The Burma Cyclone Relief Project Ends: Thank You World!

Nora Dunn and Kelly Bedford in Thailand, smiling after some big efforts as part of their Burma Cyclone Relief Project

Burma Cyclone Relief Project Update, May 2008: A great big thank you is in order for all your help in our efforts to provide aid in the face of the ongoing suffering, death, and destruction in Burma. We have closed the site to new donations, as we must now get the money into the hands of the folks at ShelterBox, who continue to send aid in and are making a difference.

77 people (and organizations) rose to the challenge, and in total (net of fees), we raised $13,547.81!

We received donations from Canadians, Germans, Austrians, Australians, Americans, British, Dutch, Japanese, and Thai people.
We received donations from Rotary Clubs in Canada, as well as here in Thailand.

We received media attention from Canada, the UK, Sydney, and Germany.

And most importantly, we received the support of those who know us, and many more people who don’t know us.
Our donors will be kept apprised of the news as the donation process continues along. We are busy at work behind the scenes completing this mammoth project.

Who knew when we arrived in Thailand a few weeks ago that our Burma Cyclone Relief Project would basically equate to accidentally starting an International NGO! Perhaps if we had known what was involved, we would have walked away. But instead, we answered to the call of our hearts, and the desire to do some good in the face of so much bad.

Thank you again. Without you, we would not have been able to make such a difference to the victims of Cyclone Nargis, which has ravaged a nation, and whose victims are still suffering.

This post was originally published in 2008. It has since been updated for accuracy of links and content. 

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