She’ll Be Right Mate: Words to Live By

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Your dog just died. “She’ll be right mate,” is the sympathetic response of your Australian friend.

Climate change is upon us. The whole country, and in particular the state of Victoria has endured over a decade of drought. “She’ll be right mate,” replies an Aussie as they seem to shrug off an evident problem.

You are hiking, get terribly off-trail, the sun is going down, and you fall into a pit of poisonous snakes. “She’ll be right, mate,” your Aussie friends say, shifting from foot to foot as they ponder what on earth to do.

As a characteristically Australian gene, “she’ll be right, mate” is built into every Aussie’s vocabulary from the womb. It literally and figuratively sums up a way of thinking, and a way of living here in Australia.

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Although at first blush this flippant template response may appear to casually ignore the severity of a situation, it is not intended to do so. Instead it is an expression of support, and a general acknowledgment that things tend to work out for the best. And in its most basic and crude form, it is simply something to say when you are perplexed by a problem you can’t solve.

World Peace?

Financial Meltdown?

Lost your job, house, wife, and money?

She’ll be right, mate.

llamas grinning in Australia, as if to say "she'll be right mate"!
Llamas grinning in Australia, as it to say “she’ll be right, mate”!

And if you still think it’s an irresponsible or flippant expression, try saying it yourself. You may surprisingly feel much better for it!

Except there is one necessary provision: you must say it with an Australian accent. Otherwise it won’t work, it will sound strange, and you’ll just feel silly. (Yes, even sillier than you’ll feel after saying a nonsensical expression with a foreign accent).

Trust me.

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This article was originally published in 2008, and has since been updated for accuracy and formatting.
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Sharing is Caring!

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4 thoughts on “She’ll Be Right Mate: Words to Live By”

  1. Hi Guys,
    I really like this post. Very nicely written and spot on!
    “She’ll be right, Mate” has SO MANY uses in Australia.

    It is a bit like the use of “bastard” as a term. Can be endearing, mean, nasty or any other meaning you can think of.

    Depends on the context – “He is a real bastard” to “I just love the old bastard” or “Bloody hell, this hot weather is a real bastard!”

    Keep up the great writing

  2. She,ll be right,mate

    I love it its australian as meat pies Kangaroos and holden cars.

    I use it all the time covers every situation be it bad or good.

    My grandfather used it in france ww1 and darwin ww2 iam sure and probably some other adjectives thats what got them through.

    I been a blue collar worker all my life i know the real world

    working in overalls on a 40 c day thats aussie toughness mate ,

    fair crack of the whip

    The spirit of the Anzac lives on.

    I will not be changing any time soon either.

    The best country in the world

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