Goodbye Hawaii

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Every trip has its trials. Every adventure its ups and downs. Every crisis an advantage, and every blessing a price.

Here in Hawaii we’ve learned just that.

This post was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content.

Hilo Side

The ocean view from our yurt in Hawaii

On the other side of this island, we arrived in Hawaii and found ourselves in a rainforest and lava paradise. We learned the art of permaculture, and living in an ecologically sustainable manner. We learned to eat well, discovered so many amazing foods, and got in shape. Kelly lost 30 pounds without even trying, and I – well, not so much.

I learned how to milk goats, we both learned the art of hitch hiking, and we enjoyed the spectacular waves in our little paradise.

We became acquainted with the modern hippie life, and learned to just let go and dance like no one is watching.


We were incredibly remote. Incredibly. Being reliant on nothing but solar power and with constant rain for over a month, the wet hikes into town for internet connections wore us down pretty quickly.

smiling goat in Hawaii

Couple that with centipede bites (two attacks in our first two weeks, I might add!), enduring overt acts of racism, and a few other challenges, we couldn’t go on living there.

What will we remember at the end of it all? Lots of things. Good things. In fact, not more than a week after we left Popai, we found ourselves reminiscing about some of the things we missed. We continue to reminisce, and relive some of the great memories.

Onwards and upwards.

Kona Side

hammock at a hostel on the Kona Side of Hawaii

In search of some sunshine and a little more convenience, we settled in at a hostel in Kona, working in trade for our accommodation and other perks. We certainly enjoyed lots of sunshine, beach time, and I got a chance to test my artistic side with some murals which I painted right on the building and other fixtures. My most ambitious piece wraps around the front corner of the building, spanning over 8 feet wide by 4 feet high. What a way to leave a mark!

Some of the latest pieces of artwork I was so lucky to do…

We met some amazing people and have increased our network of friends around the world, and I even conquered a fear or two.


We experienced a mild culture (and environmental) shock in coming here from where we were staying. We observed all too clearly the abysmal animal rights situation in Hawaii. I got a black eye, and we both contracted a rare neurological disease!

And saddest of all, we discovered that the Aloha is gone from Hawaii.

What will we remember at the end of it all? Again, lots of things, and good things at that.

As we wrap up our lives here in Hawaii, we continue to reminisce and relive our experiences here. We expect to continue learning and growing from this place long after we are gone.

Onwards and Upwards.

Goodbye, Hawaii. We don’t know if we will grace your shores again, but in our memories we will regularly swim in your warm waters, bask in your sunshine, and explore your vast and beautiful land.

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Sharing is Caring!

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  1. Truth is, if I had to raise a family or “settle down” in the US, it would be in Hawaii….damn, I hope it never comes to that (“settling down”)…..I would much rather keep running down that road of life, with the lessons learned from Hawaii, and all the other places I’ve been and will be, to show along the way….keep on blogging!


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