A Week-In-The-Life of Mariann in Chile

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Mariann is a writer and amateur photographer with a passion for travel, and getting to know new cultures and people. Having been to 4 continents and 30 countries, she just moved from Hungary to Buenos Aires, from where she plans to visit much of Latin America. Please enjoy this week-in-the-life of Mariann in Chile!

This post was originally published in 2012. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 

Day 1: Wednesday

4am – Got out of bed and rushed to the airport to catch my flight to Santiago de Chile.

10am – I successfully found my CouchSurfing host at the Santiago airport. Yaaay, I am in Chile, the weather is stunning! A bit sleepy, but who cares!

3pm – After a nice walk on the San Cristobal Hill with my host, I had the first view of the city. It was amazing to see the highest building of Latin-America with the snow-capped Andes in the background.

10pm – With another CouchSurfing host we dropped in for an After Office Party on the top of a parking house. I couldn’t stay late because tomorrow I have to wake up early. But I couldn’t resist the music. What a party!

Day 2: Thursday

9.30am – I would have never thought that I would see such a crowd in the morning rush hours. The metro station was closed for 3 minutes. When finally we were let in, official pusher people tried to push us onto the metro vehicles. I was squeezed in so much that I could not even move my head. But now I am fine and ready for my first press trip, a city tour around Santiago.

Santiago; photo by Mariann in Chile

1pm – I got to know Santiago a bit better through the city tour. I heard about its history and also about the 2010 big earthquake of a 8.8 magnitude, which ruined many buldings. I saw some of the beautiful neoclasical buildings, and the popular quarters of the city. Now it is time for my first proper sleep and in the evening I can spend time with my host to try the famous Chilean vine.

Day 3: Friday

2pm – Everything is packed, ready to go to the next big city along the Pacific Ocean, Valparaiso for the weekend. There are buses in every 10 minutes to this nearby city, so I did not bother reserving my ticket in advance.

5pm – After 1.5 hours I arrived in Valparaiso. This city is stunning! I wanted to take photos of everything. The houses on the coastal hills are shining in all colors. Funny or silly wall paintings on the colorful walls. I fell in love. I did a quick tour to the port because I wanted to smell the ocean from close, but clouds were coming rapidl., I had to be fast before it started to rain.

Valparaiso; photo by Mariann in Chile

Day 4 & 5 : Saturday & Sunday

2pm – It has rained constantly for two days. What bad luck, I had to stay in the hostel. At least I had time to answer emails and put down some thoughts for my blog.

Now I really have to go out if I would like to see the house of Pablo Neruda, as it will be closed tomorrow. Fingers crossed that I will not get sick in this cold weather.

Day 6: Monday

9.30am – Pablo Neruda’s house was such a jewelery box. Full of with funny and playful accessories. He must have been a big kid who liked to make jokes of everything. And his ocean view…I still cannot find the words.

Today it finally stopped raining. I feel a bit cold, but I am ready to go for the Valparaiso city tour with my tour guide, in the framework of my press trip.

Valparaiso city tour

7pm – Wow, we went around the whole city and just got back home now. While walking up and down on the hills of Valparaiso, I heard many stories from my tour guide, Leo. We met locals and talked with them, we tried typical places to eat. I can say that I felt like a local for one day. Unfortunately, because of the windy and cold weather, I really feel sick this evening. It’s time to go to bed.

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Day 7: Tuesday

2pm – Back in Santiago again. I checked in to the hostel, where I was given a double deluxe room with an LCD TV. This is part of my press trip, too. I feel good and finally warm here. I think this is time for me to relax and heal a bit. Now I am staying in Santiago till Sunday, so I look forward to discovering this city more. Fingers crossed for good weather.

After spending 10 days in Santiago de Chile and Valparaiso, Mariann is back in Buenos Aires. Her next destination will be Uruguay and Patagonia. She writes travel-related articles for the biggest Hungarian online news portal, and is a film critic for an Argentine film production company. You can follow her stories on her travel blog Tiny Girl With Big Bag


Sharing is Caring!

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