Tales of a Female Nomad

Sharing is Caring!

No….the nomad in the title isn’t me.

While at the library the other day, an unassuming book jumped off the shelf at me. (One of the great things about a library: the ability to test run books you know nothing about written by authors you know even less about).

And in the case of both the book and author, I struck gold. In Tales of a Female Nomad, Rita Golden Gelman found herself following a life-long dream to travel, and inadvertently became a nomad in the process by virtue of a variety of circumstances coming together (or falling apart, depending on how you look at it)!

This post was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 

In the course of the book she travels around the world, staying in small Mexican villages where nobody speaks the language, living in a palace in Bali for eight years, learning to cook in Thailand (now THERE’S a woman after my heart!), sharing a home with a woman in New Zealand, blowing bubbles and singing with headhunting tribes, and many other such adventures. She cooks around campfires with women around the globe, and transcends cultural and language barriers with uncomplicated trust, a smile, and the ability to laugh at herself.

Although she has a few years on me, her inner youth, courage, and lust for life gives me a run for my money, and I found her tale to be inspirational and entertaining. Even better: more than 20 years after she started her journey, she is still at it! She even manages to connect with people in an amazing way and live the nomad life in North America, which allows her to be close to her kids and grandkids.

If you want a fast, easy, and engaging read, I would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of Tales of a Female Nomad. I see some of myself in the author, and have already contacted her in the hopes that we might connect somehow, somewhere, in some way.

And I hope that by reading it, those of you who know me personally might feel a little closer to me in the process.

Sharing is Caring!

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2 thoughts on “Tales of a Female Nomad”

  1. This is MY FAVORITE book.
    I first discovered it when I was about 19 and it truly inspired me.

    I’m so glad other traveling women are spreading the word!


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