Lucerne, Switzerland, in Photos

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“Oh you must come to visit me in Lucerne!” my friend exclaimed over the phone, when we reconnected recently after last seeing each other at Mana Retreat in New Zealand, where we met over a year ago.

“Zurich is nice,” she started. “But Lucerne is beautiful.”

Lucerne Switzerland is utterly gorgeous, and clean! Learn more about this quirky place through photos. #photoessay #Switzerland #Lucerne #TheProfessionalHobo #travelphotos

Indeed; when I took the train 50 minutes from Zurich to visit her while I was on a three-month house-sitting assignment, I discovered for myself that Lucerne is a picture perfect city. It’s a shame that the day was overcast, because in the sunshine, the Lake of Lucerne against the beautiful mountain backdrop with signature Swiss architecture all around would be quite a sight.

Nevertheless, I think you’ll agree that Lucerne in photos – even on a cloudy day, and in the hands of a mediocre photographer as myself – still pops.

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This post was originally published in 2012. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.

Lucerne and mountains

The city of Lucerne is poised around the Lake of Lucerne, where you’ll find much of the action, with mountains that you could practically touch just behind.

Lucerne's "swimming pools"

Swimming pools are popular in Switzerland, but this swimming pool (and others, including one I saw in Zurich) has a twist: it’s actually the lake itself! Switzerland is so clean that you can swim in the lakes and rivers…even “downtown”.

colourful buildings and unique architecture

Colourful buildings, beautiful architecture, clean lakes, and majestic mountains; what more could you want?

Lucerne's greenery, from the old city wall

How about a nice dose of greenery to add to this idyllic spot! I took this atop the remnants of the old city wall, which used to surround the area.

fast river currents

You may notice the fast water currents – which in some spots would rival class two rapids. These currents keep the water clean (and swimmable), and in some spots would make for some great “tubing” I’m sure.

Lucerne's Chapel Bridge

Lucerne’s Chapel Bridge is a wooden footbridge (the oldest in Europe) that is the pride of many who live here. The day it burned down in 1993 (destroying many 17th century paintings on the interior) was a sad day indeed; my friend says many people cried. Now restored, it is a main city symbol for Lucerne.

View from the top of "downtown" Lucerne

We ended the day with cocktails atop a central hotel. The views – and the company – was stellar.

Switzerland is beautiful!

I look forward to checking out more beautiful Swiss scenery and towns while I’m here; I have a feeling I won’t be disappointed.

Sharing is Caring!

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13 thoughts on “Lucerne, Switzerland, in Photos”

  1. I was there last year. Ten years ago I was on a train and we could see Lucerne in the distance. I decided right then and there that the nest time I came to Europe I had to see it. It did NOT disapoint!

  2. Luzern is truly an amazing city but for real scenery, you should get yourself on a boat and travel down the lake. The southern part of the lake (known as lake Uri) is amazing with the alps literally on your door step. Say hello to the little village of Weggis as well. It’s my home from home and I’ll be there again in August. In fact I’ll post a picture on our facebook page so you can see what I mean! Safe travels.

  3. Looks amazing – it is definitely on our list for our upcoming trip to Europe! I have a feeling we will not want to leave Switzerland – it all looks so picture perfect!

  4. Beautiful tour thru Lucerne and stunning photots! Definitely adding to my bucket list!! Thx for the beautiful post!

  5. The pictures you took are amazing. It’s a pity we didn’t get to stop by Switzerland this time round for our Europe trip but Lucerne seems like such a lovely place to visit!

  6. Thank you everybody for the support and feedback! I hope to return to Lucerne to take the (world’s first) Cabrio Cable Car (with an open-air top level) to the top of the mountain that overlooks Lucerne for some more awesome viewing opportunities. I’ll keep you posted!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! My favourite photo is of Chapel Bridge, but huge shame about the fire in 1993.

    I love how the swimming pools are basically an extension of the lake!

    Cheers for sharing.

  8. @Andrew – Thanks! I can see why Chapel Bridge is a source of pride and joy for Lucerne. And I’ve seen these “swimming pools” all over Switzerland! Even in “downtown” Zurich, people swim in the river. Considering most urban bodies of water in my experience are polluted, I find this quite amazing.

  9. Luzerne was recommended to me by a Swiss person I met in Italy, in answer to the question (which I ask everyone I can), “If you were to recommend a single city in Switzerland [substitute in whichever country the person knows about], for us to spend three months living, which would it be?” I was already sold, but this article clinches it. Don’t know when Switzerland will make our schedule, but it’s very high on my list.

    (We do have some experience with the Alps, as we started our travelling live with six months in Pallanza, Italy, the part of far northern Italy that is surrounded on three sides by Switzerland. We lived on a peninsula from which you could see one section of the Swiss alps from one side of the peninsula, and another section of the Swiss alps from the other! See )

    • Hey Bob,
      Yes, Lucerne is gorgeous, and a great part of Switzerland – a country I really enjoyed. But you’ll have to save it for your NEXT European adventure!


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