m approached by a college student of about 21 who tells me I have a strong energy. Strange and random, but I needed the message.

5:30 pm: Spend another 20 minutes trying to convince the ex to bring my passport to the hostel. He finally relents and promises to do it.

8 pm: Get word from Brendan that my passport is in his hands. I’m so relieved! That’s one less thing I have to think about before my trip to Trinidad.

Day 2: Saturday

9:30 am: Wake up and do some work for as long as my attention span allows.

11 am: Head downtown to pick up souvenirs for my family in Trinidad before I leave the country.

2:30 pm: Meet up with Marcello from Wandering Trader (editor’s note: check out Marcello’s week-in-the-life here!) for coffee at Colombia’s Starbucks, Juan Valdez.

8 pm: Watch a movie with a couple of friends and spend the night in.

Day 3: Sunday

9 am: Wake up.

11 am: Skype my parents and sister and discuss my travel options with them for later this year.

2 pm: Spend the day tanning at my hostel’s pool and catching up with the owner.

Day 4: Monday

9 am: Wake up feeling inspired. I pound out a new post for my blog from start to finish without stopping.

12 pm: Head to my favorite sandwich shop in Colombia, Qbanos, for lunch.

8:45 pm: Watch the finale of Chepe Fortuna, one of Colombia’s most popular telenovelas. I never thought I’d actually get pulled into a local soap opera but Chepe has me hooked.

Day 5: Tuesday

12 pm: Head to a nearby mall to restock on clothes. Not my favorite activity, but some of my clothes are getting pretty backpacker-y and the change of climate I’ll be facing soon calls for it.

6:45 pm: Meet up with Brendan, Marcello, and Dave from Go Backpacking for a sushi dinner and to get my passport back.


Day 6: Wednesday

9 am: I plunge into administrative work for my two niche sites and work on those all morning.

12 pm: Head to Pueblito Paisa, a model village in the middle of the city that was built to look like a traditional regional pueblo. This is my 4th time in Medellín, so I figured I should check it out before I go back.


1 pm: Leave Pueblito Paisa. It’s really not that cool.

2 pm: Read through writer guidelines and try to match publications with article ideas I’ve been brewing.

3 pm: Empty all the contents of my backpack and revise all the things in it, chucking out what I don’t need.

4pm: Write a new post for my blog.

Day 7: Thursday

9 am: Today is another SEO/niche site building day. I work on answering a mountain of emails, organizing staff writers and working on the sites.

12 pm: Head to Qbano, my favorite sandwich shop in Colombia.

8 pm: Meet up with the editor of a magazine in Parque Lleras for dinner and to talk about writing articles for Colombia and some of my other upcoming destinations.

11 pm: Meet Marcello and Brendan at Bendito Seas, a club in El Poblado. It’s a bit young for me, but the guys are entertaining and it’s a fun night.

After traveling around the world, Jasmine decided to unpack her suitcase and settle in her favorite place in the world, Medellin, Colombia where she works on a variety of projects including social media work, as she has done for Travel Companion Exchange. Catch up with her on Jasmine Wanders and on Twitter.

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  1. Very nice plan for week planning Jasmine. This is really important to organize things for a smooth week duty and fun..

  2. “… he kept my passport to prevent me from leaving the country.” Sounds like a fun guy, can’t imagine why you would break up with him. Should have got your passport then punched him in the face.


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